6 Clever Lego Storage Ideas – Get Those Pieces Sorted!


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Best lego storage ideas for your home. Ideas and inspiration to store, sort and organise Lego in any room. Learn how to organise Legos easily, where to store them, and what to do with the instructions as well – so you can enjoy your collection and keep it manageable at the same time. Perfect!

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Lego is a great toy for all ages, with endless possibilities of what to create, the only limit is your imagination.

But with all that fun comes a harder side of things – how to store and organise your lego collection properly.

It can be really hard because there are so many small pieces involved, and they can get EVERYWHERE….

So let’s tackle some ideas and talk about what’s best – so you can use it for inspiration in your own home and get the right solution for you.

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4 Things To Consider When Sorting Lego Bricks

#1 – How Should They Be Stored?

As with everything you organise, ask those who use it how they would prefer to have it stored before you get started.

By colour, by genre, by shape, by set – the list of possibilities is endless.

The system will have to work with how they think and how they would like to use it all. You basically want to make it as easy as possible for use – AND as easy as possible to put away when finished.

#2 – How Much Lego Is There To Store?

If there’s a lot, or a little, this will affect where and how you may want to store your Lego.

Also think about whether this is the complete collection or whether you need space to grow.

Thinking about this up front will save wasting money or effort later.

#3 – Does It Need To Be Moved Often?

Would storage on wheels, or with a handle, or smaller portable storage work better because you need to move it around a lot?

Maybe your kids like to take it with them when they go on holiday so being portable would help as well (at least for a proportion of it).

#4 – Who Is Using It?

Lego is a great toy for all ages, so it makes sense to think carefully about who will be using whatever storage you put in place, and making sure it’s suitable.

For instance – can they access it easily, can they put it away easily?

There’s no point in setting up an organising system that doesn’t work on a practical level – however lovely it looks!

Mix of lots of different sorts of Lego all in a pile

Once you know the answers to these questions, it’s time to take a look at the following ideas, so that you can choose one (or two!) that suit your needs the best.

I’ve collected a wide variety of the best lego storage ideas from around the web just for you – and I really hope they help you get it sorted, once and for all!

The Best Lego Storage Ideas

#1 – Large Play Mat That Gathers It All Up

I love the idea of these lego mats/bags, because they provide an easy way to quickly gather everything up when you’re done – AND they give a dedicated space for the Lego when being played with.

You simply open it up and you can see all the Lego easily, and when finished, just pull the strings and it becomes it’s own bag to store legos in right there.

This would be great for younger kids who don’t mind everything all in one group, and can be easily taken to other places as well.

#2 – Big Storage Bin For It All

Sometimes it pays to be simple! Especially when it comes to lego storage.

Having one big storage box or a set of plastic bins may be the perfect solution for those who are happy to rummage around for the pieces they want.

EXTRA TIPS – Why not get a lego storage box with wheels on if you need to move it around a lot (or you prefer not to scrape the floor!), and/or one that fits under the bed so that it can be easily stored away as well?

Another idea is to use Lego shaped storage boxes / a lego storage head is also possible! – they comes in lots of colours and sizes, and you can even build with the storage boxes themselves. Perfect for kids, and for nice display in the playroom or bedroom.

#3 – Individual Plastic Bags / Boxes For Each Colour / Type

Ziplock bags or plastic boxes are an ideal storage idea for smaller lego sets – and can all be stored in a drawer, large box, or cupboard easily.

TIP: Ideally you would have them as see-through / transparent as that will be easier to keep track of what’s where.

Lego in drawers, colour coded

#4 – Within A Play Table / Tray

It’s always a good idea to have somewhere easy to set up for playing with the Lego, and you could create a table or tray that also contains some storage so it’s all in one place.

This would be easily done with a storage coffee table, drawers in a play table, or a shelf below a table top that can house containers that can be pulled out.

You could go an extra step by adding lego baseplates to a play table to create your very own lego table. This would work brilliantly – and for extra points (because you can then transport it around and clear it away when not needed) you could add some to a large tray too.

#5 – Display Finished Lego On A Shelf

It’s not just the lego pieces that you need to store. A lot of the time there will be finished items that you want to display for a while, including lego minifigures.

These lego creations can easily be displayed on a small shelf (or you can even get a specific minifigure display case) – so that you can change them around and play with them easily.

#6 – A Great Travel Idea For Lego Storage

This would work so well to keep little ones occupied when out and about! A carry case with storage for the Lego inside, but a lego base on the top to stick it all too when playing. So ingenious!

Another way to do this would be to simply cut some lego baseplates to size, and put into a plastic storage container with a few Legos in it. Voila!

TIP – As you can see, the main things to keep in mind when playing with your Lego set is to have the Lego to hand, AND a sturdy base to put it on and play with. Where and what really is dependant on the space you have available and your preferences.

Mix of lots of different sorts of Lego all in coloured piles

More Lego Storage Inspiration…

I wanted to also add in a few lego storage containers that I’ve found online that I just LOVE for Lego storage ideas – for extra ideas for you to look at when picking what’s right for you.

Some are similar to what I’ve mentioned above – and there are a few surprise in there as well. Just click on the items to find out more about them.

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

6 Clever Lego Storage Ideas - Get Those Pieces Sorted! - 350
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And There You Have It – The Best Lego Storage Ideas From Around The Web, Collected Together To Inspire You!

Whether you need to look at storage, how to set up a play area, or what to do with the instructions – there’s ideas galore for you to look at using in your own home.

So – which storage solution will you use? I can’t wait to hear about it…


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