Ultimate Guide For Anniversary Gift Ideas [For Every Year]


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Free printable list of anniversary gift ideas – including what the traditional, modern, flower, AND gem themes are for each year of marriage. It also includes anniversary gift ideas for him or her for each of those anniversary years. You really won’t be short on inspiration from now on!

Ultimate Guide to Anniversary Gift Ideas - including a FREE printable!

I’m a sucker for tradition, so when we got married I started to search for anniversary gift ideas for what to buy my hubby for our first one…

I had no idea that there was a theme for every year of being married!

Yes, I knew about the big ones, such as Gold, Silver and Diamond – but a paper wedding and a china anniversary? It was news to me.

I discovered a whole new world of themes out there, and after exploring some more it wasn’t even that there was one theme, there were some years that had different themes for both traditional and modern eras, not to mention flowers and gems/metals as well.

It started to get a little confusing!

I wanted to buy gifts that were special and in the right theme for both my husband and any other peoples wedding anniversaries I wanted to buy presents for, and so I decided to make a printable to collect all the themes in one easy to reference place (which I keep in my Home File).

That way I can take a look when our anniversary is coming up – and think about what I can get that’s relevant and ideal for him.

I’ve also been blessed with a very traditional (and thoughtful) hubby, and to be totally honest, he’s usually better at me at remembering what the theme each year is and buying the perfect item that’s related – so I’m channelling him for this post!

So – I thought I’d help you out today and create what I like to call the ‘Ultimate Anniversary Gift Ideas Guide’, and share my printable along with some ideas that I’ve found over the years!

So – this post has been split into two sections – first is where you can learn what the themes are for each year of marriage, and then I’ve given loads of great ideas for presents to get him or her for that special day.

So – have fun, and get inspired!

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Free printable anniversary gift themes – by year

Here is a run down of all those themes, but don’t worry – you don’t have to remember them! – The printable with them all on is below.

1st Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Paper, MODERN – Clock, FLOWER – Carnation, GEM/METAL – Mother of Pearl

2nd Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Cotton, MODERN – China, FLOWER – Lily of the Valley, GEM/METAL – Garnet

3rd Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Leather, MODERN – Crystal / Glass, FLOWER – Sunflower, GEM/METAL – Moonstone

4th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Linen / Silk, MODERN – Electrical Appliances, FLOWER – Hydrangea, GEM/METAL – Blue Topaz

5th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Wood, MODERN – Silverware, FLOWER – Daisy, GEM/METAL – Rose Quartz

6th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Iron, MODERN – Wood, FLOWER – Calla, GEM/METAL – Amethyst

7th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Copper / Wool, MODERN – Brass / Desk Set, FLOWER – Freesia, GEM/METAL – Onyx

8th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Bronze, MODERN – Linen / Lace, FLOWER – Lilac, GEM/METAL – Tourmaline

9th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Pottery, MODERN – Leather, FLOWER – Bird of Paradise, GEM/METAL – Lapis Lazuli

10th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Tin, MODERN – Diamond Jewellery, FLOWER – Daffodil, GEM/METAL – Crystal

11th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Steel, MODERN – Fashion Jewellery, FLOWER – Tulip, GEM/METAL – Turquoise

12th Anniversary


13th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Lace, MODERN – Textiles / Fur, FLOWER – Chrysanthemum, GEM/METAL – Citrine

14th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Ivory, MODERN – Gold Jewellery, FLOWER – Dahlia, GEM/METAL – Opal

15th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Crystal, MODERN – Watches, FLOWER – Rose, GEM/METAL – Rhodolite

20th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – China, MODERN – Platinum, FLOWER – Aster, GEM/METAL – Emerald

25th Anniversary


30th Anniversary

TRADITIONAL – Pearl, MODERN – Diamond, FLOWER – Lily, GEM/METAL – Pearl

35th Anniversary


40th Anniversary


45th Anniversary


50th Anniversary


55th Anniversary


60th Anniversary


70th Anniversary


Free printable for Anniversary Themes for each year

This printable is a quick reminder for each and every year I can find, of themes for anniversaries – just print it off and use for inspiration from now on!

Free printable of anniversary gift idea themes

Want a copy?

It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept.  It’s available for newsletter subscribers as a special freebie, and all you need to do is enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her and For Hime – For Every Year of Marriage

So – now you’ve got the themes sorted, and ideas for what to start with when looking for the ideal anniversary gift, I’m not going to leave you there…

No – I wanted to also add in some of my absolute favourite ideas for gifts for him (and for her!).

Some are presents I’ve bought or been given in the past, and others are ideas that I hope will inspire you to try something new this year.

Simply take a look and click on the items you want to find out more about: –

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

Ultimate Guide For Anniversary Gift Ideas [For Every Year] - 350
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So – there you have it – the Ultimate Guide to Anniversary Gift Ideas!

Not only have I given you a free printable for all the themes for each year, but also delved deep into some ideas for what to buy for each year.

I really hope they inspire you on your next wedding anniversary – and congratulations for however long you’ve been married!

P.S Want to know more about buying the perfect gift for someone? Click HERE to take a look at the post I wrote all about it.


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