13 Clever Board Game Storage Ideas To Use Now In Your Home


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Want to know the best way to store board games? These board game storage ideas are really clever solutions that you’ll love. One of these options is sure to be perfect for your home, and will tame your board games before you know it!

13 Clever Board Game Storage Ideas To Use Now In Your Home

Board games are a fantastic way to spend family time together and can span all ages and abilities.

You can even have a brilliant game night with friends as a fantastic alternative evening out (think: card games, mystery nights etc…).

So – it’s probably not a surprise to you that we all have (more than) a few well used and loved board games around our homes.

They could be slightly tatty round the edges, new and unused, or somewhere in between – and whether you want them seen or hidden away, the question of how to store them is a tricky one.

One of the biggest issues with storing our board game collection is the different sizes of the packaging (usually cardboard boxes) that they come in.

Very few need to have such large boxes – and it’s mostly the boxes that make then unwieldy to easily store.

So – let’s get started and find the right solution for storage for board games in your home, shall we…

4 Things To Think About When Picking Board Game Storage

Here’s a list of the criteria that you need to look at when choosing the right storage for your home.

Each may or may not be needed for your specific requirements, but they all at least need considering before you pick the storage you’re going to use.

#1 – Access

Both for getting them out for whoever plays them (smaller kids will need them low down, not heavy lids or locked cupboards etc…).

Also just as important is considering how easy they will be to put away – so that things stay tidy for the long term.

TIP: Storing vertically can really help with access when it comes to board game storage, and you can make each board game box more secure by adding a large rubber band around each one so the games don’t fall apart when you pull them out.

#2 – Appearance

If there are boxes looking past their best, would you prefer them hidden away? Or do you need a storage solution that keeps them visible but looking neat?

TIP: You can actually do both at the same time with some clever thinking. There are options in the list below, but another one would be to add some wallpaper or similar to the edges of all your games, and adding them vertically to a bookcase. You can add pretty labels to the edge as well so you know what game each is. Perfect!

#3 – Location

Maybe you’re looking for one place for all your board games to be together, so you always know where to look.

Or is it that you want to have board games stored in different rooms? Kids may prefer to have their own games in their bedrooms, for example.

TIP: Locate your storage container close to where you will be playing the games, that way you won’t have clutter created by waiting to put things back in a different room etc…

#4 – Size

Specifically you’ll want to know the biggest dimensions, so that all games fit in your chosen storage option.

Usually board games will need quite substantial storage space, but there ARE options to make your games a little more slimline in this article if you’d prefer…

#5 – Space Available

Of course, you don’t have unlimited space for storing anything in your home – so you need to be aware of the space you’ve got to work with, and use that in the best way possible.

TIP: Maybe you want to keep all the games in their boxes, but haven’t got the space to do so in your home right now. In this case I’d look at choosing a few that you CAN store, and then storing the rest out of the way completely (in the loft or garage, for example), and then rotate games every few months. This means there are always new ones to rediscover, and less choice can sometimes mean they are played with more, because you can see them clearly.

Once you know all the answers to these questions, then you’re ready to choose the storage that will work best for your games.

So – whether you’ve got a need to display your games, want them hidden away, have a need to control the kids chaos, or are just plain frustrated with your current situation – you’ll find a solution from the options here.

I can’t wait to see which you pick!

13 Clever Board Game Storage Ideas To Try

storage for boards games and puzzles – Display Options

#1 – Frame And Hang On the Wall

This idea is so good, and is probably the nicest way to store favourite games if you have a playroom / family room with spare wall space.

I like the idea of having a simple box frame and putting the board game inside as that way it will be light enough to take off the wall and safe because there wouldn’t be any glass on the front.

The other brilliant idea with this is to put each game piece (including the dice) inside plastic bags and attach them to the back of the frame.

You could also add the games instructions to the back of the frame for ease.

TIP: If you don’t have the DIY skills to make the frames for this option, then you could buy a simple box canvas or two, paint them the colour you want, and then stick the board game to the front and hang the pieces on the back. Easy! (If you get a deep edged canvas then you’ll be able to store things behind them as well)

#2 – Hang On A Clip On The Wall

An even easier way to have your board games on the wall is to just use clips attached to the wall with hooks.

Bulldog clips on a hook or nail would work perfectly for this.

I love this option because it means you can much more easily swap the board games you’re hanging, so your display will change over time and you can stop boredom setting in by having different games to play.

#3 – In A Bookcase

Simple but very effective.

I particularly like the cubby hole storage idea (Kallax Shelf from IKEA) because you can store a few in each space, so they won’t get as easily messed up, and you won’t disturb all the boxes every time you want just one taken out.

#4 – In a Glazed Cupboard

This type of shelving unit is a great option if you want to have your games on display, but also don’t want to have to dust all the boxes so often!

Just be careful of using glazed storage if they will be used by children – for obvious safety reasons…

#5 – On a Trolley

I love using trolleys in my house, as they’re great storage and they can move around to where you need them.

Board Game Storage Options That Could Be Displayed Or Hidden

#6 – Bag Them

I really like the idea of taking board games out of their original game box (es) and putting each one in its own bag / pouches.

You can cut out the box so you know what the game is, and it will also easily house all pieces, the board, and any instructions.

Perfect for minimising the storage space needed, and if you want your games hidden away.

#7 – Box Them

You could also buy smaller boxes (photo storage boxes work well) and decant your games into those instead, to save some space.

This option would be fantastic for smaller games such as a card game without a board, or you could simply stack the boards separately and just add the pieces into each smaller storage box.

#8 – Use A Storage Hanger

Yes, these are usually used for storing jumpers in a wardrobe, but why not think outside the box a little?

For example – they’re a great option for storing stuffed animals as well!

So why not use them for other toy storage? This is a great idea for a kids room where you have a little extra wardrobe space.

#9 – Kitchen Tray Rack

This is a great idea for a space where you may not be filling it with board games.

Rather, you want to just store a few so they are easy to grab. For example, on part of a shelf or a worktop area etc….

Having a container for them is perfect as it keeps them tidy and stops them opening and spilling out.

A great option is to use a deep drawer to store them – that way you’ll see the edges of the games and know what you want to take out.

TIP: Make sure you get one that fits the width of your boxes. It’s best to measure the widest box and fit to that – or find an adjustable tray.

Hidden Board Game Storage Ideas

#10 – Ottoman / Trunk

A simple ottoman or trunk works as a board game storage bin in most rooms and has lots of bigger storage for board games that are bulky.

#11 – Storage Coffee Table

Great if you play your board games in your living room!

You can then use the top of the coffee table for your games to rest on while you play. It’s almost like a play table disguised as a coffee table then.

#12 – Storage Bed

A brilliant choice for storage in kids bedrooms especially – as they are still accessible (older kids can open a storage bed by themselves), but hidden away for neatness.

#13 – In A Cupboard

Any cupboard in any room can be an easy solution for board game storage.

Pick somewhere that’s close to where you want to play the games, and it will be easy to keep them tidy behind closed doors.

Best Board Game Storage Options

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

13 Clever Board Game Storage Ideas To Use Now In Your Home - 350
13 Clever Board Game Storage Ideas To Use Now In Your Home

Which of these board game storage ideas are you going to use in your home?

I really hope you’ve got some new inspiration, and that you enjoy playing those games with your family for years to come!

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