82 Christmas Bucket List Activities To Make Special Memories


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Get the Xmas season off to a great start (and finish it strong too) by ticking off as many of these Christmas Bucket List ideas as possible. What Christmas activities will you be including on your list?

82 Things To Add To Your Christmas Bucket List This Season

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It can be hard sometimes to know what to include when planning out your time over the holidays.

You want to make memories, do some traditional Christmas activities – AND make sure everyone has fun in the process.

Take a look at this Christmas bucket list and use it for inspiration and ideas for all types of winter activities this Christmas season.

Firstly though – let’s tackle the questions you may have…

What Is A Christmas Bucket List?

It’s simply a list of (big and small) activities you and your loved ones would love to do over the Christmas period.

It can be a list for this year only, or a lifetime list where you try and tick off one or two things a year.

How Do You Make A Christmas Bucket List?

Just grab a sheet of paper and start your brainstorming things you would love to do at Christmas at some point in your life.

You could do this exercise by yourself, with a partner / friend, or as a family. Whatever makes the most sense to you.

Have some fun with it – let your mind go wild – there are no right or wrong things to write down on your list!

I can’t wait for you to have the most magical Christmas time – ever – so let’s look at some ideas you could add to your own list right now…

TIP – It’s worth scheduling them in as well if you can – otherwise they run the risk of not getting done once the holiday season starts in earnest and you get really busy.

Notepad on wooden background

82 Fun Christmas Bucket List Ideas For Everyone!

Family Christmas time is very special. Lots of excitement and anticipation! Equally important is time with your partner / spouse – and friends.

It makes sense to do a few traditional Christmas activities with them – making special memories along the way.

Dn’t forget that although this list is big – you don’t have to add them all to your own list, and you definitely don’t have to try and do them all this year. Pick one or two and go from there – then next year maybe try other ones.


#1 – Make A Gingerbread House.

Whether you get one that’s ready made and just needs to be put together and decorated, or if you use templates and bake from scratch – this is a really fun way of spending an afternoon.

#2 – Drink Hot Chocolate By An Open Fire

There’s something so magical and lovely about this. If you don’t have a real fireplace at home, light some candles instead and pretend!

Drinking out of festive mugs makes it feel even more Christmassy too. And don’t forget the all-important marshmallows on top!

#3- Build a Snowman

This is a classic Christmas activity, and one that kids will love. It’s also great fun for adults too!

Yes, only possible when it’s snowed, but you can be creative and build one out of cake icing in the house as a great alternative (and it can make a lovely addition to the Christmas cake topping).

#4 – Have a Family Christmas Movie Night

There are so many great Christmas films out there, old and new. Why not make some popcorn, get the family snuggled up on the sofa (in front of a roaring fire if you’re lucky enough to have one), and spend an evening watching some of them.

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#5 – Write A Letter To Santa

This is a tradition that many families have, and it’s one that kids will always remember. Write down what you’d like for Christmas, and post it off to the North Pole.

Want a template? There’s one in the Christmas Planner ready and waiting for you…

#6 – Create Your Own Special Christmas Music Playlist

Having festive music playing can really help to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Spotify and other music streaming sites are great for this. You can make a playlist of all your favourite Christmas songs, and listen to it whilst you’re decorating the tree, wrapping presents or just having a cosy night in.

#7 – Do Elf On The Shelf

A great memory builder! Set it up each night for the kids in the run up to Christmas Eve. Never heard of this before? – read more about it HERE.

#8 – Watch Santa Online On Christmas Eve

Track where he is in the sky – and watch the kids faces light up.

Christmas Quote

#9 – Go To A Carol Service

Head to your local church or cathedral and soak up the atmosphere of the season. If you’re feeling brave, why not join in with the singing?

#10 – Visit Santas Grotto

A visit to see Santa is something that many kids (and a few adults too!) love to do. It can really put you in the magical Christmas mood.

#11 – Visit A Christmas Market

Pick a local town or city, or if you’re really wanting to travel why not visit some in other European countries? Any excuse for a weekend break!

#12 – Read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ On Christmas Eve.

A Christmas book that will always be a favourite for bringing the magic to that very special night.

#13 – Get A Message From Santa

I love the PNP (Portable North Pole) for this, and have created a personalised video for our daughter for the past 5 or 6 years. Magical!

#14 – Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Always a nice memory to create!

#15 – Go To A Lights Switch On In Your Local Area

These are free to attend, and usually have some lovely festive atmosphere. It’s a great way to start getting you in the Christmas mood.

#16 – Decorate The Tree

Just a you want it. Whatever that means to you! Go wild!

I love the idea of having the largest tree we can fit into our living room, alongside some amazing decorations and more lights than you could ever imagine…

Real Christmas tree with just warm white lights on against black background

#17 – Drink Mulled Wine

Love the smell that this creates in your home as well. Very Christmassy!

#18 – Make Christmas Tree Decorations

You can buy some beautiful ones – but there’s something very special about making them yourself.

You could go more natural with pine cones collected from a forest walk, or decorate plain baubles however the mood takes you.

#19 – Buy A Real Tree

Some people never have a real tree – and although artificial ones are really good alternatives – there’s something very magical about having a real tree. The smell alone makes it worth it!

#20 – Sing Carols

In the car, in the kitchen, wherever! Just get into the Christmas mood with some songs…

#21 – Start A New Christmas Tradition

Following old family traditions is what makes Christmas really special, so why not add your own twist for generations to come?

You can get a list of 59 ideas for Christmas traditions HERE.

#22 – Get Your Nails Done In A Special Christmas Design

How about a touch of glitter, for example!.

I love doing this with my daughter on the day she breaks up from school. It marks the start of the holidays for us both – and it’s something neither of us really pay much attention to for the rest of the year which makes it even more special.

#23 – Christmas Movie Night As A Couple

Light the fire, cuddle up under a blanket, and watch something Christmassy like ‘The Holiday‘ or, my favourites, ‘Die Hard’ lol (Yes, they’re set at Christmas, so they count!).

#24 – Leave Cookies And Milk For Father Christmas.

This is a lovely fun thing to do when the kids hang their stockings up ready for bed.

#25 – Wear Christmas Pajamas On Christmas Eve

We have a tradition where the elves knock on the front door on Christmas Eve and there’s a parcel with the pajamas inside on the doorstep.

#26 – Donate A Toy To Charity

This is a fantastic idea for kids to make a little room before they get new toys, and to teach them the meaning of sharing over Christmas with others who are less fortunate. A great way to get into the Holiday spirit.

#27 – Go Ice Skating

Lots of city centre put up rinks over the festive season, and it’s a really iconic thing to do in the winter.

#28 – Hang Up Your Stockings By The Fireplace

Definitely something to put on your bucket list if you don’t have a fireplace to do this each year. You could go away one year to a cottage and make the most of the log fire!

#29 – Go To Midnight Mass

A really lovely way to spend late Christmas Eve – and if you’ve never done it, it’s worth giving it a go.

#30 – Go Carolling

What could be more festive than going around your neighbourhood singing Christmas carols? This is a great activity to do with friends or family. What’s your favourite Christmas carol?

#31 – Watch A Pantomine

This is a bit of a British tradition, but definitely one to try if you’ve never been before. They’re usually great fun for all the family.

#32 – Go To The Theatre

Going to any performance at the theatre can feel festive, but watching something like the Nutcracker ballet isa great choice. It’s one thing on a lot of bucket lists, for sure!

#33 – Cook Christmas Dinner

It can feel like a huge mountain to climb – but making Christmas Dinner for your family or friends can be an amazing tick on the bucket list! Especially if you’re not that great in the kitchen…

#34 – Volunteer

We used to help at the local hospital with their Christmas Day service. Helping patients get from their ward to the chapel was a wonderful start to the day, and is a memory I treasure.

#35 – Go Skiing

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, there’s nothing quite like whizzing down the slopes with snowflakes in your hair. A great one to add to your holiday bucket list.

#36 – Do A Random Act Of Kindness

Always good to spread the joy at this time of year.

#37 – Take A Family Christmas Photo

You can either get a professional one done, or set up your tripod and timer at home. Having a photo to mark each passing year can really be special. You could even create a photo book of them all after a few years…

#38 – Wear A Christmas Jumper

Silly, festive, with sequins, etc… – whatever you like!

#39 – Have A Hallmark Movie Marathon Day

Because sometimes you just need a bit of light relief and some cheesy feel-good films.

#40 – Go Sledging

If you’re lucky then you will get some snow and can get to a local hill. If not – you could still scratch the sledging itch by going to an indoor ski centre.

A lot of these places will put on special evenings over the Christmas period.

#41 – Make The House Smell Like Christmas

It’s always one of the best senses to create memories with – as your olfactory sense is really powerful. What Christmas smells evoke the holidays for you?

#42 – Do A Christmas Jigsaw

We always have a jigsaw set up over the holidays. It’s a great way to spend the colder wetter days / evenings – and can be a lovely way to spend time with those you love. You can get a Christmas specific jigsaw from loads of places.

#43 – Set A New Years Resolution – And Stick To It

New Years Resolutions are one of those things we all make pretty regularly each year – but how many do you actually keep? I’d love to see one of them through to completion, for sure.

#44 – Make A Special Christmas Cocktail

Or a great mock-tail for the kids.

#45 – Go To A Nativity Play

The kids take on the Christmas story never fails to put a smile on peoples faces!

#46 – Have A Snowball Fight

Whether with adult friends, or as a family thing – they can be so much fun!

#47 – Have Some Fizz On Christmas Morning

Champagne, Prosecco – whatever your favourite – why not have a treat when you wake up on the special day?

Table with white wine, a bowl of limes, and a gift on it

#48 – Do A Charity Christmas Walk/Run

I’d really love to do a run dressed as Santa or an Elf!

#49 – Eat Chocolate For Breakfast On Christmas Day

Why not?! It’s the one day it should be allowed….

#50 – Try A Coffee Shop Christmas Flavoured Coffee Or Hot Chocolate

This will really get you in the festive mood. I love anything with cinnamon, peppermint, or gingerbread.

#51 – Go For A Christmas Meal Off The Christmas Menu At Your Favourite Restaurant

A real treat. You could maybe even have your Christmas Dinner there. Yes, it’s expensive, but it could be a once in a lifetime thing (perfect for a bucket list, right!).

#52 – Go For A Walk In The Snow

Wrap up warm, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and go for a walk in the snow. It’s so peaceful and calming, plus you get to see your neighbourhood in a whole new light.

#53 – Host A Christmas Party / Get Together

(game night, cocktail party, Christmas nibbles where everyone brings something)

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#54 – Donate To Charity

A great idea is to do this instead of sending everyone a Christmas card. Simply send a message to loved ones to let them know.

#55 – Have A Baking Day

Get stuck in to making mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas cookies etc… – loads of fun. They could also be perfect presents for people which makes it a win-win.

Edible ginerbread Christmas tree decorations with white icing

#56 – Do A Christmas Karaoke

Which Christmas song will you choose?

#57 – Wear A Christmas Jumper

An ugly Christmas sweater is also a favourite tradition for many!

#58 – Have A Cosy Pyjama Day

Wear your comfiest slippers, make some hot chocolate, get a blanket, and snuggle up on the sofa for a day of festive films. Bliss.

#59 – Learn A New Skill To Make Some Gifts

Why not take a class that will give you the ability to create presents for those you love? If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, paint, do woodwork, etc… – then go for it! Any Christmas craft can be useful to learn.

#60 – Go To Church On Christmas Morning

A lovely way to start the day. Even if you’re not a regular church go-er then it’s definitely worth trying it at least once.

#61 – Go Window Shopping

The displays are amazing at this time of year and it’s a great Christmas activity that’s inexpensive (as long as you don’t go inside and spend!)

#62 – Visit New York At Christmas

This is one on my lifetime bucket list, for sure!

#63 – Donate To A Food Bank

There are always people less fortunate than us at Christmas, so this is a great way to help out and make someone else’s holiday that little bit brighter.

#64 – See The Northern Lights

How amazing would this be? There are loads of places to see them – so get planning!

#65 – Leave Food For The Reindeers Outside On Christmas Eve

This could be part of the kids Christmas Eve box if you do this tradition in your family.

Christmas Eve scene - with candles and reindeer decoration

#66 – Go Shopping At Night

To see all the Christmas lights in town. I always love going later in the day at this time of year because it feels much more magical.

#67 – Do A Secret Santa For Your Friends / Family

Create a sense of magic with presents for and from who knows who!

#68 – Buy A Present For Someone You Don’t Know

Either give as a donation to charity, or just give to someone out of the blue!

#69 – Play A Board Game With The Family

A great way to spend a Winter evening – especially if you don’t tend to play games usually.

#70 – Spend Christmas Somewhere Sunny

A great change if you live somewhere colder. I often question whether it would feel like Christmas to me though, as I’m pretty much in love with snow and darker nights at this time of year.

However, so many people want to celebrate in the warm – so you do you!

#71 – Roast Marshmallows In The Fire

Make s’mores or just eat off a stick – a lovely and easy pudding that will make memories as well.

#72 – Open An Advent Calendar

Even as an adult these can be lovely to have. You can get some really fun ones now (Hotel Chocolate is my personal favourite!).

#73 – Read A Christmas Themed Book

Why not make your bedtime reading a little festive as well?! You could have a Christmas book bucket list that you work through over the years.

#74 – Go On A Sleigh Ride

So so magical. I think it’s because if you are on a sleigh it’s a white Christmas!

#75 – Feed The Reindeer

We have been lucky enough to do this at our local Christmas fair – but you may have to plan to go further afield for this. It’s definitely worth it!

#76 – Dress Up On Christmas Day

Even if you don’t go out. It can be effort just for you. Why not!

#77 – Try A New Christmas Recipe

Get a Christmas cookbook and work out something you could create from it. You could even do one or two from the book each year and use that as your own Christmas food bucket list.

#78 – Kiss Someone At Midnight On New Years Eve

Who doesn’t want to have kissed someone special when the clock strikes 12?

#79 – See Fireworks On New Years Eve

Fireworks are magical at any time of year – but there’s something even more special when it’s to see the new year in.

#80 – Buy A New Christmas Decoration Each Year

You’ll create a gorgeous collection over the years that house individual memories for you and for your children in the future. Each Christmas ornament will have meaning for you.

#81 – Create A Hot Chocolate Station

A great Christmas bucket list idea is to create a special hot cocoa making area in your kitchen just for the holidays.

Have jars of mini marshmallows, flavoured syrup, Christmas themed mugs etc… – all in one place ready to create a cosy treat of a drink.

#82 – Sleep Under The Christmas Tree With The Lights On

Have you ever lay under the Christmas tree and watched the lights above you? This takes it to a whole other level.


82 Things To Add To Your Christmas Bucket List This Season

So there you have it, 82 things to add to your Christmas bucket list!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for things to do over the festive season.

Whatever you end up doing, just remember to enjoy quality time with your loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime.

And if you have anything to add to the list (or want to share what you’re doing!), then don’t forget to leave a comment below…

For more things to do (the less glamorous list, but just as important!) – head over to THIS ARTICLE next


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