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Printable TO DO list

I LOVE lists. Especially TO DO lists – it’s great when you start the day with a list of things to do and one by one they get ticked off, and I’ve written posts before on why having a TO DO list is so important.

As such, I thought it was about time to share a printable TO DO list with you today, which I hope you find useful!


TO DO LIST - Free printable download pdf



  • General daily chores to get through
  • You could write times down the left hand side and use it to schedule your TO DOs into times of day
  • Specific project tasks such as redecorating a room in the house or planning a party
  • A brainstorm to focus your mind on what needs to be done to reach a goal you have
  • A place to put all those little things you need to do that you think of during the course of the day

It’s a great tool to have, and along with my master TO DO list that’s my way of collating everything and anything together, I also tend to create a things TO DO list every evening ready for the next day, so that I can not only start the day more focused, but I can also ensure (as much as possible!) that I can actually fit everything I want to get done into the following day – to try and be realistic.

TIP – I always write my TO DO list with my diary to hand, so that I can see what scheduled items I already have for the day ahead, and therefore I can easily see what time I have available for other things.

Here’s a quick view of the TO DO list that you can download, and the link is underneath the picture – so click away and get your free printable TO DO list, and get started right now!

Printable TO DO LIST - Free


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

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Printable TO DO list - get everything out of your head and onto paper - and then get things done!

Do you create a TO DO list every day?

Does it help you to get more done?

I’d love to know how you use yours, so please leave a comment below – thanks in advance…..




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One Response to Printable TO DO list

  1. Phoenicia Sep 1, 2014 at 6:10 pm #

    I write to do lists everyday. I love ticking off each task as I complete it!

    Even the most mundane tasks are written – phone my mother, watch a programme on television.

    I never considered having a ‘master’ and ‘nice to do’ list. I usually write one list in order of priority. Anything that is not completed is carried over to the following day.

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