30 Items to Remove In September [Decluttering Checklist]


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Easy checklist (totally FREE as well!) of 30 items to remove from your home and life in September. Let’s create a more clutter free lifestyle starting now, and you can follow along for an entire year as well!

Free decluttering checklist - 30 things to remove in September

This is the ninth part of my 12 part series of free decluttering printables this year – all based around the popular post – 365 things to declutter from your home and life this year.

You can choose how you do things with each monthly declutter checklist (which you can grab NOW in the Printables Library). Either do it all on one day in a blitz session, or take it slowly and declutter one item a day on the date the checklist suggests.

It really depends on what time you have available, and how you like to do things (as always!).

Without further ado, let’s get on with the list of items to remove in September – hope you enjoy!

30 Items to remove from your home in September

#1 – Excess luggage – keep only what you really need

#2 – Swimsuits that have lost their stretch

#3 – Bed pillows that have lost their plumpness and give you a bad nights sleep

#4 – Currency from other countries that you aren’t going back to

#5 – Unneeded TV remotes

#6 – Audio books you’ve listened to and won’t again

#7 – Anything waiting to go to a charity shop

#8 – Any DVD or CD boxes that are empty with no sign of the contents…

#9 – Food in cupboards that you and the family don’t like and won’t eat

#10 – Old sunglasses

#11 – Anything that you’re keeping in your car boot that shouldn’t be there

#12 – Excess serving dishes in the kitchen – think about the biggest party you’ve had and what you actually used

#13 – Candle holders you don’t love and/or use

#14 – Outdated travel books (especially if you won’t even visit there)

#15 – Clothes you don’t feel fantastic wearing

#16 – Summer clothes that you didn’t wear, or that are worn out

#17 – Kitchen items that only have one of, but never actually use it (egg cup for example. It’s not a duplicate, but it’s still not useful to you)

#18 – Social events that don’t make you happy – don’t force yourself to go out or do things because you think you should – save your energy for that which truly makes you smile

#19 – Old toothbrushes – you should change your toothbrush every 3 months

#20 – Drinks bottles – 1 per person is fine!

#21 – Broken jewellery that can’t be fixed

#22 – TV subscription that you don’t watch at all – CANCEL

#23 – Too many bathroom toys – how many can your children play with at one time!

#24 – Outside furniture that has faded, broken, or is past its best

#25 – Any waterproof clothing that isn’t waterproof (coats, shoes etc…)

#26 – A magazine subscription that you don’t read any longer – CANCEL IT

#27 – Vases you don’t like / that don’t match the décor

#28 – Any old debit cards in your purse that you no longer need/use (cut up to ensure you can dispose of securely)

#29 – Excess travel to places – try and make every journey count by doing as much as you can at each place – for example – when you are going into town make sure you have all your errands in a list so that you don’t have to go again later in the week and waste time – or if you visit relatives a long distance away aim to visit friends on the way back to make the most of the journey etc…

#30 – The worst photos in a set of similar ones (you may have 10 photos of a school – but there might only be 2 that are fantastic – that’s enough!)

Free decluttering checklist - 30 things to remove in September

Declutter checklist for September

If you’d like your very own copy of the declutter checklist for September – then it’s available right now in the Printables Library. This is where I keep ALL the free printables from around this site: –

Free decluttering checklist - 30 things to remove in September

There you have it – 30 items to remove from your home and life in September, including a totally free checklist to stay on track.

The best way to stay on track all month and get a bit done each day.

I hope you have fun with this list, and that you join me next month for Octobers checklist (and if you can’t wait until then, remember that the entire list is written out HERE).


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