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Why you shouldn’t buy organising / storage products…

Why you shouldn't buy organising productsI love products that genuinely help to make your home / life more organised, and have been known to get lost among shop aisles far too often for what is acceptable! (Sorry here to my hubby and daughter for the many hours lost!)

But they are so pretty!

Organising products are in the main all so beautiful!

They are always packaged really nicely, and make me feel better just looking at them.

They draw you in, and make you want to buy them – just like new clothes do.

They hold a promise of a new way of life, a streamlined home, and somewhere that you can open all the cupboards and find everything stored away, labelled and straightened out….. – which is very tempting to anyone I’m sure you’ll agree.

They are distracting to say the least!

A pretty box ISN’T an organised system!

Its true.

They can distract you so easily from the actual functionality of the space you are organising – and just make the whole thing worse rather than better.

It can simply serve to clutter it more and hide it a little from sight.

Be inspired

Theres nothing wrong with taking a look and doing some window shopping – far from it, it can give you great inspiration and ideas.

I particularly like using Pinterest to grab ideas for my projects, and my own pages have tonnes of ideas from all over the web with products I want to try, would like to use one day, or simply because I like looking!

In fact, I should really write a post about Pinterest as an organising tool in itself – as its just so useful! – its like creating a personalised catalogue of ideas with direct links to the sites you got them from – perfect!

You may have been wanting to organise a certain area of your home, and it may have certain restrictions (no storage space, ugly items etc….), and you may just stumble upon someone elses way of dealing with exactly your problem – FANTASTIC!

Or you may simply stumble upon an idea that would work really well that you have never even contemplated before.

Its all about inspiration.

Recognise the error of buying without a plan

If you go out and buy products at the start of a project, or simply because you love the look of them and just KNOW you’ll use them one day… its usually a recipe for disaster.

90% of the time or more it will simply add to the clutter instead of taking it away.


But all is not lost.

Never buy until you know what you need

Its just a case of knowing what to purchase and when, and that can really transform how you shop in the future.


My system for organising (the A.D.O.R.E system) advocates finishing all the ground work and most of the organising BEFORE you venture anywhere near the shops.

Its crucial to know the following things when you are looking to buy products to help with a project:-

  • Which room is it going in?
  • Where exactly is it going?
  • What are the maximum and minimum dimensions so it will fit in the space AND fit the items inside?
  • What items are being stored?
  • Are there any extra considerations to take? (does it need to be airtight, able to expand etc….)
  • Do I have anything in the house that can be used before I buy anything new?
  • Does it have to be a certain colour / material etc…?

And you can only know these things when you are more organised and know exactly what you need to store and where.

Once you know what you need, the size, the shape, the colour, the function etc…. then you can go and buy the most suitable item, knowing that it will enhance the system you have put in place rather than distract you.

So – before you start another organising project, think to yourself that you need to do the groundwork first, and then and only then (and only if you really need to) should you go shopping!

In summary…

Why you shouldn't buy storage productsDon’t add to your clutter – get organised and then make it look pretty!

Making it pretty first won’t help – it will just distract you from doing a great job.


Making it pretty as the last step will make you more likely to keep it that way, and maintain your new system – but the groundwork of functionality will be there to ensure that the system will work for you.

Get products when you need them, and get them to work with your personality, style, decor etc…. and you will be onto a winner!

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