15 Really Common Bedroom Layout Mistakes You Should Always Avoid


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Are you tired of walking into your bedroom and feeling like something’s off? Discovering the secrets to a perfect sanctuary will be easy if you avoid these 15 common bedroom layout mistakes. Which are you making now?

15 Common Bedroom Layout Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

If your bedroom is feeling uncomfortable and something’s not right with it, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is, then you may well find that it’s where you’ve put your stuff that’s the main issue.

Creating an effective and comfortable layout in any room can be a tricky task, but it’s more vital than ever in your most personal space – your bedroom.

You want this room to feel relaxing, after all it IS where you sleep and spend ⅓ of your life…

Adding furniture into a room is more than just putting a bed and a wardrobe in the first place they fit, it’s about making sure that everything is in the right place to promote relaxation, organisation, and most importantly, a good night’s sleep.

It’s far too easy to fall into certain layout pitfalls when adding things into the floor space you’ve got, so let’s look at the 15 most common bedroom layout mistakes and how to avoid them.

Learning what NOT to do is powerful…

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Deciding On Your Bedroom Layout

#1 – Not considering your lifestyle

Before designing your bedroom layout, think about what you will be using the space for on a daily basis.

Will you need a work desk? A reading nook? A place to do yoga? Make sure to incorporate these activities into your room so you feel like they belong.

#2 – Not adding enough storage

Storage is essential in any bedroom to keep the space clutter-free and organised.

Consider utilising under-bed storage space, built-in shelves or closets, and multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans.

#3 – Not balancing items in the room

Balance is key in making a room feel welcoming and relaxing.

If you’ve got lots of larger and bulky furniture along just one wall, then the room will feel wrong.

Fix this mistake by distributing your furniture and decor evenly throughout the space, with larger items against different walls and smaller pieces in between.

#4 – Overcrowding with too much furniture

Less is more when it comes to bedroom furniture.

Too many pieces can make the room feel cramped and overwhelming. Stick to essential pieces and opt for multifunctional furniture where possible.

#5 – Not thinking about traffic flow

You should be able to walk to the window to look out, walk to the door and open it easily, and walk around the bed easily too.

Make sure there is enough space for you to move around freely in your bedroom without bumping into furniture or other objects.

#6 – Choosing furniture that’s too large or small in comparison to the space

Proportion is important when it comes to furniture in your bedroom.

Make sure your bed, nightstands, and other pieces are appropriate for the size of your room.

Oversized furniture can make a small room feel even smaller, while too-small furniture will look out of place in a larger space.

#7 – Not taking advantage of natural light

Natural light is essential in a bedroom as it can help improve mood, sleep quality, and overall well-being.

When designing your layout, make sure to place furniture away from windows to allow natural light to flood into the room.

#8 – Placing the head of the bed against a shared wall

Placing the head of the bed against a shared wall with a noisy neighbour or high-traffic area can disrupt sleep and create unnecessary noise.

Instead, try to position your bed away from these areas for a more peaceful rest.

#9 – Not considering a focal point

A focal point adds interest and draws the eye into the room. It could be a statement wall, a piece of artwork, or even a large window with a beautiful view.

#10 – Placing nightstands too far from the bed

When designing your bedroom layout, considering the placement of your bedside tables.

Make sure they’re within arm’s reach so you can easily access items like a glass of water or your phone without having to get out of bed.

#11 – Not thinking about The view when lying down.

When positioning your bed, make sure to consider the view from it.

Avoid placing your bed directly in front of a blank wall or a cluttered area (like the top of a wardrobe that’s got lots of items stored on top).

I would also advise making sure you can see out of the window when you’re in bed – as it’s great for your mental health. You can see the world go by, see the weather etc… and feel more alive.

#12 – Positioning the bed with no access to both sides.

If you’re sharing a bed with someone, make sure to have access to both sides of the bed.

This will prevent one person from having to climb over the other when getting in and out of bed.

It will also make it a lot easier to change the bedding when you need to!

#13 – Failing to create a designated space for getting dressed

Getting dressed in the morning can often be a rushed and chaotic task.

To make it easier, create a designated space for getting dressed within your bedroom layout. This could be a small dressing area or even just a chair and mirror combo.

#14 – Not giving mirrors good natural light.

Mirrors will need natural light shining from behind them – especially for makeup application.

Ideally you would out your dressing table near the window, so you can get ready in good lighting.

#15 – Not having anywhere to sit.

Most of us go to the bedroom to relax in some way. Sometimes it’s the only calm place to relax and unwind.

But we don’t always want to lie on the bed.

As such, make it easy to sit somewhere by creating a cozy seating area if space allows. I have an armchair in my bay window which works really well as a place to read and have my morning coffee.

15 Common Bedroom Layout Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

So – are you making any of these mistakes at the moment?

Take the time to reassess your bedroom layout and make any necessary changes to create a more comfortable, and visually appealing bedroom space.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary that promotes rest and relaxation.


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