How To Use The Space Under The Stairs Really Effectively


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A reader asked me recently whether I had some ideas for how best to use the space under the stairs as they were struggling with the angled ceiling and wanted to make the most of it by using the space for a specific purpose if possible.

I love to help where I can! – so here are some great ideas for how to use the space under your stairs to its full advantage, a space that’s often forgotten and that just simply becomes a dumping ground.

I hope you’re inspired!

How To Use The Space Under The Stairs Effectively

Idea #1 – Close off the space under the stairs & use individual hinged doors for storage

drawers and fitted cupboards under the stairs

This works really well as you have lots of different sized spaces to have a selection of hanging and shelving space. You could add in coat, shoe and bag storage, and even house most of your cleaning stuff there (it’s handy to have your hoover in the hallway as you can grab and take quickly to any room in the house, for example)

The only trouble though is that you may find it hard to reach the back of the cupboards…. so the next step to go to is the next idea…

Idea #2 – Closed storage but pull out individual sections

pull out shoe storage under the stairs
pull out fitted cupboards under the stairs

This works well as you pull out the storage and therefore don’t have to hurt yourself trying to get to the very back of each space. It also utilises the most space under the stairs for storage, and keeps everything looking tidy.

TIP – using discreet handles means the storage actually looks more like a solid wall when the cupboards are pushed into place, streamlining the space.

Idea #3 – Open bookcases/shelving

open shelves under the staircase

If your staircase is in another room other than the hall then you may want to opt for a more open plan feel – this bookcase works really well as it adds loads of storage to the room, and the cubes make the most of all the available space.

TIP – Built in units make the most of space under the stairs.

Idea #4 – Use the stairs themselves to access the space

pull out drawer in bottom step of staircase

As in this example, they’ve even added a secret drawer to the bottom stair to use all the space under the stairs. This would make great storage for daily used shoes, or a handbag etc…

Idea #5 – Use for a home office

Desk area under the stairs
Desk under the stairs

I love this idea as you could create a home office in a home that hasn’t really got room for a completely separate area. It would be a great place for housing and dealing with all your paperwork, a homework area that the kids could use and still be seen, and a place to house the computer for work and play.

TIP – if you haven’t got the budget to have fitted furniture, then a simple desk with wall shelves above would work equally well – you could also have a small filing cabinet in the smaller area to maximise the use of space.

Idea #6 – Kids Space under the stairs

hidden kids desk area under stairs

I bet you know a few children who would love a space like this under the stairs!

Adding a blackboard wall makes this space whatever a childs’ imagination wants it to be – a shop, a house, a school etc……. It would also be a great place to house storage cubes for toys to keep them all out of the way.

Idea #7 – Toilet under the stairs

The space under the stairs is perfect for a toilet and a sink area to be neatly hidden away. A good reason for choosing this location is that the staircase is usually in a general area where guests would be able to access easily – more often than not in the hallway, so ideal for when you walk through the front door and need to quickly wash your hands or go to the loo!

TIP – ensure that the toilet is far enough into the space to not allow head height below the sloping roof to become an issue with using it!

…And if you’re wondering about how I use the space in my own home – well, when we moved into our house the area was a cupboard, but rather under used, so I turned it into a downstairs toilet – and it works perfectly! here’s a picture of it – perfect for what we need, and handy too!

under stairs storage
Amazing ways to use the space under the stairs. Lots of inspiration so you don't have wasted space. Use it for all sorts of great reasons...

So – are you inspired by any of these ideas?

Do you already use your under stairs space for anything in particular?

I’d love to take a look, so why not snap a quick picture and share it in the Facebook group...

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