Where To Put Your Air Fryer In Your Kitchen: Stop The Guesswork!


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Struggling to find the best spot for your air fryer in the kitchen? No worries, I’ve got you covered! Find out exactly where to put this handy appliance in your kitchen for perfect access meals every day. Let’s get started…

Where To Put The Air Fryer In Your Kitchen - Stop The Guesswork!

Air frying has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a healthier cooking method to traditional deep frying.

Although the air fryer is a really handy kitchen appliance to own (crispy food in a quicker cooking time than an oven), it’s quite a bulky thing to position, and so it leaves many with the uncertainty of where to put it.

As someone who loves to cook and spend time in my kitchen – finding the perfect spot for all the handy appliances we’ve got was the one thing I really struggled with.

Black Air Fryer on Surface

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I wanted them all to be easily accessible, and ideally useable where they were placed, but on the other hand I didn’t want them to make the space look cluttered.

There were lots of options that I tried, some of which were better than others – but all of them had their pros and cons.

Let’s look at the choices there are for where to put any kitchen appliance in your kitchen – but specifically the air fryer in this instance – and see which option works best for you and your home.

Placing things in the right place for you is a small change to put things in the right place, but it can make such a huge difference to how you feel when you use them – it’s so worth it!

So, let’s go, shall we…

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Location For Your Air Fryer

Placing your air fryer in the right location is essential for safety, efficiency, and ease of use.

NOTE: These factors have to be taken in consideration whether you want to store your fryer where it will also be used, or if you’re looking at storing somewhere different to where it will be used.

Size Of Air Fryer

As with finding the right place for anything in your home, you need to be aware of its dimensions.

After all, it doesn’t matter if you feel that the perfect place for it is somewhere specific if that place won’t fit it!

As such take measurements of the air fryer so you can pick somewhere suitable.

TIP: If you’re currently looking to buy an air fryer, or want to upgrade in the near future – and have somewhere specific in mind to keep it – then the best air fryer would be based on these size limitations – which will help you pick the right one for you.

Available Storage

Another important factor to consider is the available storage space in your kitchen. 

If you have a small kitchen, or limited space anywhere in it (such as a lack of kitchen countertop space, no pantry, or minimal cupboards), you may need to get creative with where you place your air fryer. 

Not only that but you need to make sure that the location you choose allows for easy access to your air fryer so that you can use it frequently without any hassle, and put it back (if it needs moving) easily as well.

Space When In Use

When your air fryer is in use, you’ll need to ensure that it has enough space to function properly. 

Make sure that the location you choose has easy access to a power socket and that the power cord is not in the way (for example. if you want to keep it on a surface, it’s not a good option if that means the wire will trail over the sink). 

And remember, even if you store it where it will be used, you’ll still have to move it at times. Consider how easy it will be to move your air fryer to clean it after use.

Safety When In Use 

Finally, safety is paramount when choosing a location for your air fryer. 

Make sure that the location you choose has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating (it can reach a high temperature) and the risk of fire. This means leaving space of at least 5 inches around all sides.

Additionally, ensure that your air fryer is placed on a stable and level surface to prevent any accidents – that’s heat resistant.

Is An Air Fryer Worth The Storage Space?

When working out which items to allow in your kitchen, think about how often you use them, as that will tell you how useful they are to you – it’s a totally personal call really.

What I can say is that everyone I know that has an Air Fryer says it’s one of the most used and valuable appliances in their kitchen, and worth every square inch it takes up!

Possible Locations For Your Air Fryer – Including Pros And Cons

With all the considerations in mind from above – now is the fun part! Deciding where in your kitchen it’s best for it to go.

These are the best options, with reasons why they may or may not work for your space:

#1 – Worktop / Countertop

The most common place to put an air fryer is on a worktop or the kitchen counter. 


  • Easy to access and use
  • Convenient location for meal preparation as it can be placed next to other kitchen appliances like the microwave and toaster.
  • No need to move or lift the air fryer into a different position to use


  • Takes up valuable counter space
  • May clutter the worktop and make it look untidy
  • May be difficult to find a suitable power outlet nearby
White Air Fryer with chips being cooked

#2 – Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a fantastic place to put your air fryer – as long as a few things are taken into consideration.


  • Well ventilated as there is space on all sides


  • Can clutter up the room as it’s a bulky item
  • It wouldn’t be out of the way of small children, and could be a problem for them to get to it when in use.
  • You would need a power socket in the island to avoid trailing wires across from the wall which would be a tripping hazard.

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#3 – Inside a Cabinet Or Drawer

If you have limited counter space in your kitchen, you may want to consider storing your air fryer inside a cabinet or deep drawer. 


  • Keeps the air fryer out of sight when not in use
  • Maximises the counter space
  • May protect the air fryer from dust and dirt


  • May be inconvenient to use due to the need to lift the air fryer in and out.
  • May require additional installation, such as a pull-out shelf in a cabinet

#4 – In The Pantry

If you have a walk in pantry in your kitchen then you may want to consider storing your air fryer there.


  • Keeps the air fryer out of sight when not in use
  • Maximises any counter space
  • May protect the air fryer from dust and dirt


  • May be difficult to lift the air fryer in and out of the pantry
  • May require additional installation, such as a pull-out shelf

#5 – Consider Placing It On A Rolling Cart

Having your appliance on a trolley or cart could be an ideal solution for many reasons.


  • You can create extra work surface space
  • You could keep the trolley hidden when not needed, and roll out when it is.


  • If you roll it out you need to have a power socket safely accessible so that it can be rolled up to it.
  • The trolley may not be as sturdy as a worktop – or as safe in terms of placing an electric and hot item on it.
  • You will need the floor space available so it’s not adding to clutter in your kitchen.

Places To Never Store Your Air Fryer

  • Never use your air fryer in a place that has inadequate ventilation, like inside a cupboard or drawer.
  • Stay away from surfaces that are flammable – including a table with a tablecloth, a tea towel, paper towels etc…
  • Never store it too high or low so that you struggle to easily reach and use it – as you could be helping an accident to occur at some point in the future.
White Air Fryer with chips being cooked

Other Considerations When Placing Your Air Fryer

Firstly – an air fryer produces hot air when in use.

This has the potential to not only damage the surface it’s placed on over time, but if the surface has any combustible materials on (paper / cloth) then this could be a fire hazard.

To prevent this, you may need to take additional measures (as you would with anything that contains a heating element), such as:

  • Using a heat resistant mat (a silicone mat works well) or a stand.
  • Leaving enough space around it for air to circulate easily. For example, you can put an air fryer under a cabinet if there’s enough space between the top of the fryer and the base of the cabinet to allow for proper ventilation (otherwise you run the risk of the heat building up and it becoming a safety issue).

Secondly – Where Will Any Accessories Be Stored?

With an air fryer comes a few things that you’ll need handy alongside it – including the air fryer basket.

Make sure wherever you choose to put your air fryer, it can be located close to these items as well.

Ideally you want to create a little zone for your air fryer where all the items you need to hand, are.

Lastly – Your Decor

Does your air fryer look good in its chosen position?

If your kitchen is very traditional, then a modern slick black and chrome machine may look strange out on display – but maybe a white one would work well.

If you can – make sure it fits your kitchen style.

Where To Put The Air Fryer In Your Kitchen - Stop The Guesswork!

And there you have it – lots of options for where to put an air fryer in the kitchen.

You can use a lot of these ideas for any kitchen appliance, but make sure the safety of the air fryer is properly considered as it’s not only electrical but also a hot item.

The key things to remember are to always place on a fire and heat resistant surface, with plenty of ventilation – and out of the way of small children.

Better to be safe than sorry!

Hope these ideas have helped you decide where you’ll be putting your fryer – and happy cooking!

If you’ve got an air fryer I’d love to know where you keep yours (and if you’ve changed your mind to somewhere else since reading this!) so please leave a comment below…

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