30 Things To Delete From Your Home In June – Free Checklist


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Quick and easy printable checklist of 30 things to delete from your home and life in June. Use this month to go one step at a time by decluttering something every day. Get things sorted and enjoy a more clutter free home

Simple List of 30 Things To Delete From Your Home And Life In June

This is the sixth part of my 12 part series of free decluttering printables this year – all based around the popular post – 365 things to declutter from your home and life this year.

With this list of things to delete, you can choose how you do things with each monthly declutter checklist (which you can grab NOW in the Printables Library). Either do it all on one day in a blitz session, or take it slowly and declutter one item a day on the date the checklist suggests.

It really depends on what time you have available, and how you like to do things (as always!).

Without further ado, let’s get on with Junes declutter, shall we….

Hope you enjoy!

30 Things to delete from your home in June

#1 – TV programmes that take up too much of your time – pick one to stop watching and make the commitment to yourself. If you can think of something else to do instead to replace it, then that will make the transition much easier.

#2 – Clothes that itch, and that feel awful when you wear. Honestly, life really is too short…

#3 – Your SPAM eMail folder contents. This can really build up if you let it. It’s probably worth a quick scan of what’s ending up in your SPAM folder before you delete them though, just in case anything has slipped into there by accident.

#4 – Educational notes etc… from prior qualifications – you have the qualification now! I need to let go of my uni notes and keep stopping myself, so I know how hard this can be. Maybe keep one or two really important bits, or even frame something that’s important to you – so it makes it easier to get rid of the rest.

#5 – Notebooks that are mostly used but full of notes you don’t need – I tend to rip out any odd page that I still need, and then add them to my main notebook / Home File / planner etc… where they can be found more easily.

#6 – Any old credit cards in your purse that you no longer need/use (cut up to ensure you can dispose of securely)

#7 – Any food you have too much of that you won’t eat all of before it goes out of date

#8 – Shampoo and conditioner bottles with a tiny bit left in the bottom. Decant as much as you can into one bottle, and if you can’t get any more out, then these are definitely things to delete from your bathroom asap!

#9 – Diary pages that you’ve already used. Planners can be too thick after a while. A great idea is to take out everything from 2 months ago to keep things to a minimum. Conversely, at the start of the year, just add in the first 3 months to your planner so you’re not carrying it all around for the whole year.

#10 – Any glasses over the total number of people you would ever have drinking in your home in one go.

#11 – Items on the front of your fridge – Magnets, Notes, Flyers, Leaflets, etc…

#12 – Any shoes that don’t have their partner.

#13 – Out of date medicines – Make sure these are disposed off correctly, the best way is to give them to your local pharmacy for them to destroy properly.

#14 – Kitchen gadgets you never use (ice cream maker was one I had and never used!)

#15 – Old CDs for computer software.

#16 – Glasses / contacts that are the wrong/outdated prescription.

#17 – Pens that don’t work any longer. I find it quite therapeutic to gather all my pens together and then test them all out on a sheet of paper. It’s quick and easy, but Oh! so effective!

#18 – Blunt razors

#19 – Items on your TO DO list that could be automated (paying bills, repeat purchases etc…)

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#20 – Socks with holes in the toes

#21 – Excess drinks coasters

#22 – Anything waiting to be sold – get it sold or give it away. If you don’t spend some time selling, then it’s a waste of money sitting there anyway!

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#23 – Old car air fresheners that long since lost their smell

#24 – Attachments for your hair dryer that you never use

#25 – Duvets that don’t fit any of the beds you have

#26 – Digital photos on your phone that should be moved to your computer for safe keeping

#27 – Balloons / cards / candles with ages on that you won’t need again – If you have had kids, or a special birthday (40th, 50th etc…) then you may well have a selection of numbers hanging around – really think about whether you can use them again any time soon or not, and if it will be a long while then they may not be looking great by then anyway!

#28 – Sports / fitness equipment no longer used or that is broken

#29 – Old emails – spend 15 minutes getting rid of as many as you can.

#30 – Logo t-shirts you won’t wear. These t-shirts are usually what I keep a couple of for my DIY/Gardening work etc.. – but really be honest with yourself whether you’ll actually wear things with big logos on the front…

Simple List of 30 Things To Delete From Your Home And Life In June

Declutter checklist for June

If you’d like your very own copy of the declutter checklist for June – then it’s available right now in the Printables Library.

This is where I keep ALL the free printables from around this site, and is exclusive to Organise My House VIPs: –

Simple List of 30 Things To Delete From Your Home And Life In June

Get your free copy now!

Simple List of 30 Things To Delete From Your Home And Life In June

There you have it – 30 things to delete from your home and life in June – PLUS a totally free printable checklist to stay on track.

It’s definitely the best way to stay on track all month and get a bit done each day.

I hope you have fun with this list, and that you join me next month for Julys checklist (and if you can’t wait until then, remember that the entire list is written out HERE).


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