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5 motivational quotes to kickstart the new year

Here are my top 5 motivational quotes for the start of the new year.

I love the start of the year as it comes with a sense of getting things sorted and living your best life for the year ahead. The air is full of promise, and expectation.

However, with all these promises to do more, live better, eat less, exercise more, declutter the house etc…. comes a lot of extra work to add into your usual routine.

We all need a little motivation to get things moving, and to make the changes needed to fulfil your ideas for the year ahead – so take a look at the following and see which spurs you into action.

motivational quote #1 from

– A great one if you are stuck on where to start – just get started where you are right now (after all – it all has to be done, so you’ll get round to everything in the end!)

motivational quote #2 from – Spend a little time today making things easier and you will reap the rewards (think of those things that you put up with that need mending – get them done and you will save so much time going forward)

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– If I was given a pound every time I heard “if only I had done….. earlier” – I would be very rich! – Just get started and see where it takes you – you can always change path later if necessary.

motivational quote #4 from

– Declutter, Declutter, Declutter! – this means not only your physical possessions but also your time, your emotions and your life in general.

motivational quote #5 from

– You will always be better off starting something now rather than putting off until a better time – that time may never come…

I may well print these out and add them to the front of my diary or above my desk in my office for a little boost each day – which of these motivational quotes would get you started? Let me know in the comments below…

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