27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes [Decor You’ll Really Love!]


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Having inspirational Bathroom Quotes on the wall of your smallest room(s) is a great idea to get words of wisdom each time you’re in there. Here are some fantastic options to try out in your own home.

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes You're Going To Love Adding To Your Decor

Growing up, I remember our family downstairs toilet was FULL of quotes.

There wasn’t really a spare inch of wall, which always made for good reading when you were in there (these were the days before mobile phones… ugh but that’s what a lot of people read nowadays, right!).

So it stands to reason that I now think it’s a brilliant place for word art, and quotes of all kinds. Pretty much like the rest of my house… (I am slightly in love with word art, but with good reason!).

As such, I wanted to look at some of the amazing options there are out there right now.

Let’s get started, shall we…

Things To Consider When Picking A Quote

First thing to look at when choosing a quote / word art for any room is who uses that space.

When it comes to bathrooms there are several different kinds you may be finding decor for:

  • Main family bathroom
  • Master en-suite
  • Guest en-suite
  • Kids Bathroom
  • Downstairs toilet

Each of these will be used by different people, and therefore need to be thought about possibly differently in terms of the types of words on the walls.

For instance – your en-suite can have more personal quotes that inspire you and only you. Your family bathroom may have more funny stuff that the kids will enjoy as well, and the downstairs toilet can be a little more of a gallery for word art because that’s the place that the majority of people will see when they visit you.

Also – each person will see this space on their own, 99.999% of the time. So the chosen words can feel a little more personal in these spaces.

And not only that, but you could very obviously pick a bathroom related quote, or go for something a little more subtle in its links to that space. Not only that, but you could go just for quotes that speak to who will be in there…

Don’t be limited by anything but your imagination when it comes to any artwork. Whatever quote(s) you pick need to speak to you, or convey the mood you’re wanting in that space.

If you get the type of quotes right, and the style etc… – you’re going to love the results of using inspirational bathroom quotes in your home.

And with all that being said, let’s take a look at all the different things you could pick from…

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Family Related Inspirational Bathroom Quotes

It’s always nice to get some inspiration into rooms where the kids will be – and so the family bathroom is the perfect spot!

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes [Decor You'll Really Love!] - 350

Here are some great choices:

Mindset Is Everything” – The way the picture is of a fish / shark (!) makes it the perfect choice for a family bathroom.

When You Think Good Thoughts They Will Shine Out Of Your Face Like Sunbeams And You Will Always Look Lovely” – A fantastic quote from Roald Dahl that will make anyone (including kids) happier when they read it.

Personal Inspirational Sayings For Your Bathroom

“One thing I did was to create a Love Yourself List. I wrote down everything I like about myself, and put it on my bathroom mirror. Then I read it until I believed it. Any time I compared myself to others, and felt negative about myself, I’d go back to that list” – Lizzie Velasquez

I think that having some good vibes, some inspiring coach-style words in your en-suite or personal bathroom is a brilliant way to start the day.

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes [Decor You'll Really Love!] - 350

5 Daily Reminders – 1. I Am Amazing 2. I Can Do Anything 3. Positivity Is A Choice 4. I Celebrate Individuality 5. I Am Prepared To Succeed” – Your own personal cheer leader to get you motivated and inspired for a good day ahead.

This Is Your Morning Reminder That You Can Handle Everything Today Throws At You” Because we all need that reminder…

Never Stop Being You

You Look Fab

You Got This” – Love that this can be stuck directly on a mirror – so you have no choice but to see it!

Beauty Doesn’t Rinse Off” A great saying for anyone struggling with how they look, or just as a reminder that beauty isn’t skin deep.

Just Breathe

Hello. Good Morning. I Believe In You. Nice Bum.” I have something like this in my own home, and every time I read it, I love that it gives me a compliment (it’s the little things in life!).

The First Thing I Do In The Morning Is Brush My Teeth And Sharpen My Tongue” – Nothing like a little cheekiness with a self confidence vibe to get you going each day!

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Sea And Water Inspirational Quotes For Bathroom Walls

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes [Decor You'll Really Love!] - 350

All of these are about life being tough, but are inspiring because they allow you to know that you can get through it.

Bath Related Inspirational Bathroom Quotes

Obviously a great choice for the room that actually has the bath in it…

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes [Decor You'll Really Love!] - 350

Life Is Like A Bath. The Longer You’re In It, The More Wrinkled You Get

Forget Your Troubles, Just Add Bubbles

There Must Be Quite A Few Things A Hot Bath Won’t Cure, But I Don’t Know Many Of Them

Wash Away Your Troubles In A Bath Full Of Bubbles

When Life Is Tough, Take A Bath

And… Relax

Other Bathroom Quotes To Be Inspired By…

This is a mix of all the other quotes I’ve found in my searches online. There are some thoughtful, some interesting, and some that may bring a smile to your face…

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes [Decor You'll Really Love!] - 350

Soap Is To The Body What Laughter Is To The Soul

Wash Your Worries Away

You Gotta Roll With It”

Bathroom: The Only Place One Can Escape The Insanity We Call Children” – If you have kids, you’ll appreciate this quote. Although I always seem to get a knock on the door as soon as I go in…

Bathroom: A Place For Privacy, For Refreshing, Soaking And Unwinding, A Unique Place For Five Minutes Peace, The Best Seat In The House

Shower: A Tranquil Place Where The Mind Is Free To Wander And Solve All Of Life’s Problems

27 Inspirational Bathroom Quotes You're Going To Love Adding To Your Decor

So that’s all the inspirational Bathroom quotes that I’m loving right now.

I hope you’ve found some ideas for things that will work in your home as well.

Whatever you choose, it’s bound to be a great addition to the space.

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