50 Vital Tasks To Put On Your Home Maintenance Checklist


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It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of jobs that are needed to run a house on a day to day basis – but what about the next level of tasks – those home maintenance tasks that we know we should be doing, but maybe aren’t sure exactly what to do?

50 Tasks To Add To Your Home Maintenance Checklist - free printable

This post takes a look at the tasks that would commonly be on a home maintenance checklist – and are ones that you should be considering adding to yours as well…

There are things for outside, in the loft, general checks and repairs, reviews to be done – and loads more!

(Please note – this is NOT an exhaustive list, it’s aim is to show you the different types of jobs to consider, but your home may have different needs – so I would advise walking through it in it’s entirety to ensure nothing in your specific space gets forgotten).

Let’s get started, shall we?

Spanners and maintenance tools on wooden surface

50 Tasks To Add To Your Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean drains
  • Clean guttering
  • Check your lawnmower before start of mowing season
  • Power wash the patio
  • Treat the grass
  • Cut back hedges, trees and ivy etc…
  • Inspect brickwork for damage
  • Touch up outside paintwork
  • Check outside power sockets
  • Check outside tap
  • Check all windows are secure and leak free
  • Check all outside lighting
  • Ensure alarm system is working OK
  • Check fire extinguisher
  • Update your home inventory
  • Touch up inside paintwork
  • Check garage door (if electric, then test the security feature that should stop the door if something is in the way)
  • Clean vents
  • Re-grout any tiles as necessary
  • Check flooring for loose boards, creaks etc…
  • Check roof for leaks
  • Check for animals/pests in loft space
  • Apply sealer/preservative to outside decking and furniture
  • Review insurance policies are accurate and up to date
  • Review household suppliers – are you on the best deal?
  • Fix any broken shelving, hinges, doors etc…. (DIY jobs)
  • Check for signs of damp
  • Check and mend any inside furniture
  • Test smoke detector
  • Test CO2 detector
  • Chimney sweep
  • Boiler check
  • Gas check
  • Prep house for winter
  • Check all locks (and ensure spare keys are available)
  • Prep car for winter
  • Car service / MOT / Tax
  • Sort caulking in bathroom and kitchen area(s)
  • Run water and flush toilets in less used bathrooms
  • Check freezer and fridge doors are sealed properly, and working OK
  • Check air con
  • Open all cupboard doors and drawers and fix as required
  • Go over your TO DO list for the house and check all still required, scheduling in tasks if possible
  • Go over what to do in event of fire / leak / power cut etc… with the family
  • Check all appliances for frayed cords, visible wires, broken plugs etc…
  • Replace bulbs / check lighting around the house
  • Repair any damaged wallpaper
  • Repair holes / cracks in walls
  • Bleed all radiators
  • Check all UPVC windows for condensation, cracks etc..
50 Tasks To Add To Your Home Maintenance Checklist - free printable

Want a copy?

If you want to use this list and don’t want to write it all out (I don’t blame you!) – you can pick up a copy in the FREE PRINTABLES section of the blog – hopefully this makes things a little easier for you!

Home maintenance checklist

By the way…. it’s also worth knowing tradesmen to help you do all these tasks, and having their details to hand for when you need them. A ‘little black book’ is very valuable for this sort of thing!. (I keep mine in my Home Maintenance section of my Home File – all in one easy to find place!).

50 Tasks To Add To Your Home Maintenance Checklist - free printable

So – you now know what has to be done, and you have a home maintenance checklist to help – but how do you go about actually GETTING it done?

The next post to visit would be my Step by Step Guide to create a Home Maintenance Schedule – of course! – good luck x

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