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Whenever I am doing any sort of job, it’s far too easy to get distracted – and cleaning the house is no different. This post gives a quick solution that should help keep you on track when those distractions inevitably pop up.

How to not get distracted while cleaning or doing chores

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Where’s the pain?

However focused on the task at hand you are, when it comes to cleaning the house there will be many times that you find other things that need your attention.

You are going around your home and looking at each area in detail, so you are bound to find things that need tackling: –

  • DIY tasks to complete
  • Cleaning items to buy as you are running low
  • Maintenance on cleaning equipment (charging batteries / cleaning hoover attachments etc…)
  • Other miscellaneous tasks that spring to mind when you are busy doing other things (it happens to us all!)

Trouble is – if you stop what you are doing to tackle the new task, or if you have to take time out and find a pen and paper to write things down, you have wasted time and possibly completely moved on from what you were doing.

The cleaning takes second place and may or may not get done as you move to and from tasks that crop up.

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What’s the answer?

The fix is simple – and was suggested by a reader to me in the comments on my post about the best way to clean a room. It is something I tend to do automatically but as yet haven’t posted about it – so we both wanted to share it with you today!

Basically – when you put your cleaning caddy together, then add in a small notepad and pen.


You then have somewhere to write everything down quickly and easily – you don’t get distracted – and can then tackle those things that crop up after your original jobs have been completed.

Cleaning caddy quick tip

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How to do it?

There are a few possibilities that you could use to get this done, depending of course on how you like to work, and what you carry around with you when you clean the house: –

  • A simple notepad and pen held in your cleaning caddy.
  • Stick post it notes and a pen to the outside of your cleaning caddy so they don’t get lost or dirty inside (my favourite!).
  • If you have an apron when cleaning, or pockets in your clothes – then you can keep your notepad there.
  • Add it to a notepad app on your phone, or send yourself an email/text!

Adding a notepad to your cleaning caddy to write down tasks as they come up

TIP – Make it a habit to always deal with these noted down jobs at the end of each cleaning session – either do the extra items there and then, get someone booked in to come and deal with the issue (handyman etc…), or schedule them for another day.

TIP – Have at the end of the notes for each session and TO DOs that will make the next cleaning session easier, so you don’t forget. I tend to put my hand held hoover on to charge as I will have run the battery down, and restock any cleaning products running low.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Quick tip - when doing chores / cleaning this tip helps you to stay on track even if something else crops up - avoid getting distracted

Do you write notes when you clean? Do you find it helps? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below


PSSST – do you have a tip to share or a problem that you want solving? Why not contact me and you may well feature on a blog post in the future!

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