20 Amazing Me Time Ideas For When You Need Time To Yourself


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When you have too much to get done, the only thing you want to do is have a little me time. If this seems too hard to squeeze into your schedule, then think again! Having time to yourself can help in so many ways, and it doesn’t have to take loads of time either. Take a look at these amazing (and simple) me time ideas that you can use for inspiration right now. Enjoy – you deserve it.

20 Amazing 'Me Time' Ideas For Inspiration When You Need Time To Yourself

Ever thought that there is never enough time for doing the things you want to do? Want to get off the daily treadmill of never ending TO DO’s, jobs and family ‘stuff’ always cropping up?

Then this is the post for you, my friend!

ME TIME isn’t something to just be dreamed about. It’s not a pie in the sky idea only for the select few that don’t have any commitments.

It’s real.

It’s necessary.

And it’s possible!

I promise!

… and I want to give you loads of me time ideas in this post of ways so that you really can carve a little time for yourself into each and every day – and stay sane in the process!

I Don’t deserve ‘Me Time’… Do I?

We all have crazy lives, with work, children, hobbies, household jobs etc…. taking over our time, and headspace most days, but without setting aside personal time you will burn out far too quickly, and then be of no use to anyone…

What’s the point of that!

From personal experience I know how dangerous it can be to not balance your time, having been signed off my IT consultant work several years ago (another life!) for months due to stress and anxiety that I wasn’t perfect etc….

It’s not a good place to be as I am sure you can appreciate.

Trying to do everything all the time can really take its toll.

EVERYONE deserves a little time to themselves each day – it’s not whether you deserve it – it’s whether you can afford NOT to…

Reading a book in bed

Time For Yourself is Important

I always try and make time for me in every day now – sounds selfish?

I used to think that it was.

But it really and truly isn’t – and it was actually my lovely hubby who said something that stuck with me and changed how I thought about it….

He pointed out that if I am not functioning well and am happy, then the rest of the family and house suffers directly as a result.

I simply don’t function as well, or feel as happy, when I am burnt out and trying to do all things for all people.

We all owe it to ourselves to make some time for ourselves, as it genuinely can make all those around you happier as a result.

In fact – there are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea to take time for yourself..

Life Quote - Don't feel guilty

Benefits of Me Time

#1 – You get clear space to think things through – and this can mean you get clarity for things that you haven’t been able to before. It’s great for things like goals, and longer term planning.

#2 – You get to decide what to do – which may not be possible in most of your every day life. We all tend to compromise with other people for what to do each day – that’s part of life. It’s therefore nice to be able to think just about yourself and not feel guilty.

#3 – You get to reconnect with yourself – and what you love. Whether you take time for a hobby, for relaxing, or to try something new – it’s all about you!

Lighting a candle in the bath

How Much Me Time Should You Have?

Honestly, only you can answer this really – but the key is to have enough time out to be able to feel recharged and ready to take on your normal every day.

This could mean a few minutes a day, or a week away by yourself. It depends on how stressed you feel, how much you have to unwind from – etc….

Let your gut guide you, and you won’t go far wrong.

Lady holding glasses and coffee cup

Amazing Me Time Ideas To Inspire You

So – we’ve worked out that you need some time to yourself, the benefits of it, and that you deserve it and shouldn’t feel in any way guilty for taking it, so what type of thing can you do?

Here are some great Me Time ideas for inspiration – and remember – it doesn’t matter how small that time is, make it count…

#1 – Go for a walk

Get out of the house if there’s lots going on, and distance yourself for a few minutes – the exercise will also be great for you and you will feel rejuvenated

#2 – Take a bath

Lock the door so you have no interruptions

#3 – Read a book or your favourite magazine

#4 – Take the afternoon off and go to the cinema

#5 – Get up 20 minutes earlier or go to bed 20 minutes earlier

Do something that is just about you! Reading, fitness, learning a new skill etc…

#7 – Book in me time into your diary as you would any other appointment

And don’t let yourself down by missing it. If you have children, why not give grandparents special time with them alone for a few hours one weekend, don’t wait for a special event that you specifically need them to babysit for, just do it!

#8 – Get a babysitter

Even if you’ve not got an evening out planned. You could go for a long walk, sit in a cafe, go to the cinema etc… – and just enjoy time to yourself.

#9 – Take some time to breathe, and perhaps meditate

#10 – Go technology free

Turn off your phone, don’t have any notifications pinging at you – and enjoy being silent!

#11 – Record your favourite programme

Just make sure you actually watch it – and get some time to watch it without interruptions.

#12 – Paint your nails.

#13 – Why not look at your life plan (whether it’s a 5 year plan or a different time span)?

See what you can start to really make headway towards by spending some quality time on it each week – this may be perfect for your me time (I personally like to DO things with me time, and feel more refreshed after doing such things – maybe you’re the same?…)

#14 – Go shopping for a new outfit

Or just window shopping – spending time working out what suits you and what looks fantastic will do you the world of good!

#15 – If you work from home, think about having some me time during the day rather than waiting for the evening

It’s more likely to be done then, and you will feel refreshed afterwards – what about a trip to a coffee shop, lunch out, a run, a swim…

#16 – If you have the cash, what about a spa break?

If you don’t have spare money why not create a spa at home.

#17 – Have a sleep!

Honestly – sometimes it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open, and now and then I allow myself to take the nap I need. I feel SO good after even just 10 minutes – and get much more done as a result – so everyone’s a winner!

#18 – Look at a gym class that you would love to do and SIGN UP

Work out with your partner any childcare and stick to the appointment as you would anything else. You will feel refreshed and get fit at the same time! (and there’s always the coffee shop and a magazine for half an hour afterwards!).

#19 – Do a project in your house that you’ve been wanting to do for ages.

Painting some furniture, creating some artwork – whatever you love doing – just get it started!

#20 – Do an Adult colouring book page

It’s really taking off at the moment – and takes very little time. You can even carry it around with you!

Plus an extra one – for luck! #21 – Take time to catch up with a friend, via a phone call / walk / over dinner etc…

Ways To Find Time For Yourself

It’s all very well and good me telling you what to do for that important space for you – but in reality – however little time you need for it – it can be hard to find it.

So – what can you do?

The solution is brilliant – because it will not only give you time for yourself, but also give you back time each and every day from now on.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Get organised in life and at home. Create systems that work for you and your family. Declutter the unnecessary – and you’ll automatically find time saved from things like cleaning, errands, chores, etc…

So – get started – spend a bit of time up front to make space for that me time from now on – and you won’t regret it!

20 Amazing Me Time Ideas For Inspiration When You Need Time To Yourself

The key is to treat yourself well day to day – eat well, keep yourself fit, treat yourself now and then, and simply enjoy life!

So – your task today is to promise yourself (and me if that helps!) that you’ll start taking time each day to do one thing you really want to do. No excuses, no if’s, no but’s. Just do it!

Whether that’s 5 minutes to do some colouring in (this is my promise!), or booking in a babysitter and filling your diary – It will be worth it!

Don’t wait until you’ve burned out to treat yourself to some time for you.

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A happy person makes those around them happier – and if you create some time for yourself this will directly affect how happy you are.

So – use these Me Time ideas to decide on something that you will look forward to each day – and I can’t wait to hear how you go (let me know in the comments!).

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