Bosch GlassVAC Review – What It Is, What It Does – and More!


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Review of the Bosch GlassVAC. In this post I will go through what the GlassVAC is, how to use it, its mass of positives, the one negative I can think of – and loads more. Hopefully I will make the decision easier about whether to get one for your own home or not, and I can’t wait to see what you think

GlassVAC from Bosch - a Review

I would like to thank Bosch Home and Garden for collaborating with me on this review. I was paid for my time, but as always, you can be assured that all words and opinions are my own. I only agree to working with brands I love and use myself – and will only ever share their products with you if I’d recommend them to a friend

I am on a mission.

To find products that work – that REALLY work – and that help me in my day to day home life.

You see, I’ve decided that from now on I’m no longer going to put up with little annoyances in my life. Life really is too short – and I want to find REAL solutions.

Solutions that I can share with you, so that you too can benefit from the joy of an easier way of living.

Sounds good, doesn’t it!

Bosch recently asked me to become an ambassador for them, which I jumped at, because Bosch is a brand I trust, and one that we use in our home already (lawnmower and drill to name a couple!).

Being an ambassador means I get to review a few products and have the opportunity to share them with you – and today’s product is the amazing GlassVAC: –

My Review of the Bosch GlassVAC

I have to say, I’m a little bit in love!

Here’s a quick video of the GlassVAC, and you can also read all about it below – hope it helps!: –

What Does The GlassVAC Do?

In a nutshell, it’s a 2-step system that will clean any reflective surface in your home, leaving no excess water or streaks.

It can be used on: –

  • Windows
  • Glass shower screens
  • Mirrors
  • Glossy kitchen cupboard doors
  • Kitchen work surfaces
  • Tiles
  • Bifold doors
  • – and so much more.

And it’s not just for cleaning either – you can even use it to suck up spillages on your hard floors and surfaces.

Bosch GlassVAC - Review

How Does It Work?

I hate products that are a faff to work. When it takes longer to set up than to use, and doesn’t give results that are worth it – but using the GlassVAC couldn’t be easier: –

STEP 1 – Ensure the GlassVAC is charged, and you have the right attachment on it (you get 2 sizes of wiper so pick what will work best on the surface you are using it on)

TIP – You don’t have to charge it every time you use it, and I tend to leave it in our Bathroom Cupboard as we use it daily on our shower screens, and we charge it every weekend

STEP 2 – Fill the spray applicator bottle with water and cleaning solution (your favourite is fine) and clean the surface of your choice by spraying and wiping with the integrated cleaning pad.

STEP 3 – Turn the GlassVAC on, and run it over the wet surface – leaving a smear/streak and liquid free surface. It literally hoovers up the dirt, and any excess water.

STEP 4 – Stand back and admire your work!

What Problem / Problems Does It Solve?

Having used this for a while now, I can honestly say that there are several problems around the home that it can solve: –

PROBLEM #1 – Condensation on windows in colder months

Take away all excess water easily – and stop any rot/damp etc… from taking root.

PROBLEM #2 – No more water marks on shower screens or tiles

Make your weekly cleaning easier by quickly going over your shower screen and tiles after each shower. There will be no chance for the water to hang around and cause limescale build up or water marks developing (I hate trying to remove these once they occur).

Bosch GlassVAC on a Shower Screen

PROBLEM #3 – No water to mop up after you’ve finished cleaning windows.

The worst part of window cleaning is mopping up all that dirty water from the bottom of each window – while not letting it drip onto the floor or carpet below. With the GlassVAC you do the job of a squeegee AND a cloth all in one go – perfect!

Bosch GlassVAC cleaning a window

PROBLEM #4 – No streaks after you’ve finished cleaning

No matter how much I wipe and buff windows when I clean them, there are always streaks and they sometimes look worse than when I started (is that just me?!). The GlassVAC leaves surfaces streak free – aaaah!

PROBLEM #5 – Minimising use of paper towels in your kitchen

We are all aware of using less plastic and paper in our homes, and with the trend to try and go as plastic and paper free as possible – having the GlassVAC on hand to quickly mop up spillages just makes sense.

What’s Great About The GlassVAC?

So many reasons (can you tell I like it a bit!): –

  • It’s small and lightweight – I can actually do the job without feeling like I’ve had a workout at the gym (it also means I can store it away easily). I’ve tried to use my steam cleaner hand attachment for windows before, but as it’s so heavy it hurts my arms after a short time – so this is a lovely positive of the GlassVAC
  • It’s cordless – so REALLY quick to move around the house, and I can easily take it outside if necessary
  • It’s multi use – so you get value for money. I love products that you can do more than one thing with, because they earn their place in my home a LOT more!

What’s Not So Great?

As with anything – there are always things that could be better with any product – and I would say that if you use it to clean tiles, be mindful that because the grouting is not flat to the tiles, the GlassVAC finds it difficult to clear all water from these areas. As such, you WILL get a little excess amount of water hanging around. But it’s a very small negative.

Who Would Benefit From Using The GlassVAC?

Any home owner really!

It’s lightweight enough for children and the elderly to use, as well as adults – so is a great piece of kit for day to day use in plenty of spaces in the home.

I would advise keeping it in the space that you need it the most regularly – to make it as accessible as possible. Some options of where to keep it would be: –

  • Bathroom Cupboard – My personal favourite! – Keep it in there so that you can grab it after each shower
  • Kitchen – ready and waiting for spillages, and to clean the work surfaces and cupboard doors
  • Any room where you get regular condensation on the windows – bedrooms are usually the worst for this

Where Can You Buy A GlassVAC?

You can get the GlassVAC from loads of places, but at present the best place I can find it is Amazon. To find out more (and to read the reviews) then just CLICK HERE.

GlassVAC from Bosch - a Review

And that’s it! My Bosch GlassVAC Review.

I hope this has given you a good insight into what it’s like, how it can be used, and all it’s benefits.

It really is now a firm favourite in my house – used daily.

P.S If you liked the look of this, why not take a look at the other Bosch review on the site – it may just appeal as well…


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