16 Easy Present Wrapping Ideas To Transform Brown Paper Into Wow-worthy Gifts!


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Ready for some amazing present wrapping ideas that really are easy to do? You’re in the right place! I’ve pulled together a collection of my favourite ideas and tips here to make every present you wrap look professional.

Over 15 Gorgeous Present Wrapping Ideas You're Going To Love

The best news? I’ve focused on ideas that would work really well for my favoured brown paper – it’s cheap and looks amazing – but you could use most of these ideas for whatever paper you prefer as well. Sound good? Let’s do this!..

I spend a LOT of time trying to find the perfect gift for people when I buy them presents, but I have to admit that wrapping those presents takes a lot less time….

Present wrapping isn’t my forte (to say the very least). In fact, sometimes I’m tempted to say that my daughter wrapped them as it feels more acceptable that a child under 10 has done it (#mumfail!)…..

It’s not that I don’t love wrapping. Far from it.

It’s the fact that the perfectionist in me wants them to look amazing, and I think that I would need hours to do it properly, so why bother?

Perfectionism, my friend, is fatal in the world of wrapping…

So – I decided that this year will be different, and I’ve been looking around the web for inspiration and easy present wrapping ideas I can try out.

I’m looking for certain criteria: –

  • Easy to do
  • Not much to buy to achieve the look
  • The end result looks amazing

… I think I’ve struck gold, so to speak! – so are you ready to explore all the ideas? I hope they inspire you too…

Using Brown Paper Is Amazing

I have long been a fan of using brown paper for wrapping gifts, as you can get a massive roll relatively inexpensively compared to normal wrapping paper (pennies for a metre rather than pounds), and you can make it look great with a nice tag and some ribbon.

Family and friends have come to know that those presents wrapped in brown paper are mine – and I quite like the fact that I’ve found my wrapping style (is there such a thing?!).

As such, I’ve looked specifically for ways to make that brown paper a little more interesting – and here’s what I’ve found (Although all these ideas could equally be used for other wrapping paper if you prefer!).

I hope that these ideas inspire you to try something new next time you wrap a gift for someone special…

Brown Paper Present Wrapping Ideas To Try

#1 – Make Gift Bags

Did you know that you can make gift bags using wrapping paper?

It was a new idea to me too! – and when you team it with brown paper (which is naturally a more solid paper) – it would work so well that I’m definitely going to be trying it out on some presents this year.

For the perfect step by step tutorials, take a look at or another way from

#2 – Get Stamping!

Why not get some decorative ink stamps in different shapes with different coloured ink pads – and get stamping onto the brown paper to make patterned wrap?

It’s a lovely option for making simple wrapping look more expensive.

Easy Stamped Paper Gift Wrapping Idea

#3 – Use Concertina Paper

I love the idea of using the brown paper for decorative aspects of the gift as well. The gifts below give me lots of inspiration, and I hope they do the same for you!

Concertina Brown Paper Gift Wrapping Idea

#4 – Make Glittery Tape

I love this because it’s simple but really creative. Using a piece of sticky tape, add some glitter of some sort to the sticky side (leaving enough stick for it to also attach to the present) and you’ve got a sort of ribbon.

This makes the perfect accompaniment to that beloved brown paper!

#5 – Use Twine AND Ribbon

I already use a lot of the bakers twine or plain coloured twine for wrapping as it’s so pretty and easy to use, but using it in this way with a ribbon is a great idea!

Another idea is to cut more expensive wrapping paper into strips and use like ribbon – that way you get the look of the wrapping paper without the expense…

Twine and Ribbon Used To Decorate Gift Wrap

#6 – Add Stars With Straws!

This idea is so so pretty, and inexpensive to achieve this look with paper straws…. I may have to practice a little, but it will be worth it!

#7 – Use Craft Punches

I am obsessed with craft punches, ever since I did that butterfly wall craft for my daughter all those years ago, and I’ve used the butterfly punch along with a snowflake punch again and again for various things, including gift wrapping.

Here are a couple of ideas that use craft punches in great ways: –

IDEA 1 – Using coloured paper and cutouts from punches

Paper Stamped Cutout Wrap Idea

IDEA 2 – Add a pattern to the tags to dress them up a bit

This craft punch is perfect for the edge of tags as it’s pretty much designed for that job!

#8 – Use Stamps For Lettering

Another way of making something look special, personal, and professional – is to use letter stamps for your tag.

I have this specific set and love it – and you can of course get lots of different coloured ink pads so you can pick what works for whatever occasion it is.

#9 – Wrapping Awkward Shapes

Whatever you do with wrapping, there are always those awkward shapes that don’t look right no matter how hard you try (or is that just me!).

This is a pretty long video, but it gives lots of ideas for those awkward shapes, so I had to include it: –

#10 – Wrapping A Bottle Of Wine

And lastly – this is a beautiful way of wrapping a bottle of wine without ending up with a mess!

#11 – Easter Wrapping Made Easy!

This is so effective, and I can’t wait to give it a go next Easter. Some brown paper, cream twine, and a cotton wool ball – and you’ve got a bunny…

Easy Easter Present Wrapping Idea

#12 – Use Thick Ribbon For Colour

Glam up simple brown wrapping paper with some decorative ribbon. You can get all sorts of colours, patterns and fabrics to make it personal or decorative to the type of gift it’s for.

Easy Ribbon Present Wrapping Idea

#13 – Create Characters!

Love these simple creatures – and they would be easy to create with brown wrapping paper, some coloured card, ribbon and googly eyes. Loads of fun!

Easy Animal Character Present Wrapping Idea

#14 – Use Seasonal Foliage

Love the idea of using foliage for gifts. Choose depending on the season and you’re going to be onto a real winner.

(I also really like the small clothes pegs to attach the tags!)

Easy Seasonal Foliage Present Wrapping Idea

#15 – Add A Snowflake!

Love this idea as the kids could easily get involved – and as with the real thing – each snowflake will be slightly different. You could get creative with different coloured paper as well.

Snowflake Design On Gift

#16 – Simple String Bow

Decorations don’t have to be complicated to look great. Why not try coloured wrapping paper and coloured twine for this simple idea?

Easy String Present Wrapping Idea

Or use a few layers of twine to create a more intricate bow?

Twine Gift Wrapping Idea

Or how about creating a grid pattern, or another pattern with the twine, like the picture below (bottom right gift specifically).

Using Twine In Different Ways For Gift Wrapping

And lastly – thicker twine / rope can be really effective for simple but decorative wrapping with brown paper.

Easy Rope Gift Wrapping Idea
Ladys hands wrapping gifts

I really hope that these have given you plenty of present wrapping ideas that you can try out soon.

Especially using that gorgeous brown paper! – a firm favourite in my own wrapping.

Good luck – and enjoy getting creative.

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