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A quick an easy idea for how to organise nail varnish in a bathroom cupboard – that works amazingly well. It allows you to see what you have, grab it when needed – AND looks great too. Perfect!

Nail Varnish Storage

I love nail varnish, and I have an 11 year old girl who also loves it (of course – what little girl doesn’t!).

As such, we have a LOT of different colours and types.

But storing it in boxes or bags in my bedside drawer and in the wardrobe isn’t ideal.

They get mixed up, we can’t always find what we need, and they’re more likely to leak when stored in this way.

But the storage we have in our house isn’t huge…

It’s one of those things that hasn’t been annoying enough to change, and so it’s been just stored like that for a while now without worrying too much.

But now, the project was on my mind, and so I wanted to try out some ideas to see if there was a better way to do things – and what nicer thing for a weekend project than making a nail varnish area for us both to use!

As always with any project I do, I answered the following types of questions to help me understand how to organise nail varnish that we had before we did anything (This is the ASSESS part of the ADORE Method): –

#1 – Where’s the Best Place To Store Nail Varnish?

I decided that it would be easiest to store both our collections together.

We tend to share each others’ anyway – and as she’s still pretty little I didn’t want her accessing it in her own room as yet (we’ve already had it painted on things it shouldn’t have been….).

My ensuite cupboard seemed the most logical spot, so that’s where we decided it would go (Ignore the contents of the cupboard – I was sorting that out as well lol).

EnSuite Cupboard With Door Open

#2 – What Sizes Of Nail Varnish Do You Need To Store?

We gathered all the bottles together, and measured the dimensions of the largest bottle.

The storage HAD to be designed around both the space available AND the dimensions of what would be stored there.

#3 – How Many Varnishes Do You Need To Store?

Once we had them altogether, it was easy to see exactly how many we had.

BUT As with most things – I was also very aware that we’ll be getting more over time!

There are so many colours available, and as my girl gets older she’ll also be buying more, no doubt! (of course – when she’s older, we may want to change where she keeps hers, but for now – this storage system will work well).

#3 – What Type Of Storage Would Work Best?

After much thinking, the best place to store them would be on the back of the cupboard door.

This is because this space isn’t used at all at the moment, so nothing would need moving – and that space is also very shallow – so the size of nail varnish would be perfect.

I had a look around online for ideas of what would be best, and a variety of possible shelves fit for purpose came up (who knew that nail varnish shelves were actually a thing!): –

How to Organise Nail Varnish - An Easy Solution - 350

I ended up picking THIS ONE as it was the right dimensions, and I also love the way they are see-through as this adds less visual clutter to the back of the door.

Deciding where to add the nail varnish storage to the bathroom cupboard door

PLUS it allows you to clearly see the colours of nail varnish that we have.

So – the shelves were bought, and I attached them to the cupboard door very simply using a screwdriver and small screws (they had to be small enough not to go through the whole door as I didn’t want to see them on the outside!) 

EXTRA TIP – Make sure that where you fix the shelves to the door it allows the door to close fully. Had I had this in the middle of the door, the shelf in the cupboard would have restricted it which wouldn’t have been ideal.

Fitting a Shelf To the Bathroom Cupboard Door For Nail Varnish Storage

I added the shelves to the bottom as this was more out of the way, AND allows for more storage to be added on the top, or something else (watch this space!).

Adding the Nail Varnish Shelf to the Bathroom Cupboard Door

The last flourish was to arrange the nail varnish in colour order – like a rainbow (just ‘cos!). BUT we didn’t actually have that many colours, so it wasn’t as lovely as we wanted (may need to get some more colours lol).

Adding the Nail Varnish to the Bathroom Cupboard Door

This is both visually attractive, which will make me smile each hand every time I open the door – but is also practical because it will be be easy to find the colours we want to use (and see what colours we still need ;o) ).

How To Organise Nail Varnish - The Easy Way!

A simple but VERY effective solution for how to organise nail varnish in a place that keeps it accessible, and that makes use of an often wasted space…

…and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Now all we need is to make use of it – so I’m leaving now to go paint my nails – my reward for a job well done!

… and speaking of rewards – why not read THIS POST next as it will give you LOADS of ideas for what to reward yourself…


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