9 Genius Ways To Store Bulky Kitchen Appliances [Keep Them Tidy But Handy]


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Fantastic collection of the best kitchen appliance storage ideas that will really tidy up your space. However many gadgets you’ve got, and whatever sized kitchen it is – these tips will inspire and help you keep everything in order!

9 Clever Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas - To Keep Them Handy

Kitchen appliances can be bulky and unattractive, but are really handy to have easily accessible when needed.

The solution?

To store them so that they don’t get in the way, and are in the best place possible (i.e. where you need to use them so you don’t have to waste time or energy when you’re cooking).

With that in mind, here are the best kitchen storage ideas for all your appliances. There’s bound to be the perfect inspiration for your own needs, whatever size and shape your kitchen, and however many appliances you have!

First things first – Declutter your appliances!

There are so many kitchen appliances out there – and most kitchens have more than their fair share!

I know we’ve had several over the years that were either an impulse buy or a present – and although at the time they were thought of positively, they never actually got used.

  • Ice cream maker
  • Pasta maker
  • Mini food processor

Along with these, there are some appliances that earn their space several times over:-

  • Vitamix
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Machine

The trick is to minimise those which aren’t used, to make space for the ones that are.

This means you’ll be able to grab things much more easily, without extra attachments and wires getting in the way.

So the first step to good storage is ALWAYS decluttering.

Take all your appliances out – and be really honest with whether they deserve any space in your kitchen.

If they aren’t needed, let them go!

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Making Storage Space

Once you’ve decluttered, the next best idea is to take a look at the storage you have, and what appliances you’ve got left.

Look at where would be the most suitable place for storing each one (near where you need it, and not too high or low to easily get out when needed – especially if heavy.

If you’ve got space in those areas already – great! Look at the options below to make the most of those spaces.

If not – then you need to make more space available – here are a few ideas of how to do this:

  • We already mentioned multi-functional appliances – if you can cut down on the amount needed, then you’ll have less to store.
  • See if you have appliances that are just way too big. You can potentially change these for smaller alternatives that again will ease your storage needs.
  • Don’t try and store all the accessories and attachments in the same place as the appliance if they are on display or storage is lacking. You could house these separately all in one place (just label everything well!).
  • Are there other things that can be decluttered, or moved into different areas in the kitchen? A good way to free up space for example is to hook your saucepan lids to the back of a cabinet door.

So now we’ve got only the appliances we want to have, we’ve looked at making some space for them in the right place – it’s time to look at how to store them in the best possible ways.

The Best Ways To Store Kitchen Appliances

#1 – Inside A Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are the obvious choice when it comes to storing things away in this room – but you have to think carefully when it comes to appliances.

Firstly – use a cabinet that’s around waist to shoulder height for larger appliances so you’re not bending or over stretching while trying to get them out of a higher or lower cabinet.

TIP: Consider pull out shelving to make accessing larger appliances easier.

TIP: Move the shelving around to make the most of the cabinet space and not waste any space inside. Another option is to have them higher than the appliance requires, but have an under shelf basket that sits above the appliance for extra storage that can house the wires / accessories close by.

Best For: Larger items that you don’t want on display and so want hidden storage for, either because they’re too bulky or don’t look great.

Opening Kitchen Cupboard Door

#2 – In A Kitchen Drawer

Pan drawers (the deep and wide drawers that often sit under a hob) are a great kitchen storage idea for bulky items. 

You could house small appliances in separate baskets so they’re all visible and easy to grab (along with any wires and accessories for each).

Best For: Small kitchen appliances that will fit into the depth of the drawers easily.

#3 – Open Shelving

Any small appliance (or mid sized) can be displayed beautifully on shelving which can be on any wall, or can be a popular alternative to wall units nowadays.

Pick shelves that suit the decor, that hold the weight of the appliances you want to store there, and that are the right depth and height – and then you’ve got a great solution for that all important storage.

TIP: Think about dust and dirt as this can all too easily settle on your appliances that are out on display every day.

TIP: If you have extra space within alcoves in your kitchen you can house deeper appliances without the shelves sticking out too much.

Best For: Small to mid sized appliances that fit your kitchen decor and that you use regularly. 

White kitchen with integrated coffee maker and open shelves

#4 – Pantry Shelf

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen with a separate pantry space, then you could house your appliances in there. 

Have one or two deep and sturdy shelves, or put on a work surface in that space if you have them. Either way, they’ll be out of the way of the main kitchen area, but easy to use or grab when needed.

Best For: Kitchens with Pantry space!

Kitchen pantry with open shelving and blue base units

#5 – Dresser

We have a large dresser (it’s actually the top of a huge dresser but I like it as a standalone piece) that houses a lot of our kitchen items.

Included in these is my beloved mixer. It’s a great space for it because it keeps it dust free behind the glazed doors, but it also allows it to be seen as it’s soo pretty!

Best For: When you have less cupboard space, or if you want to keep your appliances behind doors to stay dust free.

#6 – On The Work Surface

The easiest option is to have them out where you need them, but try to not have lots and lots on your counter space as it can make the kitchen feel cluttered and smaller.

TIP: Avoid storing appliances under wall cabinets or shelves if they need to be moved out to use. Toasters will have heat rising from them, and blenders may need more access from above, for example. You won’t want to keep shifting them all the time. Although, if you DO want to move them, then these little wheels are a great idea to easily let things move around as long as you make sure they’re safe!

Best For: Appliances used daily that fit your decor and aren’t too bulky.

white kitchen with black splashback and appliances on work surface

#7 – Appliance Garage

Appliance garages are a hybrid of having your appliances out on the work surface, but also inside a cupboard.

You can have a kitchen cupboard that has doors that fold away or open to house your appliances. This means they’re still on the work surface, but when you don’t want them out, you can close the door and keep them hidden.

TIP: Make sure the garage is well ventilated as appliances can get hot during use, and think about electrical outlets. You’ll need to have a way for the appliance to be used while still staying in the garage area.

Best For: Creating a ‘nook’ for a specific use. I like the idea of having a coffee/tea station there, or a baking area.

#8 – Trolley / Rolling Cart

I love these trolleys as they’re so useful all around the house. Another great way to consider using them is to have some appliances on them.

Think about how you’ll plug them in (if necessary) and how high they are if you want them to be used on the trolley itself – but if you can answer both these questions positively then it could be an ideal storage idea for you.

Best For: When built in storage is limited, in a small kitchen, or when you want to be able to do a certain function in more than one area.

#9 – Side Of Your Kitchen Island

I’m classing the inside of the island in with #1’s cupboards / cabinets option – this is a separate idea of a way to use any space outside of the cupboards.

You could add a few shelves under the lip of your island (if you have seating at your island then there will be a lip for this – and as long as your appliances aren’t going to get kicked while people sit there, it’s a great easy option to upgrade your existing island without the cost.

The other option is to have an island fitted that has shelving on the side. This is the ideal because you can create the perfect depth and height for each shelf so that they’re as useful to you as possible.

Best For: Staying out of the way but on display. Great for larger kitchens.

White kitchen with blue island with integrated shelving for storing things like kitchen appliances

Top 3 Things To Consider When Storing Appliances In Your Kitchen

Make sure you know the answers to these things before you start creating the storage for your appliances – otherwise you may not get the right solution for you:

  • Do you need to move them to use or will you want to use them where they are?
  • Can you easily move them / lift them?
  • Is there enough space around the appliance for using it?

You’ll also need to think about other things as well – they’re all listed here.

Extra Tip: Use these handy little rollers on the bottom of your appliances to make moving them around the surfaces easier. Really easy but so effective!

9 Clever Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas - To Keep Them Handy

Remember, the best storage solution is one that is customised to your kitchen’s space and your personal needs.

It’s about finding a balance between aesthetic appeal, convenience, and functionality.

Storing your appliances well not only makes your kitchen look neater and more spacious, but it also enhances your efficiency in carrying out your daily kitchen tasks.

An organised kitchen reduces the time and effort you spend searching for appliances, leading to a more enjoyable and stress-free cooking experience.

So, which storage solution will you use for your appliances? Let me know in the comments below…


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