30 Items To Remove From Your Home In April [Free Checklist]


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Gorgeous grid checklist (totally FREE as well!) of 30 items to remove from your home and life in April. Take the month one step at a time and declutter one thing each day from your home and life. Get things sorted, one step at a time, and enjoy a more clutter free home

30 Items to Remove In April To Help Your Home Be Clutter Free

Can you believe we’re already onto the fourth month of the year and well into Spring! I hope you’re doing well with this year-long challenge, and I’d love to know how you are getting on, so don’t forget to let me know on the Facebook Page!

And if you want a sneak peak at ALL the 365 things to declutter this year – why not take a look at the roundup post here – 365 things to declutter from your home and life this year.

You can choose how you do things with each monthly declutter checklist (which you can grab NOW in the Printables Library).

It really depends on what time you have available as to how you tackle this list, and how you like to do things (as always!). I quite like to change things up each month, and sometimes do a bit a day, other times do a full day of decluttering – both have their benefits and it’s really dependant on how busy I am and my mindset.

Without further ado, let’s get on with April’s declutter list, shall we….

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30 Items to remove from your home in April

#1 – Broken watches that can’t be fixed

#2 – Dried up paint brushes or rollers

#3 – Excess packaging in the bathroom – toilet roll bags etc…. I like to empty things out of the packaging to save space – and to neaten the area up even more.

#4 – All the unneeded bits of paper/receipts etc.. in your purse and handbag. They really do seem to breed in there! Most are not required any longer, but just check each one to make sure you won’t need it in the future for your records or to take something back etc…

#5 – Items on your cleaning schedule that you do too often. We often get into the habit of doing things too frequently around the house, because we are used to doing it that way. BUT, if you look at what you do, and how often you do it – you can generally take down the number of times – and save yourself lots of time in the process. One obvious one to look at is how often you vacuum your home. If you can take away 1 time a week – think of the time saved, and you won’t even notice the difference usually.

#6 – Any clothes that are worn out / damaged. You won’t feel good wearing them, and probably won’t even bother putting them on – so get rid!

#7 – Tea towels past their best

#8 – Cleaning supplies you don’t use

#9 – Old Towels that you don’t use any longer

#10 – Cracked / damaged mirrors

#11 – Worn out bath mats

#12 – Old underwear

#13 – Ink cartridges you’re storing still, but you haven’t got a printer that they fit any longer!

#14 – People in your life that make you unhappy to be around. Yes, it’s a tough one – but if you feel sad around them, then they really are not your people!

#15 – Excess plates – How many do you *really* need in one go?

30 Items to Remove In April To Help Your Home Be Clutter Free

#16 – Items on your TO DO list that someone else could do. Delegate at least one thing.

#17 – Tangled jewellery beyond fixing

#18 – Tickets for events / travel that have been and gone. Unless you are keeping them for your memory box or a photo book etc…

#19 – Packs of cards with some missing

#20 – Mugs – any over the total number of people you would ever have drinking in your home in one go

#21 – Tiles / flooring spares that you’ve kept, but that you don’t have in your home anymore.

#22 – Sponges/ cloths that are stinky. Of course, clean them if you can – but some are just way beyond salvation….

#23 – Anything that’s past its best in the fridge. See what’s lurking in the drawers or at the back.

#24 – Broken or unsightly garden ornaments

#25 – Finished colouring books. If you have done some great colouring, then choose a couple to keep, and maybe display them instead.

#26 – Everything but the essentials off the bathroom surfaces. This will not only reduce the clutter, but make the surface easy to clean and take less time – bonus!

#27 – VHS tapes and audio cassettes if you haven’t anything to play them on

#28 – Duplicate digital photos. If you get into the habit of organising them by date (Year, Month etc…), then you can quickly scan through them and take out duplicates each month. That way you’ll stay on top of them.

#29 – Anything in cup holders in your car that shouldn’t be there

#30 – Broken / unused Easter decorations 

Declutter checklist for April

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30 Items to Remove In April To Help Your Home Be Clutter Free

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30 Items to Remove In April To Help Your Home Be Clutter Free

There you have it – 30 easy items to remove from your home and life in April – AND a Free Checklist to stay on track.

What more could you need!

I hope you have fun with this list, and that you join me next month for May’s checklist (and if you can’t wait until then, remember that the entire list is written out HERE).

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