9 Key Things To Declutter From Your Guest Bedroom Now!


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If you have a guest bedroom then chances are you get guests staying over quite a bit. Here are all the things to declutter from your guest bedroom so that the space feels welcoming and clutter free. Which do you have in your room now?

9 Key Things To Declutter From Your Guest Bedroom Right Now!

What To Look For In Each Type Of Item When Decluttering Them

Before we get into the list of things to declutter from your guest bedroom, let’s talk about what you should look for when doing your decluttering.

Ideally you’ll gather together all the items that fall into each item type in the list below. That way you can see exactly what you’ve got at a glance.

When you can see them altogether, here are the key things to look out for in each group. This will make the decluttering process a lot easier.

  • Duplicates / Excess – Pick the one you like best, that works well, and that you use the most. Have a backup if necessary, but let the rest go.
  • Old / Outdated – Unless sentimental, these can be let go of without effecting your life
  • Broken – Decide whether it’s worth fixing, or whether you can simply let them go
  • Used (and won’t be again) / Unused (and won’t ever be) – Why are you holding on to something that someone else may be able to use?

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Guest Bedroom Items You Can Declutter Right now:

#1 – Your Personal Items

When looking for things to declutter from your guest bedroom, anything that you have in the space that is personal to you is the first thing to move.

These should really be in your own bedroom out of the way from prying eyes.

Things like photos of you and the family, clothes that you use (fitness clothes, underwear etc…),

TIP: If you have a storage bed, then you could use your Guest bedroom for out of season clothes storage as this is out of the way of your guests and isn’t somewhere they’ll have to go into when they stay.

#2 – Anything Taking Up Guests Storage Space

Although guests bedrooms are a brilliant place for extra storage for you, they also need to be able to house your guests items as well.

You don’t need a lot of space necessarily, but make sure you declutter enough so they have some hanging space, drawer space, and hook space to use as they need to when they stay over.

Making sure this space is always available will make any unexpected guest stays a lot less stressful!

#3 – Anything Taking Up Guests Floor Space

Just as with the storage space in #2, floor space needs to be freely available for guests.

Not only will they need to easily get to the bed and walk around the room, but they will also need to safely get out of bed in the night if needed, without falling over anything and hurting themselves.

#4 – Inappropriate Books / Magazines

Not *those* sorts of things(!), but anything that isn’t age appropriate is what I’m talking about here.

If you have children staying over, then pick suitable reading for them, and don’t leave something like a real crime novel out.

If in doubt, stay very ‘neutral’ with food magazines, home decor books, and general knowledge / quiz style items.

#5 – Difficult To Use Items

Maybe you have a hairdryer that has a slightly faulty wire. It’s fine when you know how to use it, but would you really want a guest to have an accident with it?

It doesn’t have to be safety things either, what about a handle on drawers that just keeps falling off? Declutter this by simply fixing it! (it’s not all about throwing things away all the time, you know!).

#6 – The Second (Or Third) Use Of The Room

As well as a storage room for clutter (see the above statistic…), often guest bedrooms will double up with other functions (gym, craft space, office etc…).

Although a lot of these are crucial uses (apart from the first, of course!), you don’t want your guest to feel squashed into that space rather than welcomed into a relaxing room, right?

As such, make sure your second or third uses for the room have good hidden storage available so you can shut everything away.

This also means your items are safely away when guests stay (particularly important if say you have children staying and the room doubles as a craft room with lots of sharp scissors available…)

23% of people have a bedroom in their house dedicated to excess clutter, with 70% of the contents last used over ten years ago

#7 – Anything That Makes Sleep Difficult

The main reason guests have a bedroom is so that they can sleep in it, so all your focus needs to be on or around the bed.

Declutter anything that makes it hard to fall, and stay, asleep.

These could be all sorts of items such as:

  • Loud noises from elsewhere in the house (a rattling pipe can be fixed, volume turned down on TV etc…)
  • Light from the hallway. If you have the landing light on overnight, but know it lights up the guest bedroom around the door, then consider turning it off and adding a night light instead.
  • Excess bedding – let go of too many cushions, blankets etc… as they can cause issues with overheating for your guests, but can also just cause them to have to clutter the room when they have to remove it during their stay.

#8 – Anything That’s Past Its Best

As a good host, I’m sure you’ve put quite a few items in the room over time that will make your guests feel welcomed.

Things such as toiletries, water glass and bottle, towels etc….

These are all brilliant to have in the room – but only if they’re still looking good and functioning well.

Things can become out of date, musty, dirty, dusty etc… – and so need to be well managed and checked on regularly.

Let go of anything that isn’t as good as you want it to be for your guest(s).

#9 – Food

Decluttering food from your guest bedroom is essential for maintaining a clean and inviting space.

Remove any perishable items, expired snacks, or food containers that may have accumulated over time.

This ensures a pleasant stay for your guests and eliminates any potential odors or pests.

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9 Key Things To Declutter From Your Guest Bedroom Right Now!

Remember, a clutter-free guest bedroom promotes relaxation and comfort.

If you want your guests to have a lovely stay (and hopefully stay again in the future), then make sure the items listed above are taken out of the room asap!

Not only will your guests appreciate it, but it will be a nicer space to use yourself if you also use the room for other things when people aren’t staying.

So – what are you waiting for?

Enjoy your declutter, and I hope your guests love their clutter free room when they next come round…

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