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Kids weekly planner that’s an incredibly useful and easy way to keep them organised all week long. Download your free copy and teach them brilliant life skills that will last a lifetime.

Kids Weekly Planner On Clipboard On Kitchen Wall

School started a few weeks ago now, and with that came a variety of changes to all the childrens weekly commitments.

Time changes, day changes, new hobbies – lots will have been thrown at you already!

We’ve been caught out once already with these changes – so ingrained is the schedule from last year – it takes time to get used to the new routines – and it’s really not nice to turn up to school to find something has been forgotten (who needs the added stress?!).

As such – I decided to make things much easier on ourselves by creating a little printable to get things straight.

After all – it’s not just about what your children are doing each day, it’s about ensuring they have what they need packed and ready for the next day (I’m all for avoiding forgetting things again!).

So – here’s what we’re now using: –

Weekly planner sheet ready for printing out

And here it is with some ideas of how you would use it: –

weekly planner for kids - filled in example

Really simple – really effective – and black and white (my favourite as you can add colour or leave neutral if you prefer – and it’s cheaper to print!).

Free Simple Kids Weekly Planner Printable

Want a copy?

This weekly planner can be yours for free.

It’s in the VIP Printables Library which you can get access to by clicking the button below:

We have a wall in our kitchen (I’m sure you’ve seen it before if you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, and thank you if you are!) that houses 3 clipboards.

I LOVE this wall – it enables me to hang up important information in a nicely organised way – and it’s dead easy to swap papers out when I want to update (if you want to create your own – I bought my clipboards from HERE).

I usually have a monthly calendar on one – with any dates/events to remember on, and a nice quote on another (something inspirational or motivation – I do love quotes!) – so the last one is now being used for this weekly planner.

Weekly planner on wall - clipboard

On it we have everything my daughter needs to remember.

It has all clubs / classes and regular events on it – things she does week in, week out (one-off things are in the diary).

TIP – If you have more than one child you could do one each, or simply use different colours for each child on it so they know what they need to do.

TIP – For important things to remember, you may want to add post it notes to the right day so you can see them easily but they can be taken off when that day has arrived. This is great for when your child comes home and says that they need to take in something later in the week.

The most important section is the right hand side – as this is what is needed for the following day.

Once filled in (and you can do this together so they get used to planning ahead), the thinking is done for you – and you can simply get the habit each evening of checking what’s needed for the following day and getting it ready.

TIP – I like to put things close to the front door or you could also put everything by their school shoes and bag – basically anywhere you’re going to look so you don’t forget anything.

Kids Weekly Planner On Clipboard On Kitchen Wall

I hope this little printable kids weekly planner helps you to become a little more organised each week.

I know it’s helped us already – and I haven’t forgotten anything since it’s been on the wall!

Added bonus is that my daughter has started to check it herself so she’s becoming more in charge of her own week as well – they grow up far too fast!

By the way,  if you want more printables to get your kids sorted at home – check out the Kids File now.


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