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Sortly review – get to know the app! Today I wanted to look at a fantastic app that I was recently asked to try and totally love. That app is ‘Sortly’ – an organising tool that helps you keep track of all your stuff really easily. It truly can make life simple in so many ways, and is so easy to use that I just had to share it with you – so here is my Sortly review!

Sortly app review

This is a post written in collaboration with Sortly – but as always, all words are my own, and in no way affected by the sponsorship. I only ever promote products that I love and that I think will help you – thanks!

I’ve been asked many times for suggestions on apps and more technical things that can help people get more organised, and it’s something I would love to start featuring more often on OMH – after all, we’re all using apps and other technical products more and more to create a simpler life.

Quick aside – for the things that require a little more technical help (not Sortly though – it’s refreshingly easy to use!) I’m going to be asking fluttering my eyelashes at my hubby for help for this as he’s got a fantastic brain for anything technical. Our extended family call him their Techy Helpline – so it makes sense to get him involved!. In fact, I may well get him to start work at OMH HQ as the OMH Technical Expert over the next few months so we can bring you more online organising ideas and apps help – but I digress!….

I love finding things that can truly help make life easier, so when I was approached by Sortly recently I was intrigued – and when I looked at their app I was beyond excited…

What Is Sortly?

Quite simply – Sortly is a FREE app that allows you to keep track of all your stuff.

Please note – there IS a paid version if you want even more features, but the free version is amazing – all you need to make a huge difference to how organised you are right now.

Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet that can show you clearly what stuff you own within a couple of clicks.

You simply set up folders within the app (possibly by room, type, collection etc…. – whatever makes sense for you), then you add details of each item to the right folder, and lastly you can add lots of information to each item including pictures, notes, value of the item, details of warranties, website info and more.

It’s so simple – but so so effective at keeping you organised – and there are so many ways to use it…

Sortly app - folder set up and items management

How Can I Use Sortly?

My mind is actually spinning at the possibilities for using Sortly (can you see I’m excited about this!), and here are just some of them: –

At Home

  • Create a Home Inventory – have a folder for each room in your home so that you know exactly what you have. REALLY useful for insurance purposes should the worst happen.
  • Create tags for cupboards / boxes etc… so that you can see at a glance what’s inside without having to be there or actually look inside (how many times have you opened all the Christmas decoration boxes to find that what you were looking for was in the last box….!?)
  • Be able to see what’s in the loft / basement etc… without having to actually go into the space.
  • Create collections – perfect for tracking all your jewellery/watches/technical items – even for clothes, DVDs, books etc…
  • Great for tracking kids collections, and creating wish lists for what they want to add.
  • If you have a second property that you look after (holiday home / relatives home etc…), then this is perfect to show you what’s there.
  • Keep track of your clothes by taking photos of what you have – so that when you are out shopping you can see if you have anything similar, or the right shoes to go with it etc…
  • Keep track of Christmas presents that are hidden away – hide safely but be able to see what you have (and how much you’ve spent) while sitting in your living room!
  • Take photos of items that you need to colour match when out and about – perfect for home decorating projects.
Sortly - adding an item to the app

Moving House

  • Use a home inventory to show your removals company what you have in every part of your home – really easily and quickly (you can print out a list of everything). That way they won’t have any surprises on the day and can quote for the work more accurately.
  • Pack your boxes and create a folder for each box so that you can know exactly what’s in that box without having to open it – saving SO much time.
  • Use photos to show how items looked when they went in the boxes – just in case of damage en route…
  • Take photos of everything you put into storage while moving – so you know exactly what’s where.
  • There’s even a free moving checklist that you can use to make your move easier!

At Work

  • If you work from home and have stock or need supplies for your business then this is the perfect way to keep track of what you have.
  • Keep a log of what items you have that your business uses (laptop, desk, phone etc…) for insurance purposes and proof of purchase.

The possibilities really are endless – and I hope that you’re seeing how useful is could be to you in your own home and life.

Ready to try it out? – get it right NOW for FREE by clicking HERE.

Other Features

Along with being able to keep track of what you have and where you have it, there are some other amazing features – they really have thought of everything….

  • For every item you can add in product details, serial numbers, purchase date, return date, and warranty expiry date – you can even search Google within the app to add the products’ webpage!
  • Track when you lend an item to someone, and add in a alert to ask for it back.
Sortly app dashboard
  • Add arrows to pictures so that you can see where something has been kept (take a photo of the room and then put an arrow to show which cupboard/drawer it’s in).
  • Export lists of your items to Dropbox / pdf files, and have backups of your info (paid version only).
  • Use labels and QR codes when you move so that you can print labels for each box that has a QR code on – simply scan the code on each box and it will show you what’s inside (paid version only)
Sortly QR label for moving house
  • Use the Web version of the app (paid version only) – this will help you organise everything on a larger screen which can be helpful at times.

So useful – and so practical.

I could literally go on forever about this app – I am slightly obsessed – and that doesn’t happen very often, so don’t be surprised if I’m talking about it on future posts for a while…

Interested in trying it? – if you like the sound of this Sortly review and are ready to give it a go, then click HERE – and remember – it’s totally free to try!

FAQs About Sortly

You may still have some questions, and I know I did when I started to use it, so I wanted to look at some possible worries you may have and see what I decided about each of them..

But I like Paper And Pen…

Now – You know that I’m a paper and pen kind of girl at heart. I can’t quite make myself use a digital diary, and I am a sucker for a good printable (as my shop can verify!), but there are times when it really makes sense to use online help – and this app definitely fits the bill for one main reason – you can have all the details about items – INCLUDING PHOTOS – all in one place.

And – you can export a paper version of your lists as a backup as well – I will be adding a printout of my home inventory to my Home File asap! (There is a printable within my Home Maintenance Planner, but I see this as a fantastic addition).

Sortly app

Is It Secure?

My nervousness about putting things online is peaked with an app like this, because I am putting my stuff on it, and I don’t want that info for all to see.

Sortly make very clear that they take security seriously.

I’m happy that security has been thought of and dealt with well – but of course you need to be sure yourself.

I Don’t Need This – It’s Too Much Hassle

There is DEFINITELY enough in day to day life to get on with without adding in ANOTHER thing to do – but all I had to do was think about a few ways that this app would have helped me over the years to realise that it’s definitely a time and stress saver and oh so worth it!

  • Having been burgled a couple of times in the past, I’ve seen first hand how useful it would have been to have had details of what we had in the house. We would have been able to show the police / insurance company actual photos of the items, and had proof of purchase and value right there as well. We wouldn’t have had to sit and really think about what was stolen – and worry about forgetting something. It would all have been there, ready and waiting – in a few clicks!
  • When we have moved house, I labelled each box with which room it needed to go in, but when they all got stacked up in each room you could pretty much guarantee that what we needed was in the last box we had to open. Sortly would have been able to tell us what was in each box without having to open them all.
  • I’ve been out at the shops and ended up buying an item of clothes that I already had – I just didn’t remember having it. This meant that I had to waste time returning the item..
  • I’ve bought Christmas presents early and forgotten about them or where I hid them – so ended up having too much when it came to wrapping, or not giving them at all!. This was OK because I saved them for Birthday presents, but it could easily have been avoided.
Sortly search
Sortly account

I’m sure you can see by this Sortly review how much I love this app.

It’s such a simple concept, but having everything stored in a clear and easy way makes so much sense to me that I can’t resist adding it to my phone (and I only add what I really love!).

Phone showing the Sortly app, with title words overlay

Fancy trying Sortly for yourself? – it’s totally free and I would definitely recommend giving it a go straight away.

It’s really user friendly and a great asset to keeping organised in so many great ways. Personally one of the main reasons I love it is to be able to have the peace of mind of knowing that if anything were to happen to our house (burglary, fire, flood etc…..) we would easily be able to know what we had – and things could get sorted out so much more quickly.

So – why not give it a try? – you’ve got nothing to lose by grabbing the FREE app today and seeing just how easy it is to use – CLICK HERE or HERE for the Android App.


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