9 Inspiring Ideas For Using Baskets As Storage In Your Home


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I love finding storage that works for my home, not only in terms of functionality, but also for look and feel – so I am particularly fond of using baskets as storage in as many places as possible.

Inspiring ways to use baskets at home - Small storage - home storage ideas - interior design - storage using baskets

Not only do they provide the storage I need, but they also look great while doing it!

They add a bit of texture to my neutral home, and they can be bought in pretty much any size and shape to fit what I need.


So today, I wanted to look at a few ways that I use baskets around my house, and a couple of ways I’m going to try soon! – hopefully all of which will give you some inspiration to use them too!

#1 – Toy Storage

I love using baskets for toy storage, because they are easy for kids to use as well as adults, making them a great option that will hopefully make tidying up quick!

I have used 2 different types of storage for toys over the years, a large open basket and a trunk with a lid.

For smaller children, a large basket is a great option as they can grab what they need really easily, and throw everything back when finished. It takes minutes to clear the room, and the basket can be tucked away in the evening when it’s adult time.

For older kids (and for storage that you want to be hidden), a trunk is a great option. It can be placed in the side of the room, or even used as a footstool or coffee table as well!

Basket trunk as toy storage in kitchen

#2 – Laundry Basket

Using a basket style laundry basket is a perfect idea because it allows air to flow around the items!

I have a simple narrow basket that works well in our space.

Most have liners as well so that clothes don’t catch on any parts of the basket that they shouldn’t.

TIP – Get a basket that’s the right size for your homes needs. Not too big, otherwise you will be tempted to let washing build up, and not too small otherwise you will have unsightly overflow….

Laundry basket - wicker basket for washing

#3 – Storage For Small Items

I love using small baskets for lots of things around the house, especially containing small items that are similar.

I currently have my remote controls in our lounge all kept together in a shallow basket which looks much nicer than them all being left anywhere, and I have used baskets for hair items in my daughters room, pens in my kitchen, and even paperwork in that area as well (my daughters school and clubs info goes in a tray each week so we know where to find it).

Lounge storage for remote controls - basket storage

#4 – Use Baskets Within Other Furniture

I have a large wardrobe that has shelving on one side. This is great, but not very useful for storing my clothes easily.

As such, one day I found an old basket that fit perfectly in that area (similar to this) and so I filled it with clothes (filed!) and now I can simply pull the basket out, choose what I need, and put the basket back.

This makes the space so much more useable.

Baskets used as storage in a free standing wardrobe

You can also use baskets in TV units: –

Baskets used in TV units

Or even for storing paperwork: –

Paperwork basket storage

#5 – Toiletries

Toiletries in homes tend to be bought in bulk, and are quite small in size, so it makes perfect sense to use baskets to contain each type of thing together, so that you can grab them quickly when needed.

In my own bathroom cabinet I have used various baskets that fit perfectly for all those bits and bobs, and it works really well.

Bathroom cupboard basket storage for toiletries

I have also used small baskets in my ensuite on the side open compartments so I can use these areas as extra storage but not have everything on show.

Basket storage on sink unit

#6 – Shoes

A basket to put shoes when you walk through the door stops them going everywhere and looking a mess. I much prefer to see all the shoes in a basket than lying around the floor…

It also contains the dirt really well!

Shoe basket for storage by the back door

#7 – Using Baskets As Storage AND Decoration

Lastly – where it’s not always possible to use a proper item of furniture, you could use some baskets instead.

I use a set of baskets for a sort of decoration in the bay window in my Master bedroom, as they look so much nicer than any proper furniture.

I keep my hair dryer and various larger more awkward shaped items so I can grab them easily when needed.

Baskets used as furniture - side tables

There are lots of other ways you could use baskets as well, and a couple I that I want to try next (I never stop trying things out!) are as follows: –

#8 – Stair Basket

I love this idea if you are constantly moving things up and down the stairs.

It keeps everything in one place, and has a handle so you can grab it when you walk upstairs easily.

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#9 – Plant Pots

Wicker looks gorgeous with greenery, so you could make a great display with pots either inside OR out (hanging baskets are commonly used for displaying/storing plants and flowers so this would be just taking it one step further!).

TIP: If using a basket for decoration as a plant pot, make sure anything inside is water tight. You can do this by either adding a lining to the wicker, or using a water tight pot inside the wicker basket.

Inspiring ways to use baskets at home - Small storage - home storage ideas - interior design - storage using baskets

There you have it – as you can see, I LOVE using baskets as storage in all shapes, sizes and colours.

There really are ways to use them in pretty much every area of your home.

Hopefully this has inspired you to try out baskets as storage in a room in your space too.

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