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How to organise your jewelleryIf you’re anything like me, you have quite a bit of jewellery!

I’m not necessarily talking about expensive stuff – most of mine is dress jewellery in loads of different colours and styles – ready for any event/outfit I want. I’m a bit of a magpie at heart!

I can’t go past a jewellery stand without being drawn in, and usually end up with a pair of earrings or a ring that will match a certain outfit (and theres nothing nicer than changing your jewellery to match your outfit – it feels complete then!)

Its useful to have a lot of jewellery as it can dramatically change a look, and really finish it off – but having a lot of jewellery can pose organisational issues…..

How many times have you faced the following:-

  • You find your favourite earrings – but only one…..
  • Tangled necklaces that take an age (if ever) to correct
  • Not being able to put your hands on what you need, when you need it
  • Forgetting you had certain pieces as they are stored away
  • Going on holiday and not knowing how to take your jewellery with you
  • Only wearing the same things again and again as you don’t know what you actually have

There are so many issues with owning too much jewellery, so here are some ways I have discovered to get jewellery organised once and for all – including my top 10 tips and top 10 products – hopefully at least one will help you!

Top 10 Jewellery Storage Tips

  1. Declutter – Only keep items that you truly love, are sentimental to you, or that you have for a specific outfit. Everything else should be removed so that you can more easily see what you have.
  2. Mend / clean or throw away any broken or tarnished jewellery – you won’t use it until you have.
  3. Think about what items you need to store – so you make the most of your storage – and also to ensure that it will grow as your collection grows – otherwise frustration is just around the corner!
  4. Decide whether you want to be able to see your jewellery on display at all times, or have it hidden away but still accessible – and display everything so you can see it for ease of choosing (whether this be complete display, or spread out in drawers so its hidden away but displayed when the drawers are opened)
  5. Try and use storage that separates each item so nothing gets tangled
  6. Keep all your jewellery in one place – preferably near where your clothes are so you can pick your entire outfit with ease each day.
  7. Keep dress jewellery and expensive or sentimental pieces separate so you don’t lose them
  8. Group by colour and/or style
  9. Ensure expensive jewellery is stored well (silver tarnishes, pearls are heavy and should be stored horizontally etc….) so that no damage comes to them – best to keep everything expensive away from direct sunlight and in a cool moisture free place (or even in a small home safe is very valuable).
  10. Think about worst case – if you were burgled – would your precious items be safe? When away on holiday why not store in a small safe hidden away for example, or you can buy items that look like cans so you can store in the kitchen amongst the canned goods – but are actually for your valuables.

Top 9 Jewellery Storage Products

1. Flexible Storage Cases from Stackers

These are perfect for growing a collection, as you can buy as many or as few trays as you need – so you can start small and gradually build up the levels you have (you just get the top level as a lidded one and you are all set)

All the trays have different compartments (suitable for rings or necklaces or bracelets etc….) and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles as well – so you get a truly personalised way to store your collection – what could be better!

2. Hanging Jewellery Storage – Little Black Dress

Now these are really cool – a great way of having the jewellery stored close to your clothes, being accessible and visible when you need them, but not being visible the whole time.

3. Storage with a double use….

A long mirror is something we all tend to need in our homes, but if you have a free standing one it can take up quite a bit of room for something that doesn’t have a huge function.

No more! This is an ingenius way of adding in storage to wasted space – and would also be perfect for accessibility when you are trying on outfits.

It would also work really well for safety of storage as its not a usual place a burglar would necessarily look….

4. Jewellery Tree

A jewellery tree is a simple and very elegant way of displaying items of jewellery.

I usually use one for my day to day items so they are to hand, but I have seen others use many of these on their dressing table to create a goreous display!

5. Earrings Book

I first saw one of these at a clients home.

She had just spent a morning sorting out her earrings ONCE AND FOR ALL! and proudly showed me them all neatly displayed by colour, style and size.

I fell in love straight away!

6. Earring Display

And this earring display storage is great for more open storage lovers.

Because it is acrylic it will go with most rooms as well which is always a bonus!!

7. Travel Jewellery Storage

This case is simply stunning – and works brilliantly for travel as it has a place for every kind of jewellery you could need – keeping it safe, secure, and unlikely to tangle.

I used to prefer jewellery rolls – but now have moved on to this – love the colour too!

8. Mens watch and Cufflink Storage

Its all too easy to forget about men when talking about jewellery – but men can have a vast array of it as well! Think watches, cufflinks etc….

I know my husband has a tendancy to buy cufflinks in every colour possible – and also has 2 or 3 watches (one leather strap, one metal and one for sports) – its just as important for men to have a change of jewellery dependant on their look – even if its just their watch!

9. Quirky and Fun for last!

Almost as good as homemade (see below for more ideas on that front), but without any of the hassle if you haven’t got time to do it yourself.

This looks stunning – and a set of 3 along a bedroom wall would make for some very personalised artwork!

How to organise your jewelleryFor More Jewellery Storage Inspirational Ideas…..

I have put together some of my favourite pictures of DIY jewellery storage on my Pinterest pages – so why not take a look and see what would work in your home – HERE

I hope this has inspired you to get your jewellery more organised – let me know what solutions you have come up with!!

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