15 Clever Ways To Create More Storage In Your Bedroom


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Maximise every inch of your space (however big or small) with these genius ways to create more storage in your bedroom. Which will you try first?

15 Clever Ways To Create More Storage In Your Bedroom

Why Bedroom Storage Matters

Your bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax.

However, when clutter occupies the space, it disrupts the calm, making relaxation and quality sleep difficult to achieve.

A cluttered bedroom can significantly impact your mental well-being. Clutter is not just undesirable visually, it’s a source of stress and can lead to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

That’s why storage – and maximising what storage you have – is a game changer.

It’s not just about cleaning up; it’s about improving your mindset every day.

With the right storage solutions, you can turn your bedroom into a tidy, peaceful retreat.

No more hunting for your stuff or feeling overwhelmed by the mess – sounds good, right!?

Always Declutter Before Adding Storage

Before you start looking at adding in that extra storage, you want to look at the stuff you’re actually going to be storing.


Well, it’s all about creating space.

You see, if your bedroom is bursting at the seams with things you don’t really need in there, you’re missing out on valuable storage space – whatever size room you’ve got.

Making the most of your space in any room always starts with decluttering, and making room for the stuff that actually matters.

After all, you only want what you actually need in your bedroom. No more hoarding random stuff under your bed or in your wardrobe. It’s not good for storage, and it’s not good for you…

Decluttering is like giving the room a breath of fresh air. It’s the first step to a calmer, more organised space.

So, roll up your sleeves and get your bedroom decluttered first.

Your future self is already thanking you for it!

15 Genius Ways To Add More Bedroom Storage

So now you’ve got ONLY what you need in your bedroom, it’s time to maximise that storage so you can hide it all away and create a calm oasis.

Here are all the options you’ve got to choose from:

#1 – Go Under The Bed

Storage Bed Open And Ready For Adding Items

Your bed is the thing that takes up the most floor space in your bedroom – and so it makes sense to try and get some storage space in it, right?

There are lots of under bed storage options to try, but my biggest recommendation is a storage bed / ottoman bed

This is a great storage idea because it will give you the most space, and is really easy to access because the mattress lifts up to reveal the area underneath.

#2 – Swap Out Your Bedside Table

Chest of drawers as bedside tables inspiration master bedroom ideas

Traditional bedside tables may seem convenient, but they consume valuable space in your bedroom without offering much storage.

Why not replace it with a chest of drawers?

This savvy swap allows you to use the top surface as your bedside table–home to your alarm clock, book, or reading lamp–and the remaining drawers can serve as extra storage. Now, you’re not just using the top space, but also the vertical space, giving your bedroom a neat and organised look.

It’s a win-win solution for those seeking to maximise storage without compromising functionality.

#3 – Add Storage To The Side Of Your Bed

Don’t waste an inch!

A quick and easy way to add a little storage where you need it most is to use a storage pocket that fits over the side of the bed as a more hidden away option to your bedside.

It’s a nifty little storage solution for keeping your phone, magazine, or even your glasses neatly tucked away, making your mornings less hectic and your nights more peaceful.

#4 – Maximise Vertical Space With Shelves

What about using the wall space? 

A floating shelf (or two!) is an excellent solution since it doesn’t take up any floor space, and can still provide ample storage.

You can use wall mounted shelves to store books, decorative items, or even folded clothes.

#5 – Use Taller Furniture

Going vertical with your furniture as well won’t gobble up your precious floor space but is a game changer when it comes to storage ideas because it’s so simple. 

For example – a chest of drawers can just as easily be 4 drawers rather than 3, or a bookcase can be the height of the ceiling rather than stopping around head height.

Just think height, and you’ll get extra storage without much change!

#6 – Use The Back Of The Door

Another wasted space that can easily provide clever storage is the back of your bedroom door.

Add an over the door organiser, or just a few hooks – and you’ve got an instant place for a few bits and pieces.

#7 – Double Your Hanging Power

Most wardrobes only have one rail across the top.

This is usually fine, as we have longer items to hang as well as shorter. But there’s a trick that’s definitely worth a look (which I’ve used in previous homes myself with great results).

If you add in another rail then you automatically double the hanging space you’ve got, without taking up an inch of extra floor or wall.

Simple – but really clever!

#8 – Use The Wardrobe Floor

Silica Gel Packets In Wardrobe

Adding boxes, storage shelves, or lidded baskets to the floor of your wardrobe can be a great way to add additional storage that looks neat and tidy.

I like to use this area for my belts and accessories, and also some of my less used clothes that I don’t want to hang up but I want to keep in that area.

TIP: It’s also a great space for storing jeans as these can be bulky to hang up, but you want them easily accessible too.

#9 – Use The Top Of Your Wardrobe

Although I’m not a huge fan of this, you can add lidded boxes or baskets to the top of your wardrobe for extra storage space.

The reason I’m not a fan is that I feel that this creates extra visual clutter, but if you don’t feel the same way, it can work well (just make sure not to overload the area).

#10 – Have You Used The Wardrobe Door?

Why not add some hooks to the inside of your wardrobe door(s)?

This is a great place to put belts, long jewellery, scarves etc… and is otherwise wasted space (and that’s not a good thing!).

#11 – Go Above The Rail

If your wardrobe rail has any space above it before the top of the wardrobe, then you could easily add in a shelf to create a little more storage there.

This can be a good place for out of season clothes, for instance.

#12 – Baskets And Bins, Oh My!

A couple of decorative baskets and bins in the room can offer some easy extra storage.

You could have these stacked on the floor, like I used to have in my bay window area.

It was a great way to add some storage and have a little shelf for my book/cup when I was sitting on the chair next to it.

#13 – Use Multi Functional Items

Jewellery Storage Cabinet Full of Costume Jewellery

A lot of furniture and other items can be found that house some extra storage in it.

For example:

  • Mirror with jewellery storage behind it
  • Dressing table stool with storage in it
  • Window Seat with hidden storage

#14 – Get Rolling

Everything labelled with Cricut Joy Text Labels

Why not look to bring in a trolley on wheels for flexible storage.

My daughter uses one for her books and clothes in her bedroom and it works a treat to keep everything contained neatly.

#15 – Use The Foot Of The Bed

If you’ve got space between the end of the bed and the wall (or other furniture) then you might want to invest in an ottoman style trunk.

This has the benefit of not only adding in much needed storage (perfect for things like spare bedding or shoes), but also adds a seat for when you’re getting ready each morning.

TIP: To make even more use of the storage you have, you can shrink what you’re storing with a vacuum bag or two. These are great for keeping things dirt and mould free, and can create so much more space. I like to vacuum pack out of season clothes and less used items.

15 Clever Ways To Create More Bedroom Storage - Whatever Size Space You've Got

Whether it’s under the bed, over the door, or inside a piece of furniture, storage solutions are all around us. 

By exploring these clever ideas to create more storage space, you can transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm and order.

Remember though, decluttering is the first step, so you’re not trying to find space for things you don’t even need.

Then using smart storage for what you DO want to keep becomes the real game-changer.

So, why not give these ideas a try, and enjoy the feel of a well-organised, spacious, and serene bedroom each and every day from now on.


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