31 Simple Items To Declutter From Your Home In July


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Easy checklist (totally FREE as well!) of 31 simple items to declutter from your home and life in July. Why not use this month to  declutter one thing each day from your home and life. Get things sorted, one step at a time, and enjoy a more clutter free home.

31 Simple Items To Declutter In July - Free Printable

This is the seventh part of my 12 part series of free decluttering printables this year (can you believe it!) – all based around the popular post – 365 things to declutter from your home and life this year.

You can choose how you do things with each monthly declutter checklist (which you can grab NOW in the Printables Library). Either do it all on one day in a blitz session, or take it slowly and declutter one item a day on the date the checklist suggests.

It really depends on what time you have available, and how you like to do things (as always!).

Without further ado, let’s get on with the list of simple items to declutter in July, shall we….

Hope you enjoy!

31 Simple items to declutter in July

#1 – Finished puzzle books. Save paper next time and maybe download a couple of games on your phone instead.

#2 – Open tabs on your browser (phone and/or computer) – create bookmarks instead if you REALLY need to keep them, but having all those tabs open will slow down the machine.

#3 – Any clothes you have too many identical items of. How many black jumpers do you really need?!

#4 – Any gadget that you can do the same job with something else you own (for example – you have a grater but you also have a small grater for zesting only).

#5 – Balls & inflatables with un-mendable punctures.

#6 – Anything in the car door storage areas that shouldn’t be there. I always seem to find all sorts lurking in these areas that have been forgotten about, because they are so easy to drop things in when you’re busy.

#7 – Pet toys past their best (over chewed etc…).

#8 – Any duplicate hair styling equipment

#9 – Specialist tea/coffee you never drink

#10 – Broken tools or garden equipment

#11 – Lipsticks you can’t apply properly because they’ve almost finished…. (unless you’re willing to use a lip brush and have one already).

#12 – Duplicate physical photos – Unless there’s a very specific need for having more than one copy. If they are photos you can gift to someone then that would be a great idea to save wasting them.

#13 – Clothes related to a hobby you no longer do (ski kit, sports kit, hiking kit, dance clothes etc…)

#14 – Bulbs that don’t fit any lights in your house

#15 – Jewellery you never wear and that has no value

Jewellery on a piece of silk

#16 – Shower mats that you never use

#17 – Old table cloths that you never use

#18 – Duplicates in your stationery drawer – you don’t need more than one pencil sharpener!

#19 – Ornaments that you are sick of dusting!

#20 – Duplicates in your tool box

#21 – Hair pins that have been bent out of shape

#22 – Excess baking trays / saucepans etc… in the kitchen

#23 – Any hair styling equipment that  you don’t use

#24 – Dead outside plants

#25 – Books for hobbies you don’t do any more

#26 – Any old loyalty cards in your purse that you no longer need/use. Simply cut them up to ensure you can dispose of them securely.

TIP – Why not add all your cards that you use to an app instead of carrying them around? This declutters your purse even more

#27 – Craft items that are no good any longer (lost their stick, crayons that don’t work etc…)

#28 – Books you have read and have no intention of reading again

#29 – Throws that you don’t use.

#30 – School related items for the previous year that aren’t relevant any longer.

#31 – Overgrown trees and bushes – Have a good cut back and see the difference in your garden. It’s truly amazing what a couple of hours can do!

31 Simple Items To Declutter In July - Free Printable

Declutter checklist for July

If you’d like your very own copy of the declutter checklist for July – then it’s available right now in the Printables Library. This is where I keep ALL the free printables from around this site: –

31 Simple Items To Declutter In July - Free Printable

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31 Simple Items To Declutter In July - Free Printable

There you have it – 31 simple items to declutter from your home and life in July – AND a free checklist to stay on track.

The best way to stay on track all month and get a bit done each day.

I hope you have fun with this list, and that you join me next month for Augusts checklist (and if you can’t wait until then, remember that the entire list is written out HERE).


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