12 Stylish And Creative Ideas For Ways To Display Kids Art


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If you’ve ever wondered ‘How do I display my childrens art?’ then these 12 ideas will help. They give you creative and easy ways to display your kids creations, and can be used for inspiration in your own home to make a fantastic display – without it taking over every square inch.

12 Stylish and Creative Ways To Display Kids Art (Without It Taking Over)

Children LOVE doing creative crafts and art. It’s in-built in them!

And as a result – I’m sure you are getting a plethora of artwork brought into your home each and every week.

Your son/daughter(s) are so proud of them all – and so are you – but you can only house so many for display…

So – how do you get the balance right between displaying their current items, AND keeping some favourites up for years to come?, and how can you display them while not having them take over every inch of your wall space?

It’s tricky to say the least – and although you’re proud of their creations – displaying them all is pretty much an impossible feat, which just gets harder as they get older – because you’ve got more and more items to display!

Today I want to look at a few really clever ways to display kids artwork that I’m sure will give you some inspiration.

Whether you want to display loads, or a select few – and whether you want to keep them forever, or just for the short term – you will find simple solutions that will work.

Let’s get started, shall we!

Ways To Display Kids Art – Short Term

First we’ll look at ways to display art that mean you can quickly change / update – which is perfect for if you want to have fewer pieces on show, but want to show off the latest masterpieces!

#1  – Corkboards / Noticeboards

Corkboards are probably the easiest way to display art, because they can be found in all shapes and sizes, and all budgets. You can fit to most walls easily, and so they are really versatile.

I’ve picked two examples here that I really love, for different reasons.

Firstly – an extra large corkboard would look great in a family room / playroom / bedroom or kitchen.

My best friend has something very similar in her kitchen and it’s been a great way of giving her daughters a special place to show off their creations.

If you like the idea of this, and want something similar, then you could also consider having a coloured noticeboard to go with the rooms decor. Something like THIS would work really well.

Secondly, how about having individual boards for each of your children?

TIP – When using cork boards or noticeboards please be careful with the children and the pins. There are two options here – either hanging them out of the reach of children, or, use a noticeboard that’s got ribbons on it that you can tuck things behind rather than pin on.

#2 – Open Frames

I like the idea of open frames because they make the display clearer, and gorgeous to look at – but they are also really easy to swap the art when the kids bring in new pieces.

This idea takes this to a whole new level by having lots of different size, shape and style frames but painting them all the same colour. This looks amazing!

#3 – Clipboards

Probably my favourite, so this idea really appeals to me for a way to display loads of pieces in an interesting way.

As you may know by now if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, I am a BIG fan of clipboards. I have 3 hung together in our kitchen and use them to hang our monthly calendar, my daughters school week schedule, and something else. Usually this “something else” is my daughters latest art or a certification she’s just got.

I usually get my clipboards from HERE and HERE.

…. and for a DIY version, this re-purposing of a kitchen cabinet door looks fantastic!

#4 – Slide In Frame

Having a frame is always a great way to display art, but usually means that it’s trickier to change the art a lot. You would have to take the frame off the wall, fiddle with the fixings, and it would take time.

The way to have the best of both worlds is to use a frame that has an opening, so you can simply slide the art in and out when you need to.

This idea is a great DIY option, if you’re handy and into crafts…

… but if aren’t wanting to make it yourself, I’ve got a couple of great options instead. The first is a single frame that unclips but can stay on the wall, and the second is a frame for multiple items.

#5 – Slide In Plastic Pockets

Very quick and easy – and you can hang this on the wall or on a door. It’s practical as it doesn’t use pins AND it’s wipeable! – and it also keeps the art clean.

Of course, a negative is that the art has to fit the pockets…. but this one comes in both A4 and A3 versions, which is handy!

#6 – A Single Peg To Display One Special Piece

This is a lovely product, and is a great idea for when space is tight – or if you only want to display the very latest option. It would also make a lovely present for a child starting school soon….

Ways To Display Kids Artwork – Short Term And Long Term Together

Now we’ll look at ideas for when you want to have some items on show for a longer term, and others to be able to quickly swap. The best of both worlds!

#7 – Picture Wall With Pegs

I like the mix of display options in this idea – because it offers the ability to have special items up for longer (and kept nicely behind frames), and also quickly hang and change some newer ones on a row of pegs.

Having looked around, there’s a gorgeous peg option HERE that would work well. It also has a ruler as the backing which is a great extra touch for childrens related displays.

#8 – Picture Wall – With The Ability To Create A Brand New Piece There And Then!

LOVE this idea…

Having a backboard underneath the picture wall of past art creations may make your little one feel artistic there and then. What better way than to have a wall that they can draw on right there!

Ways To Display Kids Art For Long Term

And lastly – ideas for when you have a collection of art that you want to show on a longer term basis – or keep forever as memorabilia.

#9 – Picture Wall With Matching Frames

A great idea for a longer term option in your home – because you can have a massive grid of matching frames all filled with their favourite artwork.

#10 – Create A Collage Of Small Images

This is gorgeous, and would make a great present for an older child, because it’s a more stylish way of showing off their art, and something they would want to keep.

If you want to create a similar look, then THIS is a great option.

#11 – Photo Book

I create a photo book each year with a mix of photos and artwork and pics of other things that we have done/created/achieved over the year as a family.

As such – I really think that a photo book is the answer to displaying kids artwork in a way that keeps them in pristine condition, allows you to look at them more often, and is a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Simply scan your pictures (or take a photo of them) and then go to somewhere like Photobox (the place I use) to create your book.

You could do one per year, or one for each child of just their artwork over the years – the choices are endless!

TIP – Wait for an offer on the site you choose, because they can be expensive. I usually have the photos ready to go and sit tight until a good offer is available – and then buy!

#12 – Cushion!

A quirky one to finish, but another great option from Photobox is to create a cushion from your childs art (you can use photos, but why not a scanned picture/photo of their art?!). This would create a gorgeous display, and would be perfect in a family room or their bedroom.

EXTRA TIP – Whether you are using a digital version of the artwork or not – I would always suggest taking photos or scanning the artwork you want to keep and having a digital copy. You never know when you may not have the originals any longer. They may be too many to keep and take up too much storage space, they may get damaged in storage (especially large items), or damaged by water/fire etc…. and then you’ll have lost them forever. By advice would be to only keep the really special originals, and then you have a perfect copy of everything – whatever happens

Want to try these kids art display ideas yourself?

Here are some products that will help you do just that – curated ready for you to select what would work best for you in your own home…

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

12 Stylish And Creative Ideas For Ways To Display Kids Art - 350
12 Stylish and Creative Ways To Display Kids Art (Without It Taking Over)

So – there you have it! – loads of fantastic ideas of ways to display kids art that you may not have thought of before.

I hope you’ve got loads of inspiration from this post…


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