Why a cleaning caddy works so well (& how to create your own)


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Using a cleaning caddy is a really simple idea that can make household tasks a lot quicker and easier – and this post is all about how a cleaning caddy works so brilliantly, and how you can make one of your own.

How to create a cleaning caddy

Cleaning for me can be a source of satisfaction – seeing my home looking fresh and tidy – but I am the first to note that it takes a lot of work to get there!

Whether you are doing a quick clean or a massive spring clean, it’s very physical and demanding.

Cleaning involves lots of energy to get it done, and as such I want to minimise the unnecessary expenditure wherever possible, and that’s where a cleaning caddy comes in.

You have enough to do when doing the cleaning tasks themselves without having to spend time going to and fro from room to room, carrying what you can and then undoubtedly forgetting something and having to make one or two more trips.

Who wants that?

I certainly don’t, so as you know from previous posts, I like to keep the cleaning products I use close to where I tend to use them as much as I can.

This works brilliantly for the kitchen and bathroom particularly, where there are cupboards to store specific items for each space, but what about the more generic cleaning products that you need in every room and that you don’t want to store anywhere but your main cleaning store cupboard/utility room?

It’s time to create a cleaning caddy!

Cleaning caddys don’t have to be anything fancy, they are simply a holder by which to easily carry around the cleaning products that you need for most rooms in the house.

With enough space for everything, you can simply carry it around with one hand and know that you have everything you need there when you want it.


What should you store in a cleaning caddy?

As I said previously, I would only store in mine any products that I need in most rooms.

After all – I don’t want to be carrying around toilet cleaner in my living and bedrooms really – that just adds to the weight of the caddy and I can store those in the right rooms anyway.

As such, I advise carrying around similar items to the following:-

  • Polish
  • Duster
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Rubber gloves
  • Window cleaner
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Leather cleaning wipes
  • Bin bags

Basically anything that you need to use to clean your home – everyone is different and as such please just use this for a guide.

Cleaning caddy contents

I always get my stuff together before I look at getting storage for it – so once I had worked out what I wanted to house in my cleaning caddy, I set about looking for a good one.

Mine comes from Wayfair, and it works for me as it has a bottom and top compartment and a really large handle – it is also really easy to store away in my utility so I can simply put it back when finished and I know it’s ready for the next time I need it.

Cleaning caddy - Housekeepers Box

(You can find lots of good ones from Amazon**, Lakeland and John Lewis** also)

If you want to make cleaning your home quicker and easier then you want to look at creating your own cleaning caddy - here's how...Once you have your cleaning caddy in place, you only have to carry around this, your hoover, and maybe a long feather duster for those high to reach places, so it becomes much easier to get around the house quickly – and that to me is the biggest bonus!

Are you tempted to use a cleaning caddy? Do you already have one? I’d love to know what you put in yours, so please leave a comment below.

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