How To Decorate A Hallway Table [9 Crucial Things You Need]


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When deciding how to decorate a hallway table, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure it looks good and functions well in the space. Let’s look at everything you could use to decorate your table so it works well for you.

How To Decorate A Hallway Table - 9 Crucial Things You Need

The Hallway is an important space in your home because it’s not only the first impression for guests, but also your welcome home every day.

It has to be inviting, with decor that matches your style and that of your home. This is important because it will link many of your rooms together such as the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Not only that, but it often has to be a practical area because it will be used often and needs a little space for storage if at all possible. As such you need to know if it’s going to be simply a decorative piece, or do you need it to be functional as well.

Getting this balance of style and necessary function right will make your hallway table and it’s decor the very best it can be.

So, let’s get started and tackle the table choice first:

What Kind Of Table Do You Put In A Hallway?

It’s important that you get the right table in the right style for your entryway. It needs to fit the space well (not too big or small), and have space for a little decor plus ideally some storage.

Some options you have are:

Console Table – less deep which works well for a narrow hallway or any small space, and quite high so good for putting things on when you come home. They can come with small drawers for keys and other small items, and a lower shelf which is a great way to add some extra storage if you add in baskets, for example.

Console Table Used as Hallway Table

Bookcase – This can act like a console table as it’s narrow – and if you need more storage then you could use containers on the shelves (along with some decorative items).

Sideboard – Perfect for larger hallways as they have lots of storage space which can have lots of things put in the drawers and cupboards so that they’re to hand when needed.

Black Hallway Table With Wooden Top And White Decor

Round Table – a great idea for large hallways because you can add this to the centre of the room. If you can do this, then think about your decor in terms of being seen from all angles. You’ll want to have things like a circular vase, or spherical decorative objects etc… rather than picture frames.

Circular Central Hall Table

Semi-Circular Table – these can work brilliantly to soften the edges in a space. They go against the wall, but can work well when the space is really tight.

Small Semi Circular Hallway Table

Small End Table / Sofa Table – great for smaller rooms with less wall space available – or to add to the end of a bench or seat that’s in the room.

Small Hall Table

9 Items To Consider For Most Hallway Tables And Areas Around The Table

There are so many options available, and as with most decor it’s a personal choice really – but here are some items that are definitely worth considering.

Think about getting a good mix of height, colour, and texture – along with keeping it practical for the space.

Don’t over-fill the top of the table, as you want to keep the balance between the table and the decor used with it in proportion.

Small Entryway Table With Storage Seat Next To It

#1 – Table Lamp

Really handy for the room because the light it will give off makes the space more cosy than a central ceiling light.

Ideas for using lamps:

  • Use one as a feature, and to add height to the space
  • Use two on larger tables, with one on either end. This adds lovely symmetry.
  • Pick one that matches the decor and style of the room. Match the base with metal or wood colours used in the space already to help it tie in well.
  • Add a timer to this lamp so it is on when it’s dark to welcome you home in the evening.
White Hall Table With Baskets On Shelf

#2 – Vase

Purely decorative to add some colour to the area.

Whether you pick a decorative vase that stands alone, or you want to fill with flowers / greenery – all can work well with different styles.

TIP – If your hallway doesn’t get much or any natural light, you may well want to look at an artificial plant or flowers so that you get the feel of some nature without having to keep it alive in a hard-to-do space.

#3 – Decorative Object(s)

Usually add these in sets of 1 or 3 because odd numbers work best in decor.

Also think about adding different heights, colours, textures etc…

There are loads to choose from, and they can be selected with your taste in mind. They are a good way to add some personality to the area.

Some ideas for these would be:

  • Small bowl – decorative and useful for containing keys / spare change
  • Figurine / Sculpture
  • Candle
  • Jar (great for hiding small items)
  • Clock – Always handy when you need to check the time you leave the house or get back!
Hall Table With Artwork and Basket Storage

#4 – Diffuser

This can be a decorative item, but is mostly there for adding fragrance to the room (and any adjoining areas) (which is why I’ve given it a section of its own).

You have lots of options available – for example – an electric one, or a reed diffuser. Pick whatever you prefer, and whatever works best for your style.

#5 – Art

This can be a lovely way of creating a vignette with the entry table.

You could either use one large piece above the table, a set (like a set of four in 2*2 formation, a diptych(2) or triptych(3)), or even a small picture wall of lots of different ones.

You can also have your art on the table itself – using a decorative frame as part of your vignette.

Art can tie your interior design together really well in the room, and add your style to the space where there aren’t many areas that’s possible.

You could pick things like:

  • Word art – sayings and phrases that reflect you
  • Abstract – great for adding colour to the room without needing to depict anything in particular.
  • Landscapes of places you’ve been to – photos that you’ve taken of places would make it even more personal.
  • Photos – family photos work really well in this space.
Small Hall Table

#6 – Wall Mirror

A great idea for several reasons:

Firstly, for checking yourself when you’re leaving the house (so practical).

Secondly, to add extra dimensions to the space which can work brilliantly in narrow areas.

Lastly – to reflect light into darker rooms. Again, you could have one large one, or a set.

Entryway Table With Chair And Mirror

#7 – Storage

It’s always handy to maximise the storage you have in a hallway.

Open baskets (like wicker baskets) can be placed on a console table shelf or bookcase, or hidden storage like that in a more substantial table can work equally well – dependant on the space you’ve got available.

Remember to measure the height, width, and depth of the space you want the basket to go – so you get the right size to maximise the storage space you can use.

The things that work well being stored here are:

  • Handbag – quick to grab on your way out
  • School bags and equipment (use a basket per child)
  • Scarves and gloves in the Winter
  • Sunglasses and hats in the Summer

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#8 – Chair Or Seat

Another practical idea, because it’s always handy to have somewhere to sit to put on and take off shoes.

This could be a chair (or a couple of dining chairs at either end of the table – and can be a great way to ‘store’ chairs if your dining room is a little smaller), a stool, a bench, or an armchair – whatever works best in the space.

It can also house a cushion or be upholstered to add to the decor (style, texture, pattern etc…).

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#9 – Phone Chargers

Another really useful thing to add to your hallway table would be a place to charge your mobile phone and also to keep it when you’re at home (so you don’t have to carry it around).

You can get some lovely charging stations that will match most interior styles, or just have a couple of chargers plugged in with their wires kept handy with a small hook on the back of the table.

TIP – If you’ve got kids this is an especially good idea as they can leave their phones in this space at night so they don’t take it to bed, and know where it is at all times.

How To Decorate A Hallway Table - 9 Crucial Things You Need

So there are all the things to consider for how to decorate your hallway table.

Which will you use in yours? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you’ve got lots of ideas and inspiration from this post!

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