Picking Storage For Your Home? Make Sure You Ask These Key Questions First!


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Storage comes in many different shapes and sizes, and there’s a perfect option out there for every space in your home. The trick is to find the exact one you need. In this ultimate guide, we will teach you how to pick the right home storage for any space you have.

How To Pick The Right Home Storage - Everything To Ask

In the past I would find myself standing in a shop looking at some gorgeous storage of some sort (don’t we all?!) – struggling as to whether to buy it or not.

Reason being – although it was lovely, I wasn’t 100% sure what I’d need it for, and whether it will work for that item or in the space available.

I hadn’t planned to buy storage, and so the sensible thing was to not buy it.

But then I’d get home and realise that some of it would have been perfect!

That meant wasted time going back to the store, possible frustration if the items had been sold, and just general hassle.

So I now have a solution.

Whenever I’m in need of anything (storage in this case), I’ll plan it out by asking some questions first.

I’ll have the answers written down somewhere (my phone notes app, or in my Home File) – and then I can refer back to them when I come across something that may work.

Knowing what I need to know makes things so much simpler!

So today I’m sharing with you all the questions you need to have the answers for when next looking for the right storage solutions for your home.

I hope it helps save you time and energy from now on!

Crucial Questions To Ask When Picking Home Storage Solutions

Do you feel like your home’s constantly cluttered and there’s nowhere to put anything?

If so, it might be time to invest in some storage solutions, and here’s what to consider when you want to buy some…

What Items Are You Storing?

The first step to picking the right storage is to figure out exactly what items you need to store.

Gather everything together so you can see exactly what you have.

When you know the amount of things that you’ve got to store, you can answer quite a few questions:

  • Do you need to store it all, really?! – i.e. can you declutter anything now you’ve seen it altogether
  • Do you want to store everything in one place, or will it/they be split up over a few areas / rooms? For example – cds will usually be stored altogether in a living room, but there may be some that you have in the car, and a few in a bedroom.
  • Will this amount be increasing or decreasing over time? If you DO want to store things together, then you’ll need to add extra space if the collection is going to get bigger.

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Where Are You Hoping To Store The Items?

You’ve probably got a good idea of where you want to ideally store the items – but when you see what you have this may change.

You may need less space than first thought, or more.

Make sure that the space you’re allocating is as accurate as possible – and if it isn’t, then look for somewhere else.

TIP – If you’re likely to add to the amount, then give yourself a little extra room to grow. This will save hassle later.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Space?

Measure the space properly so you can use all of it as effectively as possible.

Height – Maybe the items you want to store are about as high as the storage height available, in which case you can find something that fits the height well.

But maybe the items are a lot smaller. In this case, you then could choose to use layered storage (stacked boxes, a 2 tiered lazy susan, etc…).

Width – As with the height, you can choose to go as wide as the available space with one storage item, or have a few in a row.

Depth – How many times have you added a box to a shelf or drawer only to find that you have much more at the back that’s been wasted?

People often forget to measure the depth as well, and so waste valuable space.

Also – you could have storage in a back layer and front layer if the space is deep enough.

Floor plan

What’s The Environment Like?

Maybe your garage is prone to slight flooding and so things need to not only be kept off the floor, but should be stored in waterproof containers.

Perhaps it’s your loft space that gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. Your storage needs to be able to cope with these temperatures.

It could be that it’s a damp space, and then airtight containers may be the best choice.

If the item gets damaged by bright light and will need to be kept in a light room, then you’ll want a storage solution that protects what’s inside.

The list goes on – but knowing WHERE the item will be stored will often dictate to some extent what storage solution would be best.

Will You Have The Storage On Display Or Hidden?

This may not seem like an important question, but it really is.

Your decision here will change the type of storage you go for, as well as how you store things within it.

Some people prefer to have everything out on display so they can see what they have and choose what they need easily, and other people prefer to hide their storage away so it’s not on show all the time.

Or – you may want to mix the two types up.

For example, displaying books and DVDs, but hiding away things like Christmas decorations or items you only need once in a while (like power tools).

Will You Need Open Or Closed Storage?

Access is important to think about as well when it comes to storage solutions.

It’s quicker to grab something when there’s no lid on it’s storage – but it can look messier not hidden away as much. Which is your priority?

TIP – When thinking about accessibility, also remember to look at how easy it is to put away. Things like kids toys are usually much better stored in open tubs that they can quickly throw things back into when finished. The process of taking a lid off a box can at times be all it takes to stop them putting things away and that will cause stress over time.

Are Labels Required?

This may depend on who’s using the storage. If it’s children then labels will help them to know exactly what’s in each storage item.

However, some people just prefer to label things whatever their circumstances (for aesthetic reasons, organisational skills etc…)

If you will be wanting to label the storage – you need to pick something that can be labelled in the way you prefer (tags, sticky label, cricut etc…).

For example – a wicker basket is harder to label than a plastic box – so this may sway your decision making.

blackboard labels on kitchen jar

What Style Do You Want?

Some people genuinely don’t mind what the storage looks like as long as it’s got the best functionality for the job.

Others will make sure it fits in with the room decor and their style (think: colour coded everything!)

It’s truly your personal preference – but you may want to rethink paying a premium for nicely styled storage if it’s never going to be seen anywhere but behind the door in the garage, for example.

Selection of storage baskets and boxes

What’s Your Budget?

This can alter what you can choose from, and where you might shop for things.

TIP – It’s worth taking a look at what’s available to work out what you’d be happy to pay. Sometimes this is more, sometimes this is less than you think – but knowledge is power. When you have a rough price in mind, it’s easier to say YES when you see something that will work – because you know the deal is good for you.

How To Pick The Right Home Storage - Everything To Ask

Knowing the answers to all these questions will help ensure you pick the Perfect storage for anything in your home.

The right solution for the items you’re wanting to put away is just a shopping trip away!

Just remember to keep all the information to hand when out at the shops (or browsing online) – so that you don’t have to guess. You can then be sure of picking the right items and not having to return them and waste time and energy in the process.

So – now you have the right questions, what storage will you look for first…?

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