the KIDS file

fun kids planner printables that will help them THRIVE!

it's the easy way to teach your kids the crucial home & life skills they need,

without them even realising they're learning...

The Kids File - Teach your kids life skills the fun way!
The Kids File - Teach your kids life skills the fun way!

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Kids don't learn everything at school - but this will bridge that gap, beautifully!

We all know that one of the most important jobs we have as a parent is to equip our kids with the skills they need to create a home that works for them when they become adults: -







Because the goal for any parent is to bring up our kids to be self sufficient & independent for their whole lives, and not just to 'get by' - but to THRIVE...

With the KIDS FILE you get everything you need to equip them with everything they need to do just that - while making it fun for them (which is key!)

Just imagine if your kids could:

  • Get themselves ready for school each morning on time & with everything done that they need - without the usual mayhem & rushing around...
  • Save for what they wanted, AND get excited about the process - without you having to curb their spending enthusiasm when out shopping...
  • Get their chores done without you having to remind them every time...
  • Entertain themselves for a while with fun lists, colouring sheets and more - without coming to you saying they're bored every few minutes...

It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that makes them successful human beings.”

- Anne Landers -

It's totally possible! - the Kids File has everything they could need to be more independent at home (& in life!)...

Here's a breakdown of all the fantastic kids planner printable sheets that are included:

Time & Routines:

Morning & Bedtime Routine sheets (both have 4 versions - girl with pics, boy with pics, general, fill in yourself), After School Routine (with pics), Daily Routine, Daily Schedule, My Week & What I Need Each Day, Weekly Schedule, 12 page Calendar (colouring in, grid style, undated), School Holidays Planning Sheets (1 week, 4 weeks, and 7 weeks).

Morning Routine - Kids Planner
Kids File - Calendar Pages

Around the House:

Cleaning My Room (task sheet with pics), Chore Chart (1 sheet with daily & weekly chores included), Reward Chart, Good Deeds Chart, 4 Sheets of Chore Tickets (ready to cut into strips and add to a jar to have a lucky dip!)

Kids File - Chore Charts Pages
Kids File - Reward Chart


Savings Jar, Savings Wall, Savings Planning Sheet, Ideas to Earn Money (fill in yourself), Pocket Money Promise

Kids File - Savings Jar
Kids File - Pocket Money Promise

Life & Fun:

Books I've Read, Films I've Watched, Emotions Colouring In Chart, Things To Do Word Art - 4 sheets with one per season, My Happy List, My Wish List, My Bored List

Kids File - Emotions Chart
Summer To Do Kids File

... here's a few examples of how to use some of the pages, for inspiration:

  • The WEEKLY PLAN has stayed on a clipboard in our kitchen for many years – showing my daughter (and hubby!) what classes she has each day, and what she needs to pack for them the night before. Easy to see and clear for her as she grew older to be able to plan herself.
  • The POCKET MONEY PROMISE was a great way for her to see that she didn’t just get money from us each week for nothing. After all, no-one gets money for nothing in the real world, right! – so we sat down every few months as she grew older and talked her through our expectations (there weren’t many, but they were then talked about) – worked a treat!
  • The SCHOOL HOLIDAY PLANNERS work brilliantly at the start of each break when we sit down and work out what we want to do AND need to do – and fit them all in. No more arguments on chores mornings, because she knows there’s something fun coming after, and it teaches her about the balance of life.
  • The CHORES TICKETS make cleaning fun. I was determined that my daughter wouldn't think the cleaning fairy had been in while she was asleep, and so getting her involved was crucial. Having some jobs in a jar that she could pick from made it fun as she could pick one out and it felt less like I was asking her to do it.
  • The 4 SEASON TO DO PRINTS are fantastic to hang on the wall and add your family traditions or fun TO DO's to each one. The kids will love to colour them in and get excited about what that season will bring.
  • SAVINGS WALL - This is a fantastic visual page for a child to see their progress towards saving money. You can make each brick worth a certain value - and even grey out any that go over the value they want to save.

As soon as my daughter saw this, she wanted to get started. I'm SO PLEASED!

let's look at the details ...

Kids file long pages
  • 50+ different kids planner printables in 4 categories - Time & Routines, Around the House, Money, and Fun!
  • pdf format - a digital format for instant access & to print each page off as many times as you like.
  • A4 & Letter (8.5"*11") sizes incl. - pick which you use 
  • Black & white designs - so the kids can personalise them by colouring them in exactly as they want.

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

Chrissy Owner of

Hi - I'm Chrissy, & it's great to meet you over a virtual cuppa... 

I'm the owner of, & the creator of The Kids File.

I know just what it’s like to feel frustrated that you’re the one keeping everything together at home, because it felt like that to me too. My family looked to me each day/week to know what to do and when – and it was tiring!

I knew there had to a be a solution, so over time I developed some simple tools that helped my family rely on me less, & themselves more – and the weight was lifted!

And now? we all know what’s going on, (I don't have to constantly nag!), which is all as a result of the skills learnt through the printables in the KIDS File.

My aim is to get this in the hands of as many families as possible - as I truly believe it will make home life easier while the kids are growing up, PLUS it gets them ready for adult life by giving them the skills they will need when they have their own home as well.

PLUS, when you buy the KIDS FILE, you also get these 2 fantastic bonuses - FREE!

BONUS #1 - Alphabet colouring printables bundle (Value $19)

Alphabet Colouring Pages

This includes 2 full sets of designs - Circles and Squares.

Ideal to add to clipboards or frames in a bedroom for your childs name, or create a set for your surname. You can also use for learning the alphabet or just for colouring in!

To create lots of different things, you get the full alphabet (with each letter coming in upper and lower case), PLUS you get all the numbers, and a set of useful symbols as well (@, #, &, ", !, +) 

They are black and white and ready to be coloured in (or left as-is!).

Alphabet Colouring In Pages - letters and numbers
Letter A - Kids File Bonus

BONUS #2 - School memories printable set (Value $12)

School Memories Pages

A simple yet brilliant way to collect your kids school memories each year - without adding to the bulk of keeping every last school book!

At the end of each school year, you can create one sheet with all their memories at a glance.

Once they've all been filled in you'll have a fantastic way to see them growing up year by year!

There's space for a photo, special memories, what they want to be when they're older, handwriting/picture (for younger years) and achievements (for later years).

Perfect to add to their memory box - and a great keepsake.

(Note - Letter Size and A4 are included, with Letter size titled for US school years, and A4 are for UK / AUS)

School Memory Printable Pages

YES... You're getting $60 of value for just $29

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

Kids file - printable pages 1

Still got questions?

What age is this for?

There are printables that can be used by all aged children - although the main focus would be on those aged between 4 and 14.

Also worth noting is that some of the printables come with options for younger and older kids (such as the morning routine where younger kids have pictures for tasks, and older kids don't have pictures). 

Will I get something in the post when I buy this?


This is a digital product and will be delivered to you via eMail. The eMail will give you access instructions, and will be in your inbox within 10 minutes of purchase.

As soon as you purchase, you will be able to download and print. The beauty of printables is that you can print as many times as you like.

What file type are the products in?

All files are in pdf format - and will be visible in the download area (you will be sent a link to this area when you purchase) - so you can read them there.

You will therefore need a pdf reader to be able to see them. These are usually already installed on phones and computers - but if you need one, I would suggest Adobe Reader or similar.

How do I print this out?

Once the files are downloaded onto your computer - you can print them straight to your home printer - or give the files to a local printer or online company to print out for you.

Please note that the files are formatted for the Kids File, Alphabet Letters, and School Memories worksheets so that you print on one side of paper only - this gives you the ability to hang on walls & display etc....

Only the front cover is coloured to allow both for cost effective printing AND for your kids to personalise by colouring them in whatever they like.

Please note that the colours used in these printables may vary slighty depending on your printer and ink levels as to what they look like on screen.

What if I am unhappy with the purchase?

I really hope you LOVE the Kids File and bonuses. Every effort is made to make OMH products the very best they can be - but I understand that sometimes things aren't as expected. If this is the case, within 14 days of purchase, please send an eMail to telling me what the issue is and we can try and fix it for you. If you're still unhappy though - a full refund will be given.


The cost of the Kids File is $29 - and you ALSO get the 2 bonuses for FREE (Alphabet and School Memories, valued at $19 and $12). 

You will be charged any necessary tax for your country at checkout - as every country has different charges. 

Please note that Teachable is where you will be purchasing from, as this is where Organise My House sells all products. Teachable is what will show up on your bank statement - but please get in touch with if there are any issues.

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...all this, for just $29 

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I'm sure you'll love the Kids File, but if you're not happy, then simply email me at and let me know.

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