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What does your car boot look like? – perfectly organised with not a lot in it, or complete chaos? I’m sure most of us will have answered to the latter (day to day life gets in the way, doesn’t it!), and so I wanted to look today at the reasons you should consider for getting your car boot organised once and for all, and a few tips on exactly how to do it as well.


Get your car boot organised


Did you know that car boots are one of the worst offenders when it comes to getting – and staying – organised? We kind of treat that space like we do our lofts and garages – out of sight, out of mind….

VELCRO® Brand has collected some really interesting stats from a recent survey they did to mark the launch of STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers – a few of which may surprise you (they did me!): –

  • 27% of people said that their car boots were so untidy and unruly that a member of their family or a close friend has commented on the state of them.


  • 12.5% of people surveyed admitted to never EVER cleaning the car boot out.


  • Just under a quarter of survey respondents have fallen victim to a car boot catastrophe such as spillages, damages and even maggots escaping (ugh!)

Just reading those (especially the last one!) makes me want to get my car boot more organised – how about you?…

But it can be hard to find the motivation to get it done, I’m with you on that, and as with organising anything I like to find the reason that will drive me to get it done.

This reason will be something that makes me want to change the way things currently are, so I want to look at a few of these right now.

Why not pick one (or a few) that make you want to get started: –



  • MORE SPACE – you will have empty space ready and waiting for when you need to transport things around (shopping, school bags etc…)


  • READY FOR EMERGENCIES – you will have things that are needed for emergencies to hand.


  • LESS FUEL – Having a lighter car means you will have better fuel efficiency as it doesn’t have to work as hard to get you places.


  • SAFER – Having less clutter in your car means that should you have an accident there is less to fly around the car and possibly hurt you or someone else.


  • MORE POSITIVE FEELINGS – Having any space organised will make you feel happier and more content when you look at it. Who wants to be brought down every time they open the car boot to see chaos?


  • CONSTANTLY IN USE – As you are using your car all the time and getting things in and out of the boot daily, you want to make it as easy as possible to do so. Having everything organised means that you will spend less time hunting for things.


  • LESS FORGOTTEN – Your car boot can easily become a glorified storage facility for anything and everything – collecting things over the weeks/months. If you’re not careful then you won’t just have clutter to deal with, but you may lose things in that clutter which can cause it’s own set of issues…


I hope so!

After all – if that list hasn’t convinced you that organising your car boot is a good idea, I’m not sure what will!

Ways to get your car boot organised - reasons to get your car boot organised - step by step guide to help get your car organised - declutter your car


Next step of course is to know exactly what to do to make it as easy and quick as possible – so I want to take you step by step through the method I use…

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