13 Genius Ways To Use An IKEA Raskog Trolley In Your Home


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IKEA are brilliant at creating items that can be used in lots of places – and I think the RASKOG trolley is one of their most flexible items ever – especially when it comes to getting organised.

13 Genius ways to use an IKEA Raskog Trolley in every room of your house

That’s why I want to share lots of inspiration from around the web (including some from my own home) to give you ideas that you may not have thought about before when it comes to storage in your home.

Hope it helps!

Benefits Of Trolleys For Home Organising

#1 – It’s storage that you can see what you have, and you can grab things as you need them

#2 – It’s portable – so you can easily move from room to room wherever it’s needed

#3 – It looks good!

In fact, it’s something we LOVE using in our home for all those reasons – and we have two of them!

They’re currently being used in the office, and in my daughters bedroom.

The first one is a nightstand, and the second is a homework station – but they’ve been used for lots of other things in the past!

I can’t imagine a time when we don’t have at least one somewhere!

And, as I’m always looking for ideas, I wanted to collate the ones that I loved – so you can share them too!


Brilliant Ideas for Your IKEA Raskog Trolley

Use As A Bedside Table:

A great option when you’re on a budget, short of space, or just like the look!

You can use each layer of the trolley for different things – but the key with this look is to keep things as tidy as possible! – after all, it’s all on show…

Bedside table trolley

Image Credit:

TIP – You can add labels to your trolley – which is great for kids to know what to put on what level. The one below is my daughters, using labels made with my Cricut Joy. There is a space for her clothes, her books, and her bedside table stuff.

Everything labelled with Cricut Joy Text Labels

Create A Drinks Trolley

This is a fantastic idea, because all the drinks & glasses would be easy to grab – you could have them on the different tiers.

Ways to use it in this style would be:

  • Have a cocoa trolley – with all the bits you need for hot chocolate in different flavours. You could have different chocolates, cream, edible glitter etc…
  • It would work really well for a cocktail night (you could hang the cocktail menu from a hook on the side to pick from), and have lots of extra garnishes etc… on the top layer. Perfect!
  • How about a coffee station, or a tea trolley…

Create A Homework Station

Another one of my own home – and this is a great one especially while my daughter has also been doing schoolwork from home during lockdowns.

Easy to move, she can work anywhere and have everything to hand.

Homework station being used by girl

Use For Kitchen Storage

I love this idea because often kitchens are smaller than we would like, and it is a great alternative to the storage you get in a kitchen island or butchers trolley (and a lot cheaper!).

You could use for general extra storage, for fresh produce, for a specific type of food (baking etc…), or for anything really! Again – versatile through and through!

Create A Snack Station

Kids eat a lot! – and if they’re at home because of home schooling, their holidays, or for whatever reason it’s a great idea to have things they can snack on out and ready to go each day.

Having them out helps them know what they can eat, and how much they can have – with the hope of them not raiding the cupboards!

Use for crisps, bowls of smaller snacks, cartons or bottles of drink – all this could go on top, then any bowls, bottles, cups in the middle, and even a bin on the bottom – everything as easy as possible for them!

Use As Bathroom Storage

Another smaller room that often (especially in the UK) has no storage built in.

The fact that this trolley has wheels means it can easily be moved around in the space and you can have it where it makes most sense while you’re in there…

Use for lots of things:

  • Toilet rolls, magazine(!), air freshener etc… by the toilet
  • A bath station with a candle, towel, bath salts/bubble bath, a book, a water glass – etc…
  • A morning station for the kids. One tier per child – with all their things to get ready – toothbrush, toothpaste, glass, soap, etc…

Create A Cleaning Trolley

Another fantastic way to use a trolley would be as a cleaning station.

It would be the perfect alternative to a caddy, especially for a one-level home, as it won’t go up or down the stairs – but you could have one for each level if you prefer (or if you have difficulty carrying a caddy around).

Use for cloths, cleaning products, vacuum attachments etc…

Create A Library

A great one for renters that can’t put shelves up in their homes, or if you simply don’t want shelving taking up lots of space.

Perfect to put next to the place you read the most – and to move around with you if you like reading all over the house.

Use For Home Office Storage

This is perfect for those working from home who maybe haven’t got a full office, or the office is small and has little storage.

I like using it for this because I work in my living room a lot of the time, but definitely don’t want a permanant desk in there! – so I can have everything organised and ready to roll through when I want to work, but I can roll it right out of there when it’s the evening and we want to relax.

What About Using For Your Hobbies?

This is a great way to personalise the useage, and I think they are SO good because they can store everything needed all in one place without being tied to a specific location.

Let’s look at a few hobby related storage ideas next…

Create An Art Station

Perfect for this type of thing – as you can contain all the small bits in one place.

Art Trolley

Image Credit:

Create A Makeup Station

Love this idea for a makeup-mad teenager!

Create A Sewing Station

The perfect place to store it all in one place!

Ideas For Things To Add To Your Trolley:

I’ve got a few ideas of what to add to your trolley to make it even more useful – inspired by the pictures above.

Hope they help you to create something you love!

Please note – the trolleys are on Amazon, but are cheaper to buy from IKEA directly.

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

13 Genius Ways To Use An IKEA Raskog Trolley In Your Home - 350
13 Genius ways to use an IKEA Raskog Trolley in every room of your house

So – there you have it! – all the IKEA Raskog trolley ideas you could wish for…

What will you try? I think my next one will be a drinks trolley – can’t wait!

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