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Your bedroom should be a relaxing place, with as little clutter in it as possible – after all – it’s pretty much impossible to sleep when you have loads of things everywhere. But what can be done with all that necessary stuff we still need to keep in that room?

Enter: storage beds! They are pretty much the best invention ever when it comes to making the most of your bed space (which is probably the largest part of your bedroom).

In our house we have a bedroom storage mainly in the form of a storage bed in all 4 of the bedrooms – all of them different for different reasons – and every single room is better for having it.

If you haven’t discovered the joys of storage beds as yet, then let this article help you make the right decision for your own home too…

The best storage beds to help minimise bedroom clutter for good

Best Storage beds – at a glance…

In a hurry for some extra storage space, or just want to know what the best beds are straight away? Here you go! (and just to note that most of these beds are available in all sizes, from single upwards – and have been chosen primarily because of their great amount of storage, among lots of other factors)…


The Vida designs Lisbon double bed from Amazon


The Skye bed from


The Max from


The Memomad functional bed with headboard (white or wood finish) from Amazon


The Fusion fabric storage bed – BEST SELLER from Amazon


The Divan Ottoman Side Lift from Amazon

What is a storage bed?

Simply put – a storage bed is any bed with a storage option built into it – rather than you having to work out ways to add storage under the bed afterwards.

They can greatly increase the storage space in a bedroom, and will reduce (or even eliminate) the amount of dust that collects under your bed – keeping what you store there much cleaner.

Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, and can be a really wasted space when it comes to maximising storage that room, so if you can add more storage to your bed, in an easy to access way – then you can reduce clutter in the rest of the room – and make life easier – what’s not to love!?

Are storage beds worth it?

I am a complete advocate of storage beds of all shapes and sizes, and have 4 in my own 4 bedroomed home – so you can tell I love them!

I think they are TOTALLY worth getting, because it makes complete sense to maximise the hidden space in any room with extra storage – but especially the bedroom where there can be lots of things to store and therefore lots of chance for clutter to build up if you’re not careful.

I like using beds to store bulky items (bags, seasonal clothes, gift wrapping and gifts themselves etc…) as well as day to day things (shoes, books etc…) – because although it’s hidden storage, it’s still very easy to access.

Another great tip is that they can hide lots of things from the kids (including presents!) – especially if you never show them that there is storage there!

Different types of storage beds

When talking about storage beds, there are 3 different storage bed options / types to choose from. Each have benefits and drawbacks – and what you end up buying will depend a lot on what you need most out of your bed and the storage it has.

Those 3 types are Ottoman beds, storage beds with drawers, and Divan beds – so let’s take a look at each in turn: –

#1 – Ottoman Storage Beds

The Very Best Storage Beds To Minimise Clutter - q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01EYYZ3TU&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wwworganisemyhouse 21&language=en GB


  • No space needed around the bed to access the storage (which makes them really good for smaller spaces)
  • Gas lift so easier to raise the mattress and access underneath
  • All space under the bed is utilised
  • Though to add more than 40% more storage than drawer storage alone


  • Expensive at times
  • Can be difficult to put together
  • Some heavier mattresses won’t be suitable, as the lift mechanism may not work properly – worth checking before purchasing


  • Some don’t come with a bottom/raised floor – opting for a fabric cover on the floor. This can be seen as a negative to some (feels less finished), or a positive to others (as the floor can take a heavier load than most raised bases, and the height for storage is maximised)
  • They have a sprung slatted bed base, and so are not totally firm
  • Usually don’t come with a mattress – which is great if you want to re-use your existing one, but not as good if you need one.

#2 – Bed With Storage Drawers

The Very Best Storage Beds To Minimise Clutter - q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07ZH9ZRV8&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wwworganisemyhouse 21&language=en GB


  • Lots of frames to choose from in different styles
  • Storage is hidden so you won’t get dust, like you would if you had pull out drawers that weren’t integrated


  • Usually the base is bigger than the mattress, so will need more space available (including space for the drawers to pull out)


  • Not all space under the bed can be used for storage – but if you only want a little storage, then this may be the perfect solution

#3 – Divan Bed

The Very Best Storage Beds To Minimise Clutter - q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07NVTGKDB&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wwworganisemyhouse 21&language=en GB


  • Usually come with a mattress
  • Can have a mix of ottoman and drawers, or ottoman only, or drawers only (the picture above is a drawers style)
  • Easy to assemble – usually come in 2 sections that you fix together (apart from a single bed which comes in one part)
  • Less space needed than a standard bed frame – because the divan base is the same size as the mattress


  • If you pick one with drawer, you’ll need space to pull them out


  • Usually have a solid mattress base which is firmer than a sprung base – could be a positive OR negative!

Things to consider when buying a storage bed

#1 – How much storage is needed?

This is important because different storage beds offer different amounts of storage, AND different dimensions as well.

If you want to maximise your storage, then an ottoman bed is the most flexible – plus as high (deep) base – because this gives you the most storage without anything getting in the way.

Next best would be a Divan – with full ottoman storage in it – although this will have a partition where it comes in two parts (for anything over a single sized bed) – so make sure this won’t stop you storing what you want.

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#2 – Will the storage be OK if directly on the floor, or would you prefer a base?

If you’re going for an ottoman bed, check whether it comes with a base raised off the floor, or if the floor is used for the base, with a fabric covering.

These can both be good options because they both won’t let dust get into the storage – but the fabric covering maximises the depth of the storage, AND offers heavier storage as the floor will always be stronger than any base.

But a base may be preferable if you want to keep your floor free from storing directly on it, and some people feel this is an unfinished style.

#3 – How do you want the mattress to sit on the base?

Your bed and mattress combination will definitely affect how firm or soft your sleep will be – and if you want a less soft base you’ll want a sprung base like those on Ottoman beds, whereas if you want a firmer base you’ll want a divan solid base.

#4 – What access will you have for your storage bed?

You have to also think about whether your bed storage can easily be accessed when needed, as there’s nothing more frustrating than having to move other things to get to what you want each time.

As such, think about how much space you have for drawers to be pulled out (and whether the location of the drawers is suitable because some drawers may be hindered by bedside tables, for example). Also, some drawers may be impeded by carpeting, especially if it’s a thick pile.

If drawers don’t stack up for you – then an ottoman bed or ottoman style divan would be better, because they open up and don’t need extra space to access inside.

You WILL need to think though about whether a side opening or end opening bed would work best for the space you have, for example – if you are planning on having a single ottoman bed and putting it against the wall, you’ll need to have a side opening bed that opens on the side away from the wall.

OR, if you’ve got a double bed and will be opening regularly, you will probably want an end opening system because a side opening one would mean the pillows fall on one side’s bedside table every time you open it…

#5 – What’s your budget?

You need to budget for a mattress as well as a bed – so a divan (which usually comes with a mattress) can be a good option for a lower budget than an ottoman bed. However – you can really get any of the 3 options in any price range if you shop around.

Having said that – with a lot of beds, you will get what you pay for – like with Ottoman beds they will be more expensive for a deeper base but you’ll get more storage, and the lift mechanism can be smoother too.

#6 – What access do you have for delivery and, how difficult are you OK with for installation/building it?

In terms of installing and building your bed – usually a divan bed is the easiest, because it comes in two sections that you put together. Ottoman beds tend to come in many pieces, and storage beds with drawers are similar.

However, if you look around, some beds come with the option to get them built for you when they are delivered – which may well be worth the cost for some.

In terms of both beds AND mattresses – please make sure you have the right access available for whatever you choose.

The fact that divans come in less pieces means they are more bulky to move, so actually having a bed come in smaller pieces may be preferable for you to get it into the right room more easily.

#7 – Who will be using the storage?

If you have little children, then you may not want them using an ottoman style bed themselves, because they could hurt themselves by leaving a toe or finger in the bed and closing it (my daughter has been known to try and close it when she was young, but needed to stand on the base to get leverage, and it could have ended badly…)

However, ottoman may be the best choice as little kids can’t open them easily either.

If you have any upper body or back issues – then ANY storage bed will need to be thought about, because your own limitations could need to be taken into consideration.

The best storage beds available right now…

We’ve gone through all the common questions you may have asked yourself when thinking about getting a storage bed for your own home (I know I did!) – so I hope you’re fully ready to make the right decision for what you need.

To make it as easy as possible for you – here are some of the very best storage beds on the market right now – with lots of pros and cons and details about each one.

Best Ottoman Storage Beds: –


The Kelsey Stores Fusion Grey Linen Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed is a best seller on Amazon – and is a gorgeous looking bed that would suit many different room decor designs


The Phoenix Ottoman Storage Bed Stone Grey Finish Modern Wooden Frame

Most Ottoman beds come with a fabric or leather finish – so this wood one is a gorgeous alternative.

Comes in Grey and White.


Aspire Beds Upholstered Side Opening Storage Ottoman Bed

A great looking side opening ottoman bed that comes in a variety of finishes.


Vida Designs Lisbon Ottoman Bed Frame Upholstered

This is a bed that’s similar to the one I have in my spare room (not being sold any longer). It has a faux leather finish, and lots of storage that makes it perfect for many rooms – at a great price.


Max Storage Bed | Deep Storage Beds | 35cm Storage

This is the bed we have in our Master Bedroom – and although it was pricey – it was worth it. It maximises the storage space as it’s the deepest we could find – and you can completely customise it to your needs. You can choose the finishes, whether it opens at the end or the side – and lots more…

Best Divan Storage Beds: –


Divan Ottoman Side Lift Storage Bed

Available in multiple sizes and colours. Great side opening bed. This is a very similar bed to my daughters, and we have stored all her board games, spare bedding, and out of season clothes in it.


Bed Centre Ziggy Grey Plush Memory Foam Divan Bed Set With Mattress, 2 Drawers and Headboard

Lovely looking divan storage bed that comes with a mattress and has 2 drawers on one side. Perfect when access on the other side is too tight…


4 Drawers Paris Grey Fabric Divan Bed Set with Memory Mattress and headboard

Even more storage with 4 drawers – 2 on each side. Just remember that the drawers nearest the bedside table need to be able to be pulled out for access – and a bedside table may stop that…

Best Storage Beds with drawers: –


HEMNES white, Day-bed with 3 drawers, 80×200 cm – IKEA

Another firm favourite in our home – which we’ve had for over 10 years now and it’s still looking as good as day 1.

The drawers are really large and fit lots in, and the fact that it can be used as a single bed, or pulled out to make a king size (2 singles together) is brilliant as it can sleep guests really easily but will take up less space in a bedroom (like a sofa really!)


Memomad Functional Bed BALI + Headboard – White or Wood Finish

This bed has so much storage it’s hard to see any area of it that isn’t useful! There’s storage in the headboard, drawers, space under the bed and LOADS more. It also comes in white or a wood finish.

The best storage beds to help minimise bedroom clutter for good

There you have it – loads of choice for storage beds!

I really hope that this has helped you decide on what’s the best storage bed for your bedroom(s) – and that it’s shown you just how amazing and useful they can be at giving you some much needed additional storage space.

You may be wondering what my first choice is – and I would always say that storage space wins – so an Ottoman or Divan bed with side or end opening and as deep as possible would be ideal to maximise what I can store there.

So… what would be your choice?

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