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I can’t believe that we’re creeping up on that time of year already!

Back to school can a really special time – a fresh new school year with new expectations, hopes and goals. I LOVE this time of year and I try to make the most of it in terms of getting off on the right foot.

However, it can be a nightmare trying to get everything ready, making sure you have the right things for the first day, and generally getting organised for all the new things that the year may bring.

And that’s where this post will really help. Together we will go through my top tips that will make all the difference this year for you and your kids – hope you enjoy!


Ways to make BACK TO SCHOOL easier


I have vivid memories of that excitement of school starting again each year. I loved the idea of stocking up on new stationary (a new notepad is like fresh snow – waiting for you to dive in!), getting back into the school routine, and seeing all my friends again.

In fact, I still try and use the start of September to get my own life in order in some way as it just feels right.

I tend to look at goal setting for the rest of the year, as it makes sense to do this after the holidays, after I have had some time to chill and work out while taking a step back from the daily grind as to what is and isn’t working.

My daughter has inherited a love of school from me (fortunately!), and because I want her to enjoy her school life, and get as much out of it as possible, that’s the main reason why I want to ensure we are organised and ready for day one.

Being organised about the start of school means more time to enjoy things, and less time stressing – and there’s more than enough already to stress about in life, don’t you think!

So here are my top tips on things that you should be looking at right NOW so that back to school goes as smoothly as possible!


** By the way – I recently launched my all new Back To School Planner that includes a Back to School checklist (lots of what I talk about in this post have been added!), schedules, important info sheets, school year memories section and LOTS more – if you want to make this school year easier then you will love it! – you can take a look right here and I hope it helps!



You’ve been in holiday mode for a while now, so while school hasn’t quite started, it’s time to get that body clock back into normal mode again.

Both you and the children will feel the benefit of going to bed slightly earlier and getting up slightly earlier in the days leading up to school starting, because there is nothing worse than trying to crawl out of bed on day one without any build up.

It sets you up for failure if you don’t prepare.

Alarm clock for kids

TIP – Even smaller kids can start to understand waking up at a certain time. We got the alarm clock you can see in the picture for my daughter when she started waking up at a crazy early time every day. (CLICK HERE for more info**) We were trying to work out a solution, and realised very quickly that because she couldn’t tell what time it was, it must be really frustrating for her to lie there and wait. Along with a digital and analogue display for older kids, this clock closes its eyes when it’s sleep time, which makes it so much easier for smaller children to become aware when they should try and get back to sleep. It was a saviour!



If you haven’t got it booked in, get a hair appointment for the kids, as it will be one less hassle to do once they are back at school – and there’s nothing better than having started the school year looking smart!

Same goes for doctors, dentists, eye appointments etc…….


Back to school tips. Back to school Checklist. Everything you need to know to ensure the back to school is made as easy as possible. Tips and tricks to get your kids sorted for school. Make Back to school a breeze!

So – you’re now on track to easily getting up at the right time (fingers crossed!), and all last minute appointments have been dealt with.

Next comes sorting out yours and your childrens time, and all that they need to have for school – so let’s get going shall we…

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  1. Kate Aug 14, 2017 at 7:26 pm #

    Thanks Chrissy, makes me feel so organised just copying the bullet points! I shall show them to my 10yo daughter and we’ll factor in getting prepared over the next couple of weeks. My 8yo won’t be so fussed but we need to keep working on her morning routine, she lives in a dreamland with no clocks!

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