Shoe Storage Ideas: 13 Clever Ways To Maximise Your Space


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Shoe storage can be a challenge as there are so many, so let’s look at the best shoe storage ideas there are, so you can make the right decision for your space, budget, and shoe collection.

Shoe Storage Ideas: 13 Clever Ways To Maximise Your Space


They’re a hard item to store, for so many reasons:

  • Most of us have quite a few pairs (along with the fact that this increases dramatically the more people there are in the house)
  • Most shoe collections are for different types of footwear, different seasons, different uses (sports, hobbies, work etc…).
  • Current season shoes need to be easily accessible and easily put away
  • Out of season shoes need to be stored so they don’t get in the way of current ones
  • Usually you need more than one place in your home for shoes – as storing ALL shoes in your home in one place is generally not going to work as there will be a lot…
  • They can be dirty, wet, and generally not good to store in certain places.
  • They can look cluttered pretty easily, depending on the way they’re stored

I definitely have a thing about storing shoes properly whenever possible.

After all, it can get really tiring always tripping over peoples shoes as soon as you walk in the front door, and usually the back door too.

pile of shoes on wooden floor

Because, let’s face it – anywhere that people come into the house usually leaves a trail of shoes lying around.

And that’s fine – to a point.

If you’re like me, then people taking their shoes off in the house (for dirt reasons, as I don’t like to clean the floors more than absolutely necessary) is a good thing.

But it’s definitely not fine when it starts adding clutter everywhere.

And don’t get me started on someone struggling to find a matching pair when we’re already late for something and rushing out the door…

stack of shoes in a shoe rack but there are too many to fit

I’m always looking for the best shoe storage options for my house, as needs change a lot with growing children and different lifestyles over the years.

I want to make sure that I’m making things as simple as possible for everyone.

So, are you ready to find the right solution for your home – so that everything has a place that works well?

Let’s go…

Understanding Your Space

Before diving into shoe storage ideas, it’s important to look properly at what shoes you’ve actually got to store. Only by doing this will you work out what type of storage solution will work best for your needs.

Assessing Your Shoe Collection

Gather everything together. If you’re storing the entire family/households shoes, then get ALL of them. Yup. Seriously!

What do you have?

Look at the types of shoes, the amount, and who has what.

You need to know this because you have to work out how many shoe storage areas you’re likely to need, how to start splitting them up if more than one space is necessary, and what types of storage may be best (for example – heels need their heels protecting so they don’t break, and boots need a lot of vertical space so they don’t get crushed).

Where Should You Store Your Shoes?

The next step is to evaluate where you’ll store everything.

Ask questions like:

  • Do you have a cupboard or a designated area already for shoes?
  • Does the space have floor space, wall space, door space etc…
  • Are there any storage solutions already in it? Shelving / baskets etc… If so, are they working, or what about them doesn’t work for you.

You’ll want to make sure that the area you choose for storage is easy to see everything you’ve got, has easy access, is easy to put things away, and makes the most of the available space.

Some good options for where to store shoes are:

  • Daily wear – by door or close
  • Less often (dressy) – under bed / in wardrobe in boxes
  • Seasonal – boots / sandals – out of the way (loft / garage?)
  • Hobby – gym / walking – with your kit ready to go

13 Ideal Shoe Storage Ideas To Choose From

So now you know what you need to store, and have looked at the space(s) you’ve got available for that storage. It’s time to pick the right storage for you – so you can store all those shoes perfectly.

Here are your options, along with their pros and cons to help you decide. You may want to look at just one solution, or pick a few to work together.

#1 – Shoe Racks

black metal shoe rack in hallway

You can get shoe racks in all shapes and sizes – and lots of different materials. There’s bound to be one that fits your space perfectly.

They’re great for easy access to every day shoes, as they’re open storage so you can see exactly what’s there.

Also, because they’re open storage, they’re great for drying wet shoes, rather than creating mould by hiding them away.

But they’re not great for people who struggle to keep them looking tidy when visible.

BEST FOR: Every day shoes next to your front or back door that you want visible and easy to grab.

#2 – Shoe Cabinets

narrow shoe cupboard in a hallway

Shoe cabinets are a great option if you want to keep your shoes hidden away.

They are available in a range of styles and sizes, from simple wooden cabinets to more elaborate designs with multiple compartments.

Because you buy them as shoe cabinets, they’re usually really well sized for all manner of shoes, and can be really shallow as the shoes are stored at a slight angle rather than flat:

shoes being put in a narrow shoe cupboard

But equally good are cupboards / cabinets that are deep enough to hold pairs of shoes like so:

shoes stored in a cupboard

You want to make sure though that your chosen cupboard can fit your largest sized shoes – otherwise you’re going to have issues with them having to be stored somewhere else.

BEST FOR: Hallways and every day shoes by your doors – when you want them hidden from sight.

Reader Idea – Fabric Shoe Cabinet

Fabric Shoe Storage Cabinet With Shelves - Perfect For Shoe Storage

Love this cabinet idea from a reader in the Facebook group.

It’s is a really cost effective way to store a lot of shoes so you can see them but they’re out of the way, and it uses the height of the space really well.

You can get similar fabric cabinets HERE.

#3 – Under-Bed Shoe Organisers

Whether you have space under the bed on the floor, or a storage bed – under bed storage is a great option for shoe storage.

They come in a range of sizes and styles, and can be made from fabric, plastic or lots of other options.

With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about how you want to access them, as fabric being pulled across carpet can be tricky, so you may want storage with wheels, for example.

BEST FOR: Limited wardrobe space in your bedroom, and for out of season / less used pairs.

#4 – Over-the-Door Shoe Organisers

over door shoe storage

Over-the-door shoe organisers are a great way to make use of the space behind your bedroom or wardrobe door.

BEST FOR: I’d recommend for light and flat shoes like flip flops, slippers and sandals.

#5 – Shoe Benches

white shoe rack in a yellow hallway
white shoe rack on a hallway

Shoe benches are a great option if you want to combine shoe storage with seating – and as such are usually found in hallways where it makes sense that people may want to sit down while taking off or putting on their shoes.

When buying, make sure the height works well for everyone (especially if you want children to use it), that it fits in with the decor in the room, and that it makes the most out of the space you’ve got available.

BEST FOR: Hallways that also need a seat

#6 – Shoe Boxes

Shoes in plastic boxes

Shoe boxes are a great option if you want to keep your shoes protected and organised in pairs.

They come in a range of sizes and styles, from simple plastic boxes to more elaborate designs with clear windows.

fabric shoe boxes piled on floor in walk in wardrobe

You can also double up and use shoe boxes alongside other storage, such as in a shoe bench:

shoes stored in shoe boxes on a shoe rack

And you can even buy furniture that has shoe boxes within it – so you get the perfect sized compartments:

Specifically made shoe box rack

One downside of having shoe boxes for your shoe storage is the cost. They can be pretty expensive and so are only really good for a few pairs of shoes, rather than an entire household full.

BEST FOR: Select pairs of shoes that you need to keep in great condition (such as shoes for dressy events).

#7 – Baskets

Kids shoes stored by back door in wicker basket

Just like with toys, sometimes a simple solution is the best!

This is my back door a while back when we had a small basket right next to it, with a pair of shoes for each of us that we could grab quickly when we wanted to go outside.

BEST FOR: I’d highly recommend it for back doors or for slippers by the front door so you can swap into them when you come through the door.

Related: 9 Inspiring Ideas For Using Baskets As Storage In Your Home

#8 – Repurposing Old Furniture

One way to save money and give your home a unique touch is to repurpose old furniture for shoe storage (upcycle).

For example, an old chest of drawers can be repainted and fitted with baskets or shelves to create an attractive shoe storage solution, or simply use the drawers as-is to create some hidden shoe storage.

BEST FOR: Money saving, especially if you have something that fits perfectly and just needs tweaking to make it right for shoes.

#9 – Hooks

wall hooks

I saw this trick a while ago and loved the idea. Simply add a set of coat hooks to the lower part of a wall, and then you can hang your shoes onto the hooks and get them off the floor and tidy.

You could do a lot of rows of these hooks and take advantage of the entire height of the room, or even do just a couple for one pair – that’s why I like this idea so much, because you can really customise it.

However, the downside is safety. Ideally you’d get hooks that can be pushed flush to the wall when not in use – otherwise you’re going to end up with a potentially dangerous situation if anyone falls into any of the hooks when not in use.

BEST FOR: Inexpensive option for a small collection of shoes, where you don’t have much space.

#10 – Shelves

shelves of shoes stored toe to heel to save space

Shelves are simple but very effective for all manner of storage, not least shoe storage.

You can create the height between shelves that maximises space (have more space for boots, and less for flats, for example.

Also, you can make your shelves the right depth for your shoe size. You don’t want lots of excess space at the front or behind every pair…

BEST FOR: When you have wall space but less floor space, and you want a customised solution.

#11 – Shoe Hanger For Wardrobe

Kids shoes stored in wardrobe hanging storage

I especially like this wardrobe hanging product for kids shoe storage, because they’re usually smaller and lighter than adults. Still, I wanted to include it in this list as well, because it could work well for trainers or sandals in adult wardrobes.

BEST FOR: When you have extra hanging space in your wardrobe.

#12 – DIY Plastic Bottle Storage

Shoes in plastic bottles

Love this idea as it makes use of old plastic bottles (always enjoy upcycling!), makes it really handy to grab the shoes you need, and contains each pair separately so you can see what you have.

You also have the ability to grow the storage if you need to, or even add to a shelf to keep it off the floor.

BEST FOR: This would work best for flat and non-bulky shoes.

#13 – DIY Pallet Storage

pallet style shoe storage with heeled shoes on

A great DIY option is to use a pallet or slats of wood, and hang your heeled shoes from the slats.

This would look great on a walk in wardrobe wall, and would display your heeled shoes beautifully.

BEST FOR: Heels (as you need something to hook over the slats)

3 Clever Shoe Storage Space Saving Tips To Remember

When storing all your shoes in your chosen storage, there are still ways to make the space go even further. Here are my top 3 ideas, hope you like them as much as I do!

#1 – Top to Toe saves space

shelves of heeled shoes stored toe to heel to save space

I think this is my all time favourite hack for shoe storage – and it’s really simple.

Store each pair of shoes with one shoe facing the front, and one shoe facing the back.

In the way that shoes are made, it takes up a lot less space (usually the fronts of shoes are bulkier and so take up more space when you store them with their tips together).

Also, you can see more of the detail in your shoes by storing them this way – as sometime there are things on the heel that you need to see.

#2 – Use Shoe Stackers To Double storage space

shoe stacker

A great option for making the most of shelves that are higher than the height of one shoe, is to use a stacker to, well, stack them!

You can contain each pair in one set, and it makes every square inch count.

A couple of things to watch for is the cost, as you would have to buy one for every pair of shoes, and also that they don’t work as well for heeled shoes because of the sizing (some do though, so check before buying).

#3 – Store horizontally to the wall instead of with the tip at the front

Shoes are quite long really, and so need a pretty deep cupboard or shelf to be stored properly.

This can be fine, but for narrower rooms it’s not ideal. (As said previously, a lot of shoe cupboards have storage that slants, which makes them shallower, for this very reason).

Another way to store shoes if you’ve got the horizontal space to do it – is to store your shoes horizontally along the wall rather than with their heels to the wall.

Obviously you’d need more length in your storage to do it this way, but it’s a good idea if this is what your space allows more easily than depth.

Maintaining Your Shoe Storage

To keep your shoe storage looking neat and tidy, it’s important to maintain it regularly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your shoe storage in top shape.

Regular Cleaning

Dust and dirt can accumulate quickly from the shoes, so it’s important to wipe everything down on a regular basis.

Simply use a damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt or dust that’s settled. Also vacuum around the storage to remove any dirt that’s fallen through the racks etc…

Seasonal Rotation

Most of us don’t have enough storage for all our shoes to be in one place in our homes. As such, it’s vital to rotate shoes seasonally.

At the end of each season, take some time to sort through your shoes. Put away any shoes that are no longer in season in your more out of the way storage solution, and bring out the ones that are.

You can also take this opportunity to:

  • Declutter any shoes that you didn’t wear (you probably won’t when the season comes round again)
  • Mend any shoes that have broken heels, soles etc…
  • Clean your shoes so they don’t get stored away with any mould or dirt.

Proper Shoe Care

Proper shoe care is essential to maintaining your shoe storage. Keep your shoes clean and well-maintained by following these tips:

  • Use a shoe horn to help prevent damage to the backs of your shoes.
  • Use shoe trees to help maintain the shape of your shoes and prevent creasing.
  • Use a shoe polish or wax to keep your shoes looking shiny and new.
  • Always store your shoes in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from moisture and humidity.
Shoe Storage Ideas: 13 Clever Ways To Maximise Your Space

Remember, the key to successful shoe storage is to keep it simple and make it work for your home and family.

Consider the size of your space and the number of shoes you own before choosing the right storage solution.

If you have limited space, opt for vertical storage options like shoe racks, hanging organisers, or over-the-door storage.

If you have a larger space, you can consider a shoe cabinet or a bench with built-in shoe storage. Alternatively, you can use decorative baskets or boxes to store your shoes and add a touch of style to your room.

By using these shoe storage ideas, you can keep your shoes organised, easily accessible, and in good condition.

And you can finally say goodbye to those cluttered floors and hello to a neat and tidy space!

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