3 Types Of Ideal Host Gift Ideas To Give Next Time You’re A Guest


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Whenever you’re invited to someones home, whether it be for a meal or an overnight stay, taking a present to say thank you is a lovely gesture. These host gift ideas can help you decide what to take – with inspiration for every type of host!

Brilliant Host Gift Ideas To Give Next Time You're A Guest

What To Think About When Buying A Gift To Thank The Host (Or Hostess!)

The key to a great present is to make it as relevant to the receiver as you possible can.

You want to show thoughtfulness, and that you’ve taken time and effort to get them something they’d love.

If you’re worried about getting exactly the right present then it’s worth taking a few seconds to read a post that I wrote a while back – just CLICK HERE to read it, and I’ll see you back here in a moment…

Ready to get started? Let’s get on with the shopping then…

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Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Host

Want to know quickly what to get (or just get a hit of inspiration)? I hear you.

Here’s a fantastic selection of brilliant items you can buy straight away that I’ve curated just for you.

They’re all perfect if you don’t want to have to scour things yourself – I’ve done the hard work for you! – just call me your personal gift fairy!

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

3 Types Of Ideal Host Gift Ideas To Give Next Time You're A Guest - 350

Themes To Try When Buying A Gifts For Hosts

So – we’ve looked at some brilliant ideas of what to get, but let’s look now at why these make great gifts.

This is useful if you want to use them for inspiration, but want to decide on your own gift for your host.

One great thing about these presents is that once you’ve decided on the theme, you can then lean towards something within that theme that your specific host would love. This could be based on their likes, hobbies, style etc…

Having a theme to start with can get the inspiration flowing…

#1 – Something To Help Them With Hosting

This is a very practical category of gift but can be really appreciated, especially for hosts who tend to have lots of guests and entertain frequently.

The trick with these gifts is to think about what your host might need help with, and then try and find a gift that will fit that.

Go with the type of hosting that they are doing – whether it be a large party, a dinner for a few friends, or something else entirely. (You don’t want to give someone something for a large gathering when they only really entertain in small groups, for example).

Some ideas for the ideal host gifts are:

  • Platters / Serving Dishes / Serving Boards – perfect for a host who loves to entertain and cook
  • Wine Glasses – a great gift for those who love socialising
  • Wine Glass Charms – a keen party host would really appreciate these!
  • An apron with something they would love on it perfect for the keen chef
  • Cheese knives & cheese board (extra points for personalising!)
  • A tray – whether for drinks, for their coffee table, or for somewhere you haven’t though of yet – these can be gorgeous presents and really thoughtful.
  • Handwash / Lotion – useful to pop in the bathroom – or a treat for them…
  • Room spray – a lovely scent would always be welcome, as most hosts are proud of their homes and want to enjoy being in them as much as possible.

#2 – Things To Enjoy While Hosting

This is the type of gift that’s practical but also possibly a little more indulgent.

It’s a gift that says you want to contribute to your time with them, but you also want to give them something nice to enjoy.

  • Wine lovers would appreciate the thought of you gifting a bottle they love, AND a bottle that you drink. This is a lot more thoughtful than just grabbing a bottle to take, as it shows you’ve made the effort to take the pressure off them having to make sure they’ve got the right wine for you. It also shows that you want them to have a treat too! (You could add a lovely wine bag as well to make it extra special).
  • A game – I love this idea as it can be a great way to help your host with entertainment, and a fun way to spend time with everyone.
  • Chocolates – could be perfect for after dinner one night, or they get to keep them for when you’ve gone
  • A DVD / CD would also be a great way to add to the entertainment while you’re there, and give them something to keep long after you’ve gone.

#3 – Things To Enjoy AFTER They’ve Hosted

These are potentially the most obvious presents to give – and you can get a lot more personal with these, because they’re all about the host rather than anything to do with the act of hosting.

I often like to think about giving them something to relax with – as hosting can be pretty exhausting! For me, this really would be the perfect hostess gift!

  • Candles
  • Bath Oil
  • Plant / Flowers
  • A book they’ll love
  • A hamper / gift box of food that they love (this could be really specific food, like cheese – cookies – chillis etc…)
  • A bottle of their favourite drink would be a thoughtful gift.

Or what about going with a specific hobby / like of theirs? Some examples would be:

  • A really thoughtful hostess gift for a keen chef would be a cookbook. Extra points if it’s in a genre that they really love, because it would be a great read for them and a way for them to experiment with new recipes.
  • A meal out voucher. A great idea for a host who has cooked for you! Find out their favourite restaurant and treat them.
  • A keen gardener may love to have herb plants for their kitchen (useful for hosting as well!)
  • A cocktail recipe book – just like a cookbook for drinks! Hosting a cocktail party could be a great next event for them, and this could help with ideas.

What Should You Never Bring As A Host Gift?

Along with lots of ideas for what you SHOULD take as a present for someone hosting you, there are important things to consider about what NOT to take.

Here are some examples of this:

  • Think of any cultural differences / preferences – don’t take alcohol to a home where they don’t drink.
  • Anything unsuitable for those in the house. Don’t take a box of chocolates that may contain nuts if someone in that home is allergic.
  • Things that YOU love, but them – not so much. A gift isn’t about you – it’s about what the recipient would appreciate.
Brilliant Host Gift Ideas To Give Next Time You're A Guest

Thanking a host for their hospitality is always important, but it can be tricky to know what to give them as a gift.

Hopefully these three types of host gift ideas are sure to please, whatever you pick from the list.

And the next time you’re invited somewhere as a guest you’ll be prepared with lots of inspiration to choose from. What will you pick?

Ready for some more ideas? – Why not head over to the gift giving section of the site – lots more gifts for everyone in your life. Enjoy!


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