15 Clever Cap Storage Ideas – However Many You Have!


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Brilliant ways to store baseball caps, and any other caps you own. These clever cap storage ideas have something suitable for however many caps are in your collection. Which will you choose?

15 Clever Cap Storage Ideas - No Matter How Many You've Got!

Finding the right storage solutions for everything you own is essential in having a home that works for you and the space you’ve got available.

As such, if you’re a hat lover then I wanted to look at all the best cap storage ideas available right now, so you can make the most of your space, be able to grab what you want to wear when you need it, and also to protect all your multiple hats (caps specifically here) from dust and damage.

So, whether you’ve got a wardrobe, a wall, or a specific area in a room with extra space to store them in, these creative solutions will ensure that your hats are neatly stored and ready to wear.

Let’s dive in!

TIP: Please declutter your caps before looking to store them. You may find you only need a fraction of the storage space you thought you did, which can save lots of time, money and energy (and you could even make a few pennies by selling the unwanted ones!).

The Best Ways To Store Your Caps In A Wardrobe

#1 – Use A Hanging Wardrobe Organiser

Best For: Hiding items away when you have excess hanging rail storage in your wardrobe

A wardrobe hanging organiser is a practical and space-saving option for storing your caps.

These organisers typically feature multiple compartments where you can securely hang your caps. Although more common in fabric, you can also get them in metal wire which will protect the shape of the caps more.

The compact design allows you to hang it on a wardrobe rod or place it on a wardrobe shelf, maximising vertical space and keeping your hats easily visible and accessible.

#2 – Use Wire Standing Shelves

Best For: Wardrobes with excess floor space, where you want to protect the shape of the cap(s)

These are great to add to the bottom of your wardrobe in often unused space.

You can use some or all the compartments for your caps (I also like folding jeans in this sort of storage), and it will keep their shape well (just watch if you put more than one cap / baseball cap in each section).

They also often come in interlocking sections so you can add to them and/or make them fit the space you’ve got so you get the most storage possible.

#3 – Get Boxy Concept’s Hat Storage Cubbies

Best For: Single cap hidden storage that protects each cap from dust and damage. Also work well on shelves where you can see what you have at a glance.

Boxy Concept’s hat storage cubbies offer a practical and stylish way to store your baseball caps.

These cubbies are designed specifically for hats and provide individual compartments to keep each cap neatly separated.

The cubbies can be stacked or arranged side by side, allowing you to customise the configuration based on your space.

With their sleek and modern design, these cubbies can also serve as a decorative element in your room on a shelf.

#4 – Add Hooks In Your Wardrobe

Best For: Free standing wardrobes – as these have doors that can be wasted storage space otherwise.

Another simple and effective hat storage idea is to add hooks to your wardrobe (wall hooks or hooks on doors).

Install individual hooks (drill or adhesive options are available) at regular intervals and hang your caps by their adjustable straps, or add a small set of hooks (over the wardrobe door, or drilled into a section of the wardrobe if possible).

This method offers flexibility in arranging your hats and allows you to maximise unused space in your wardrobe.

#5 – Use a Special Cap Holding Coat Hanger

Best For: Small wardrobes, and those on a budget

This is a nifty little gadget that attaches to a coat hanger and makes it able to store several caps all on one hanger.

Be wary if you don’t want to squash your caps – as this type of hat holder could damage them if your wardrobe hanging space is already pretty full.

The Best Wall Storage Options For Caps

#1 – Use Adhesive Hat Hooks

Best For: Smaller Collections, or caps you specifically want to display. Also great for no drilling needs, and if you’re on a budget.

Adhesive Hat Hooks offer a convenient and space-saving solution for displaying your caps.

Simply hang your caps onto the hook, which will keep them organised and easily accessible.

The adhesive hooks are removable and so shouldn’t damage the surface they’re applied to, making it a versatile and flexible storage option.

#2 – Try a Dome Dock

Best For: Collections small and large, where display of individual items isn’t important

The Dome Dock is a clever storage solution specifically designed for baseball caps. It consists of a dome-shaped rack with individual hooks that hold your caps in place.

The rack can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf, providing a stylish display for your hat collection.

The Dome Dock is adjustable, allowing you to customise the spacing between the hooks to accommodate different cap sizes and styles.

#3 – Try Retractable Cap Hangers

Best For: Small to large collections, where display of individual items isn’t important – and where you can use for other items as well if needed.

Retractable cap hangers are a clever solution for compact spaces.

These hangers feature retractable arms that can be extended to hold your caps and retracted when not in use.

Attach the hanger to a wardrobe rod or a wall-mounted hook and hang your baseball caps by their adjustable straps. When not in use, the hanger neatly tucks away, saving valuable space in your wardrobe.

#4 – Try an Accordion-Style Hat Rack

Best For: Collections small and large, where you want a budget way of displaying your caps

An accordion-style hat rack is a versatile option for storing your baseball caps. It features a collapsible design that allows you to expand or contract the rack based on the number of hats you have.

The hooks on the rack securely hold your caps in place while maximising space efficiency. Mount the rack on a wall or the back of a door to keep your hats organised and easily accessible.

#5 – Use A Rail With Hooks

Best For: Displaying a medium sized collection

Having a simple rail on the wall with hooks attached that you can hang your caps on is a simple but stylish option that works for lots of different spaces and styles.

I like this option for dressing rooms, as you could hang a few rails and use for all sorts of accessories (scarves work well on something like this).

#6 – Make A DIY Hat Rack From Wood

Best For: Larger collections and DIY enthusiasts where style is important.

For a personalised touch, consider making your own hat rack from wood.

Use distressed wood, pallet wood, or wood planks to create a rustic and unique hat storage solution.

Cut the wood into the desired length and attach hooks or pegs to hang your baseball caps:

The best part of this option is that you can customise the size and design to fit your available space and aesthetic preferences.

This is a fun DIY project adds a touch of creativity and craftsmanship to your cap storage.

#7 – Use Shelves

Simple but really effective – add a set of shelves to your wall and simply put your caps in lines on them.

Makes for great display, and creates lovely wall art for a bedroom or utility / hallway.

Cap collection displayed on set of wall shelves

The Best General Cap Storage For Different Areas In Any Room

#1 – Hang an Over The Door Hat Rack

Best For: Teen bedrooms where over door space is under used.

An over the door hat rack is not only functional but also adds a decorative element to your space.

This method keeps your hats organised, visible, and within reach – and makes them a talking point in the room!

#2 – Store in Boxes and/or Baskets

Best For: Homes with less built in storage, where you can pick the style of the boxes and baskets to match your homes decor.

If you prefer to keep your hats out of sight or if you have hats that you won’t be using any time soon, storing them in boxes or baskets can be a practical solution (in the same way that people use a hat box for their occasion headwear).

Choose storage boxes or baskets with lids to protect your caps from dust and maintain their shape.

You can then label each box or basket with the type of hats it contains for easy identification (even a picture if you have lots!).

Stack the boxes or place them on shelves to make the most of your storage space.

#3 – Have a Dedicated Hat Drawer

Best For: Storing a large number of caps out of the way while keeping them neatly organised and protected.

If you have enough drawer space, consider dedicating a drawer specifically for your baseball caps.

Place dividers or organisers within the drawer to keep each hat in its place and prevent them from getting crushed or tangled.

Available Cap Storage You Can Grab Now!

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

15 Clever Cap Storage Ideas - However Many You Have! - 350
15 Clever Cap Storage Ideas - No Matter How Many You've Got!

With these creative cap storage ideas, your collection will look AND function brilliantly. However small or large that collection is!

Whether you choose a wardrobe organiser, a wall-mounted rack, or make your own solution, keeping your caps neatly stored and easily accessible will be easier than ever.


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