How To Organise Your Baking Ingredients – Know What You Have


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Following on from my post about organising my larder, I wanted to show you how I have also organised my baking cupboard.

This is a cupboard devoted to all things baking – flour, sugar, cake decorations, yeast, chocolate, flavourings, vanilla extract etc…. – anything in fact that we would need to create baked goods.


(Note that I store the baking equipment in another area, as I wanted this to purely be for food stuffs)

So – heres what it looked like before:-

Baking cupboard before getting organisedIts the top cupboard in my kitchen, above the cooker and microwave – this is a great place for it as it keeps it out of the way for day to day cooking, but very handy and easy to grab stuff when I want to bake, which is about once a week.

However, it being a high cupboard means that the things at the back can get lost, even though I’m quite tall.

You can’t see everything at a glance, and you have to get lots out to get to see the back.

Not ideal at all.

I had decanted the flour into glass containers – but they weren’t a great size to maximise the space, and were also really heavy – not great when it came to lifting from a high level.

Everythings just jumbled together really – so I needed a solution that would make me smile!

So heres my solution:-

Baking cupboard after organising This is much better!

As you can see what I have done is utilised the correct sized and shaped storage containers to maximise space both horizontally and vertically – and everything is visible at a glance.

The main ideas I wanted to talk you through that may well help for you are as follows – hope some of them are useful!


  • A double layered lazy susan ** was the real winner of this solution – as I put all those bits and peices onto it, and it can really smoothly be turned around so I can access whats at the back as well. no more having to get the front stuff out to access the back. The fact that its double layered also means I can get double the storage which utilises the height of the cupboard as well
  • My absolute favourite storage containers – the lock and lock food containers that I used in my larder also came in useful here as well. I needed 3 large ones for flour ** (self raising, plain and bread), and 3 smaller ones ** for the sugars and other dried goods we use when baking (muscovado, light brown sugar and ground rice). (I have given lonks here from Amazon, but they are also available at other stores, specifically places such as Lakeland and John Lewis do the same or similar versions). Storing in airtoght containers also means that they will last longer which is a bonus!
  • I also reused 2 containers from elsewhere in the kitchen for caster sugar (the green lid in the centre) and chocolate (behind).
  • All the containers were sized to fit well into the space available, they stack really nicely, and the containers hold one full bag of each product so theres no little bits to store when you decant a new bag – which I especially like!
  • I then (of course!) labelled each container with my label maker – this creates uniformity and is really easy for anyone to see quickly what is in each container.

TIP – you can also add the best before date to your containers, especially useful if you don’t tend to use everything quickly. I prefer to simply cut the label from the packet, and tape it to the underside of the lid of each container – that way its easy to change when you use everything up – and you can wash the containers when they are empty easily.

What do you think? I hope theres been some handy tips for your own storage here – and would love as always to see your results! Why not tackle a cupboard today….

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