12 Simple Clean Home Habits To Copy From Those Who Know!


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Do you have a clean home? – I mean clean – enough – for you?

By that, I mean a home that you can let unexpected guests in without notice, without feeling like you should close most of the doors first so they can’t see the dust…

If you don’t, then read on for easy ways to make this a reality – and if you do, but find it a struggle, then this post will help make it easier for you too.

You see – having a clean home doesn’t have to be hard to achieve.

12 simple habits of people who always have clean homes

The Secret To An Effortlessly Clean Home

The secret is to create habits that become part of your everyday routine. Habits that ensure you have a clean home without really having to try.

Sound good?

Well – let me tell you about 12 super simple habits that you can start using today to make your home clean with ease.

Doing each of these habits regularly will mean you always stay on top of your home – and it stops the chore of cleaning being so overwhelming.

Don’t forget – these are for EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE – because you all live there – so you all have to keep on top of things as best as you can. This can be a hard ask for some families, but get your kids to try one at at a time as part of their routines each morning or evening, give them time to master it, and it will be habit before they know it!

Sound good? – I hope so! – so, if you’re ready to get on with it, let’s go…

Let’s Look At Those Clean Home Habits

#1 – Wipe As You Go

Finished in the bathroom? Wipe down the sink before you go out of the room.

Finished making some food in the kitchen? Make sure the surfaces are crumb and dirt free.

Just get into the habit of wiping surfaces down as you use them…

#2 – Take Your Shoes Off

Super simple – but means that floors stay cleaner for longer without any extra work – perfect!

#3 – Clean Up As You Cook

It’s all too easy to start cooking and create mess as you go without really thinking about it. And chances are once you’ve eaten you won’t want to tackle the clear up so it may stay put for a while afterwards….

If you get into the habit of clearing as you cook, there should be much fewer things left to clean after you’ve eaten.

Try and wash up items as you go as you are waiting for things to cook – and make it your mission to only be left with what you are eating from to sort out afterwards!

Lady washing up a glass

Clean Home Habits #4 – Sort The Dishes Out Every Evening

Make sure you come downstairs to a clean kitchen every morning by sorting out the dishes the night before.

Either load and run the dishwasher, or wash everything up.

Being able to use whatever you need the following day (and not having to face a pile of dirty dishes) will set you up really well for the day (and if you have a dishwasher you can start loading as soon as breakfast has finished so your kitchen stays tidy all day – bonus!).

12 simple habits of people who always have clean homes

#5 – Do Laundry Every Day

Whether it’s a load (or two) a day, or folding, or drying, or ironing – keep your clothes moving through the laundry so that things don’t build up and you will be more sure that everything will be clean when you need it.

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#6 –  Vacuum And Sweep Regularly

Nothing makes a home feel cleaner than having clean floors – so do these as often as you can to stop things building up (it will also give you more of a push to create the habit of keeping the floors clear and tidy so that you don’t have to move things every time you do it – a double bonus!)

#7 – Wipe The Shower After Every Use

I talk about this quite a lot on this site (sorry!) – but cleaning the shower down with a squeegee after every use means that water stains never have time to build up, and your shower looks as good as new as soon as you’re finished.

Not only does it look clean – but it saves so much cleaning time than if you had to scrub it each week….

Habit #8 – Open The Windows

Nothing is cleaner than fresh air – and a really quick trick to a cleaner feeling home is to ensure that stale air doesn’t build up.

Whether it’s summer or winter, open the windows as much as you can to allow lots of fresh, clean air inside.

Open windows and let fresh air in

#9 – Make A Routine For Washing Certain Things

Washing bedding / towels / bathroom mats etc… on the same day each and every week (i..e towels on a Tuesday, bedding on a Saturday) makes things so much easier for you to keep things clean.

That way you will know you will clean them regularly and they will be done on a day(s) that you have time to do them (hopefully from start to finish).

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#10 – Focus On A Room Every Week

You will have quite a few rooms in your home – and the overwhelm sets in when you feel you have to do them all perfectly every week.

The trick that people with clean homes have is that they tackle the quick jobs every week throughout the house, but only one (or two) rooms a week for deep cleaning.

That way you’ll stay on top of the basics and all rooms will look great, but you will know that every couple of months each room will be tackled in detail so nothing will get a chance to build up too much….

Note: By quick jobs I mean a quick hoover and polish and tidy of all the surfaces you can see – but the more detailed jobs would be to move everything so you hoover and polish every surface completely, and wipe down all skirting boards, wash cushion covers etc…

#11 – Keep Windows Clean

Our kitchen gets a lot of natural light – which is lovely – but nothing makes it feel dirty more than seeing lots of kids handprints / splashes of water etc… on the windows.

Keeping the windows clean will automatically help your home feel cleaner and fresher.

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#12 – Multi Task Whenever Possible

Cleaning is a thankless task. Let’s face it!

So why not take the focus off it a little by doing other stuff at the same time.

There are lots of things that may be possible for you to try while sorting a few things out around the house – so you are cleaning but not spending extra time to do so: –

  • Let your kids read to you
  • Chat with your children / partner about their day
  • Listen to an audiobook rather than sit and read
  • Listen to music – why not make cleaning a workout and really go for it!
  • Make a phone call to a friend / family member
  • Cooking (while things are in the oven you can be using that time to clean the kitchen up)
  • Bathing kids (obviously not babies or toddlers, but kids who are old enough and quite capable in the bath and don’t need you to be completely focused on them can be bathing while you clean the mirror or wipe surfaces down)
12 simple habits of people who always have clean homes

That’s all 12 habits done and dusted – tackling pretty much every area of your home.

How many do you do already?

P.S. Now you know the secrets to a clean home – why not take a look at my list of great habits for a clutter free home as well – get things REALLY sorted!


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