10 Easy Evening Habits To Change Your Life A Day At A Time


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Make your day end well with these really effective (and easy) evening habits. Add them to your evening routine and you’ll be unstoppable!

An extra bonus is that they will ALSO help you to prepare for the following morning, so you’re ahead before you even wake up!

Make life easier starting tonight…

10 Easy Evening Habits To Change Your Life One Day At A Time

Do you ever wake up and feel like you’re already behind?

Like you’ve got to race around like a mad woman for the time before you leave the house?

Well – it needn’t be like that any longer.

Yes, having a morning routine, and morning habits will truly help you get some sanity back at the start of the day – but the key is to get things done properly the evening before.

Why Create an Evening Routine?

Your evening habits really do sets you up for success or failure the following day, and can become part of your main evening routine – so it’s really important to take a step back and look at what you’re doing to see if you can improve on it at all.

If you could start doing something simple each evening that would change how you feel every day, wouldn’t you try it?

Sounds good, doesn’t it!

(And the added benefit of creating good habits for your evenings means that if you’re not a morning person like me, you can do the prep the night before when you’re much more alert….)

So – today I wanted to look at the top 10 evening habits that could make life genuinely easier each and every day.

Of course – you can pick one or many to try – it’s totally up to you and your needs – but hopefully you’ll have a little fun trying them…

10 Evening Habits To Change Your Life

#1 – Put The Day To Bed 

This means that you don’t want to be waking up in the night (or not being able to get to sleep) because you haven’t settled your head of anything that could disturb you. Anything you have floating around in your mind should be written down. I do this in my diary each night because they are usually things TO DO the following day.

TIP – have a notepad by the bed for if you DO wake up in the night – so you don’t have to be disturbed too much.

#2 – Put The House To Bed

I wrote a post on this a while back – you can read it HERE – but the essence is that you should make sure that your home looks as you want to find it in the morning, so you can go to bed knowing it’s all been done and is ready and waiting.

#3 – 15 Minute Tidy Up

A great habit for the whole family to adopt! – set the timer for 15 minutes and get running around the house putting things back where they belong. This helps to stay on top of all those little things.

Living room with lights on in evening

#4 – Put Out Your Clothes For The Next Day

A fantastic way to make mornings so much easier, and keep your sanity when you’re more rushed.

I tend to hang everything on a hanger, along with underwear and jewellery – so there are no last minute decisions the following morning to make.

#5 – Put Out Everything You Need For The Next Day

Get it all in one place so that it’s ready and waiting. Things like your bag, any fit kit for the gym, kids school stuff etc….

#6 – Charge Your Phone

…AND any other electronics / tech that you’re going to need the following day.

I charge my watch (it’s a fitness tracker), my phone, and my laptop each evening so I know when I go to sleep they are fully charged and waiting to go.

Mobile phone next to tulips

#7 – Relax

Whatever this means to you – but the trick is to keep physical activity to a minimum to allow your body to wind down.

For me, a bath is the answer, for others it may be to read a book, to watch TV, drink some herbal tea, do some colouring in, do a puzzle, etc…. – anything that helps you to switch off.

#8 – Avoid Stress

Easier said than done for me – because night time is when I really start to over- think about things that have been pushed back during the busy daytime.

However, some of the ways I combat this (and help my mental health at the same time) is to not allow any extra stresses just before bed.

I make it a habit not to talk about important things with my spouse or friends/family as much as possible just before bed, and also not to check my emails.

Most things can wait – and when you’re faced with new/urgent/important information just before bed then it can really harm your evening – and give you less than quality sleep.

#9 – Dim Your Screens

A lot of people say not to have any screen time just before bed, as it negatively impacts your sleep quality, but to be honest, this is pretty much impossible in todays day and age, and I want to be realistic in this list.

SO – my way of combatting that is to dim your screens as much as possible as part of your bedtime routine.

This takes away most of the glare, and I find that I sleep just as well if I do this.

#10 – Be Grateful

A really positive habit I love to do each evening is that I think about 3 things each night that I’m grateful for.

I usually do this as soon as the lights go out, as it puts me in a great mood for sleep. It’s also a fantastic habit to do with children at bedtime, as you get to find out all the little things they are loving at the moment, and these are precious details.

10 Easy Evening Habits To Change Your Life One Day At A Time

So – what evening habits do you have at the moment?

Let me know in the comments below…

With all these amazing ideas for inspiration, there’s bound to be one or two you can try tonight as part of your own evening ritual.

In fact – your evening habits could very well be the start of a fantastic evening routine for you… Each one can become something you do without even thinking about it after a while, just like cleaning your teeth or taking your vitamins…

I can’t wait to hear which you pick, and how it helps from today onwards….

P.S. If you’re ready to start your own evening routine, then THIS POST is the perfect next step…


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