Egg Carton Reuse: 20 Clever Ways To Use Old Ones As Storage


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Maximise the potential of egg carton reuse now with these 20 brilliant ideas for transforming them into handy home storage. Which will you use?

20 Clever Ways To Reuse Old Egg Cartons For Home Storage

I love any way to reuse and repurpose items in my house.

From creating a drawer organiser with old cardboard boxes, to using glass jars for storing pantry essentials – there’s always something you can do with items that may seem useless at first glance.

Egg cartons are no exception!

These versatile containers not only help keep your eggs safe, but they can also be transformed into various storage solutions for your home when they’ve finished holding the eggs.

And the best part?

You’re reducing waste and saving money by reusing something you already have.

It’s a win-win situation!

So let’s get creative and discover the many ways you can repurpose old egg cartons as storage solutions around your home right now…

Why Upcycle Egg Boxes for Storage?

Before we dive into the different ways you can reuse egg cartons, let’s first understand why they make great storage solutions.

  • Eco-friendly: By repurposing egg cartons, you’re reducing waste and doing your part for the environment. It’s a small step towards living more sustainably.
  • Cost-effective: Why spend money on expensive storage solutions when you can use something you already have at home? Egg cartons are usually free (with purchase of eggs!) and readily available, making them a cost-effective option for storage.
  • Versatile: Egg cartons come in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for storing different sized and amounts of items.
  • Easy to find: You probably have a few empty egg cartons lying around your house right now. And if not, they’re easy to find at grocery stores or farmers’ markets. So why not put them to good use instead of throwing them away?

Now that we know the benefits of upcycling egg cartons for storage let’s explore some practical ways to repurpose them.

Cute picture of eggs in an egg box with faces drawn on each of them in black ink

20 Clever Egg Carton Reuse Storage Ideas

#1 – Condiment Stand in the Fridge

An egg carton can be a perfect organiser for your small condiment jars or bottles in the fridge.

The individual compartments can hold each condiment bottle securely, preventing them from knocking into each other and spilling.

Plus, it makes accessing your favourite sauces and spreads easier when everything is neatly organised.

You can also use the small compartments of an old egg box to pour condiments into at a gathering.

This way, your guests can easily access their preferred sauce without making a mess.

#2 – Craft Items Organiser

Tired of constantly misplacing your small craft supplies like beads, buttons, or sequins? An egg carton can be the perfect solution to keep them all organised.

You can even label each compartment for easy identification, saving you time and frustration when working on a project.

Clever Way To Reuse An Old Egg Carton As Storage For Stationery Items

#3 – Snack Tray

An egg carton can serve as a clever snack tray, perfect for serving an assortment of nibbles at home, gatherings, or even for kids’ snacks.

The individual compartments segregate different snacks, preventing them from mixing up and keeping everything tidy.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to present a variety of bite-sized delights without everything getting jumbled together.

#4 – Mini Muffins or Cupcakes Holder

An egg carton can make a handy storage solution for your mini muffins or cupcakes – especially when travelling or transporting them anywhere.

Just place each treat in the individual compartments, and they’ll stay secure until it’s time to enjoy them.

You can also stack the boxes which makes storing a large amount much easier.

TIP: This would make a lovely gift if you decorated a small egg box and added in the favourite cakes of the recipient.

#5 – Jewellery Holder

An egg carton can be an excellent way to organise and store your jewellery, especially earrings.

Just place each pair or individual item in a separate compartment, and they’ll be easy to find when you want to wear them.

Brilliant Idea To Reuse An Old Egg Box As Storage For Jewellery

#6 – Separate Keys in Hallway Drawer

Create a divider in a drawer using an egg carton to keep your keys organised and prevent them from getting lost.

You could even label each section so you know whose keys are who’s.

#7 – Bath Bombs Organiser

Bath bombs are a lovely treat but can get damaged and crumble when knocked about too much.

The individual compartments will keep them secure and prevent them from breaking, making it easier to transport them as well.

#8 – Storing Hair Accessories

Hair clips, bands, pins – an egg carton can be a smart way to keep all these small hair accessories organised in one place.

Plus, you can easily see what’s inside each compartment, making it easier to find the perfect accessory each day.

#9 – Office Supplies Holder

An egg carton can be a practical way to store your office supplies like paperclips, noticeboard pins, or binder clips.

Just place them in the compartments and keep your desk clutter-free either tucked away in a drawer or decorated and on the desk top itself.

#10 – Seed Starter Tray

An egg carton is an excellent seed starter tray. The individual compartments are the perfect size to start growing small plants or seeds before transferring them to a larger pot.

Brilliant Idea To Reuse An Old Egg Box As Storage For Seedlings

#11 – iPad/Kindle Stand

Cut the lid off an egg carton, turn it upside down, and use it as a stand for your iPad or Kindle.

It’s perfect for watching videos or reading recipes without having to hold the device in your hand.

#12 – Paint Palette

If you’re into arts and crafts, then you know how quickly paint palettes can get messy and hard to clean.

Use an egg carton as a disposable and easy-to-clean option for mixing your paints.

When you’re done, just throw it away or recycle it.

#13 – Store Baubles

Christmas baubles and decorations can be challenging to store as they’re easy to break, but an egg carton can make it easier.

Place each delicate ornament in a separate compartment, and they’ll stay protected until next year.

This is a really cheap alternative to the specific bauble holders you can buy. Just collect a few over the year and you’ll have enough for all your decorations by the time Christmas comes round.

Brilliant Idea To Reuse An Old Egg Box As Storage For Christmas Baubles

#14 – Packaging and Protecting Breakable Items

When posting fragile items you can add extra safety by putting egg boxes around it in the box.

This is because the individual compartments can cushion each item and protect them from damage during transit.

#15 – Sewing Items Organiser

From needles to buttons and thread, an egg carton can be an excellent way to keep all your sewing supplies organised.

You can even dedicate a separate box for each colour of thread, making it easier to find what you need.

#16 – Board Game Pieces Storage

Board games can quickly become chaotic with pieces getting lost or mixed up. Use an egg carton to keep each game’s pieces organised and prevent them from getting jumbled together.

TIP: Decorate the box, so it looks like part of the game and makes it easy to find amongst other boxes.

#17 – Card Holder

Simply turn an egg box upside down and either use the existing spaces or cut slots into the bottom of each cup and you have the perfect way to hold your cards while playing card games.

Great for little hands that can’t hold a lot!

#18 – Store Small DIY Items

An egg carton can be an excellent storage solution for small DIY items like screws, nails, and bolts.

You can even use it as a portable option when working on projects around the house.

Clever Way To Reuse An Old Egg Carton As Storage For Small DIY Items

#19 – Golf Ball Storage

For golfers out there, an egg carton can be a convenient way to store your golf balls.

You can even use different colours or label the compartments for easy identification of specific balls.

#20 – Light Bulb Storage

Lastly, light bulbs are fragile and round – just like eggs themselves!

So why not grab an egg box when you’re looking to store any bulbs you’ve got lying around the house?

You can keep them from rolling around and potentially breaking, by just putting them upside down in each section of the box. That way they’ll be ready and waiting in perfect condition when you next need them.

Plus – One Extra Idea If You’re Feeling Crafty…

This is a brilliantly creative way to create storage from old egg boxes if you like to make the extra effort.

I can think of so many things to store in a bowl like this – and lots of different storage shapes that could also be made.

I’d also love to paint mine. Watch this space!

Frequently Asked Questions About Egg Boxes As Storage

Is it Safe to Reuse Old Egg Cartons?

Yes, it is safe to reuse old egg cartons as storage. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly before using them for any food-related storage.

Can Egg Cartons Be Recycled?

Most egg cartons are made of paper or cardboard, which are recyclable materials. However, it’s always best to check with your local recycling guidelines as some areas may

How do you clean Old Egg Cartons?

To clean old egg cartons, use warm water and mild soap to gently scrub away any leftover food residue.

Rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry before using them for storage.

Cardboard egg box with half a dozen eggs inside, with a black background

Can I Use Egg Cartons for Storing Items in the Freezer?

It is not recommended to use egg cartons for storing items in the freezer as they are not designed to withstand freezing temperatures and may break or become soggy.

How do you decorate Egg boxes?

You can decorate egg boxes with paint, markers, or washi tape for a fun and colourful storage solution. You can also cover them in fabric or decoupage with paper for a more creative look.

Egg Carton Reuse: 20 Clever Ways To Create Storage From Those Old Cartons!

Egg cartons may seem like simple and disposable household items, but they have so much potential for reuse as storage solutions.

From organising small items to protecting fragile items, there’s no limit to what you can do with old egg boxes.

So before you toss your next empty carton into the recycling bin, think of all the clever ways you could repurpose it for storage in your home!

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