Amazing Kids Gift Ideas For Younger Ones – That Aren’t Toys!


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Kids gift ideas that are toy free are surely the best idea when buying for little ones. They won’t add to the toy clutter with any more teddies or plastic creations – but can still be REALLY good fun. Why not try something a little different that they will love?. Note – all items were available at time of writing – please note that this will be updated when necessary to keep it helpful and relevant…

Amazing kids gift ideas that aren't toys!

Children can be really difficult to buy for..

– balancing the need to make them happy, but also make the parents happy (I’ve been tempted to buy a drum kit before, but thought better of it!).

So I thought I’d put together some ideas for a few presents that are a little bit different.

The good news?

None of them are toys!

They are kids gift ideas that are useful presents that also have fun attached – so what are we waiting for?! – let’s get stuck into the ideas and then I’ll chat about the main themes…

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

Amazing Kids Gift Ideas For Younger Ones - That Aren't Toys! - 350

Are there any kids gift ideas that stand out to you already?

Maybe you’ve bought a few of them before, or maybe they are all new.

So – what are the common themes that stand out in that collection? Let’s talk about that a bit more – so you have all the ideas AND inspiration at your fingertips.

#1  – A day out

Kids love adventure, and a day out would be a great way to give them something lovely without adding to toy clutter.

I love the idea of something like GO APE – where you get to swing on ropes and climb up high – but there are loads of other ideas out there which will ensure you get something perfect!

TIP – you could keep costs down by making a voucher for some 1-1 time with you – kids love this special time – whatever they’re doing! – why not have a baking day, a trip to the park with hot chocolate – there are no limits to what you could pick!

#2  – An Audio book

What child doesn’t like being read to?!

An audio book is a great way to give them a gift that they can use any time – and is perfect for long journeys to keep them occupied – or even in their stereo at home.

You could get them the CD, or if they have a kindle/iPad then you could look at the digital versions instead – just check with mum and dad what would be best!

#3  – Clothes

Yes, practical can sometimes be fun too! – I love t-shirts that have a bit of their personalities on them – and these two pictured fit that criteria perfectly!

#4 – Onesie

In the same line as clothes – but even more fun!

You can get onesies in so many different styles, and you’re bound to be able to find one in their favourite animal or character.

#5  – Cuddly (& Fun!) blanket

Again – practical in that children can cosy up when cold – but fun too – another win/win! (I say fun because they can be if you look around – what about a mermaid or a shark?!).

#6  – A watch

The most grown up of all the kids gift ideas, plus, childrens watches can help them learn how to tell the time more easily, with lots of different things on the face to make it as simple as possible for them.

#7  – A Camera

My daughter got this a few years ago and it’s been used frequently and happily ever since.

It was one of the first gadgets she received, and she loves the fact that it was hers and could take photos of whatever she wanted.

This specific brand lets you play games, and make the photos look funny too – hours of fun! (and there is a boys version too!).

#8  – Beanbag / Toy storage

I LOVE this idea as it’s so sensible, but fun for the kids too (one of my favourite mixes for childrens presents!).

It’s a bean bag that you fill up using your cuddly toys (you could also put blankets / sleeping bag etc… in there if you like.

This means parents are happy as things are (hopefully!) tidied away – and the kids have fun putting everything in there and having a comfy seat!

#9  – Something to do

Things to do are always a great idea – especially when they can be done and then let go of (no clutter!).

I LOVE kits.

Baking – Craft – Den building – the list really is endless!

#10 – Blow the budget – membership to the zoo

I had to put this one in as it’s such a good one, although expensive.

You could split the cost by buying for all children in a family – my mum and dad have bought their nephews a family membership for a year which worked out well between 3 of them.

Or you could work out that you can have lots of ‘free’ day trips over the year – we only had to visit the zoo 4 times a year for it to be of value – and if we are members we can pop in for an hour whenever we like which is a fantastic treat! It makes each visits cost really cost effective.

If your budget allows, and you have a zoo close, then this has to be looked at! (you’ll need to check out your specific Zoo for more details as each has their own membership schemes).

Amazing kids gift ideas that aren't toys!

I hope you love these amazing kids gift ideas.

I’m sure that each and every one will make that child in your life smile when they receive it!

Most of them have been things I’ve already gifted myself to the kids in my life – and I know they made them happy!

Ready for some more ideas? – Why not head over to the gift giving section of the site – lots more gifts for everyone in your life. Enjoy!


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