18 Brilliant Pots And Pans Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen


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Bulky items can be tricky to store well – so here are some fantastic pots and pans storage ideas for your kitchen that you’re going to love. Ideas and inspiration for all sizes and spaces!

18 Brilliant Pots And Pans Storage Ideas You're Going To Love!

Issues When Storing Pots And Pans

  • Large and bulky – not easy to store especially in small kitchens.
  • Different sizes and shapes and so it can be tricky to know how to store them altogether so you can see them easily.
  • Can be delicate – you don’t want to scratch them and make them less than ideal for cooking.
  • Usually there are quite a few of them for different cooking needs (best always declutter before choosing storage because although we do often have a few, there are usually a few we don’t use at all).

Things To Think About When Storing Pots And Pans

Where to put them in your kitchen – most common options are hanging on the wall or ceiling, in a cupboard or drawer, or on a free standing rack.

All depends on:

  • How many you have
  • The size of the largest one (will it fit into your preferred storage space, if not you may want to rethink)
  • Where you prefer to keep them
  • How often they’re used
  • How heavy they are and if it’s easy enough for you to get them out and put them away etc…
  • Will you mind them getting dusty / dirty if on show?
  • Will they tarnish in the light?
  • Do they look good enough to display (i.e. do you have a collection or are they mismatched, are they in good condition etc…)
  • Do you want the storage chosen to be part of the style of the kitchen, or does this not matter to you?

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Best Storage Solutions Available Now For Pots And Pans

QUICK TIP: If you’re stacking your pots and pans in any of the solutions below – then you may be wise to use pan protectors between each pair. This will stop any scratches and damage to the pans and pots.

How Do You Store Pots And Pans In A Drawer?

You can be as organised as you want in a drawer – and a specific pan drawer that’s wide and deep allows you to store them all together.

First is to choose whether you’re going to store the lids on each pot and pan so you can grab them together, or whether you’ll store the lids together which can allow you to stack the pots and pans more (and allow you to store more in the space).

Next – do you want to split them up with organisers, or are you happy to just put them in the drawer and find what you want when you need it?

#1 – LOOSE IN THE Drawer

Pans Loose In Kitchen Drawer

A great option if you have nice deep and wide drawers – pan drawers are, of course, perfect!

Pros: You can have all pots and pans in the same drawer – so you can see what you have at a glance and always pick the right size for the cooking you’re doing.

Cons: Storing loose can mean that although everything is in one space, you can’t always find the right thing, as they can get messed up pretty quickly.

Pans Organised In A Pan Drawer In The Kitchen


Yes, it’s nice to have large drawers, but they can get messy and unorganised quickly if you’re not careful. If yours look like this and are getting you down, then consider using dividers.

Pros: Adding in dividers to the space gives everything a specific area to be. You can easily change the areas you’re dividing up, and you could even label them so you know what should go where!

Cons: Can be expensive, and also mean you have to get the spaces right so you fit as much in as possible. Basically will need a bit of up front planning to get the most out of them.

#3 – STORE LIDS IN Vertical Racks IN DRAWER

Having vertical racks can work really well hidden away in a drawer so that you can see everything from above easily.

Pros: Hidden away, you can grab what you need easily. You can double up and have both vertical racks and drawer dividers if you prefer (see last option).

Cons: You need a deep enough drawer for the largest pan lid to be able to stand upright.

Pots And Pans Cupboard Storage Ideas

#4 – Store In Wire Racks

Wire racks can be simple extra shelf racks, or a set of wire shelves (either corner or straight) and can make a huge difference to storage in your kitchen cupboard.

Pros: Wire racks are a great way as it uses all the height of the cupboards, as well as making it easier to not have to take everything out to get to the item at the bottom.

Cons: They can be difficult to find the right sizes to maximise the space you have, and also accommodate all the sizes of pans you have.

Also, it’s worth remembering that your pans will have long handles that will need to fit into the cupboard and allow the doors to close.

Pans In Wire Rack In Kitchen Cupboard

#5 – LAZY SUSAN IN Corner Cabinet

A good space to use as it’s one of the bigger cupboards in a kitchen usually – and the space itself can be quite awkward to store anything small in as it can get lost.

Pros: Uses the space well, and you can buy ready made storage racks in these cupboards that work brilliantly for pots.

Cons: You have to be sure that you can fit everything in well, otherwise it can get quite frustrating to try and grab what you need each time.

Pans In Wire Rack Inside Kitchen Cupboard


Why not add pull out storage to an existing cabinet?

Pros: Great for making reaching to the back of the cupboard easier.

Cons: It can be hard to find the right size for your cupboard so you don’t get too much wasted space at the sides of the unit.

#7 – Add Hooks In Cupboard

If you remove one of the lower shelves in a cupboard – or all shelves – then you could add some simple screw in hooks to the top of the cupboard and let the pans hang in the cupboard space.

Pros: Hides the pots and pans away, and makes use of all the vertical space in a cupboard.

Cons: You may not have available spare cupboard space to use…


A nice and easy way to store pan lids is with a simple wooden (or other material) rack:

Pros: Simple and cost effective. You can easily grab the size you need without disturbing the rest.

Cons: You need to be able to have this rack sideways in the cupboard, so you can easily pull out each one. However, this may leave wasted depth space.

Pan Lids Filed In Wooden Rack


Adding simple hooks or fasteners onto the back of the cupboard door is such a simple but effective solution to the age old “where to keep pan lids” question!

Pros: There are lots of versions of this solution – you could get you can get stick on fasteners, or hang over the door versions. The beauty of them all is that they use other wise wasted space.

Cons: You may have too many lids for this option.

IDEA: Why not get one lid that works for many of your pans? A universal lid can work well to minimise needed storage space – just think about how often or if you need to use lots of lids at one time as then it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Pan Lid Attached To Back Of Kitchen Cupboard Door With White Hooks

Ideas For Storing Pots And Pans On A Wall


Pans Hanging From Black Wall Hung Rail And Hooks

Why not hang a rail with hooks onto the kitchen wall somewhere? Ideally you’d add it in a place that makes grabbing a pan easy when you need it (above the stove top is a great option).

Pros: Makes a brilliant looking, and functional display – if you’ve got pots and pans that work with your decor and look good then this could be perfect!

Cons: Can look cluttered and messy pretty easily. Not great as well if your pans aren’t great to look at. Also, not possible if your pans don’t have the hole needed to attach to the hook!

Pans Hung On Stainless Steel Rail On Kitchen Wall


Why not have an open shelf unit with added hooks out on display in the kitchen for your pan storage?

Pros: Great for kitchens with little storage space – as you can add extra!

Cons: Can look messy, and the pots and pans could get dusty if you don’t regularly use them all.


Another option is to install shelves and just add the larger pots and pans to the shelves. Simple!

I like the idea of having shelves instead of cupboards above the cooker part of the kitchen – and adding pots and pans could be really good for display on these. Practical as well as pretty!

Pros: Great if you don’t have enough kitchen storage – or if you want to display your pots and pans.

Cons: Can look messy, can get dirty being out on display.

Use Your Kitchen surfaces

#13 – Add a vertical rack on your work surface / island

A great idea to have a set of pans displayed – and ready for use…

Pros: Great for if you have lots of spare kitchen work surface – and want the pots out ready to grab.

Cons: Not so great if you don’t have the worktop space – or want to keep that space clear and prefer to hide the pans away!

Pans Stacked In Free Standing Rack

Ceiling Storage For Pots And Pans

#14 – Hanging Rack

Why not add a hanging rack above the kitchen island, kitchen table, or elsewhere in your kitchen?

Pros: Gets everything out of the way, frees up cupboard space, displays it well, handy, and lastly it can create a focal point and be great for your kitchen decor.

Cons: Because they’re on display they can get dusty and attract dirt easily. They can also be heavy and therefore safety may be an issue if you’re not tall or strong and have to try and get them down from above your head.

Floor Standing Storage For Pots And Pans


Having a high set of shelves so you can display one pan on each shelf is a great way to store pots and pans.

Pros: Great for kitchens with lots of floor space, as they free up cupboard space and can be a feature in the room allowing also for easy access.

Cons: Only enough room for a few pans so you may have too many for this solution. They can also attract dirt and dust as they’re out on display as well.

#16 – Ladder

You get these a lot in Living rooms for blanket storage – but why not use a decorative ladder with hooks to store your pots and pans in the kitchen?

Pros: Can look stunning if you have the right pots and ladder to display – and enough space.

Cons: Not hugely practical…

Copper Pans Hung From Wall Leaning Ladder

Storage For Pots And Pans When Short On Space

#17 – Store In The Oven

Some pots and pan would be fine if kept in the oven full time. After all – you only need to remove when the oven is used – which may or may not be frequently.

Pros: Makes a cupboard out of your oven while it isn’t in use. Also a good option if you have a double oven.

Cons: Not great if you have too many to store inside – and also use your oven a lot. You’ll get tired of moving them all the time!


You could easily use the space in your window to hang your pots and pans there and keep them handy but out of the way.

This can be achieved by either adding a rail or a set of hooks.

Pros: Uses otherwise wasted storage space, and can look quite funky! Could also hide a bad view…

Cons: Can obscure your view, and could get dirty being out all the time.

Pans Hung From Kitchen Window

Best Pot And Pan Storage Solutions Available Now

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

18 Brilliant Pots And Pans Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen - 350
18 Brilliant Pots And Pans Storage Ideas You're Going To Love!

Loads of ideas for storing your pots and pans!

Which works best for your kitchen and your tastes?

Maybe it’s a few, maybe you’re just going to use one – whatever you choose, I hope it makes your cooking and prep quicker in the future!

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