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A great solution for a large jewellery storage cabinet that adds a stylish look to any bedroom. Hangs over a door, with a full length mirror and lock so you can hide it all away. It has compartments for ALL types of jewellery and displays it all really well. It also has enough space to last years. This post talks about why I chose it as the perfect solution for my bedroom, and there’s lots of pictures for you to check it out up close….

The Best Jewellery Storage Cabinet Hanging

I am a compulsive magpie collector of dress jewellery.

I LOVE it.

Statement necklaces, chunky bracelets, and dangly earrings are my go-to treat. Inexpensive for the most part compared to ‘real’ jewellery, but Oh! so pretty.

As you can guess – over the years I’ve collected a LOT of it.

(And before you call me out on this – although I absolutely advocate a good declutter at every opportunity – I have no issue with having a collection if it’s something you love and use – that’s what makes us smile!)

The one problem with such a collection though is how to store it…

Old Solution For Jewellery Storage

I had a gorgeous jewellery box given to me a few years ago by my parents that sat on my bedside table (chest of drawers): –

Jewellery Box on Chest Of Drawers

Worth a Read { Why Using A Chest of Drawers for a Bedside Table Works So Well }

It was fantastic for many reasons: –

  • Leather Look – This is one of my favourites!
  • Lots of pull out drawers for different items
  • Each drawer has slightly different storage spaces.

I was SO happy when I got it – because for a long time it was totally perfect for what I needed it for.

I had less, and what I DID have fit really well.

But then I started to love more statement necklaces and chunkier earrings and bracelets.

The compartments didn’t work any longer.

They are much more suitable for people with more traditional style jewellery.

It was about now that I invested (yes, it was a big purchase for me) in my hanging/travel jewellery storage.

This is PERFECT for hanging on my wardrobe door for the longer necklaces (an otherwise wasted space), and is easy to grab and take with me when I go away (it is, after all, a travel storage solution, but I like to get my moneys worth!).

Again – this worked well for a while alongside the jewellery box – as it held a number of the chunkier items.

BUT the collection was getting bigger and bigger (lol).

In the end I wanted a solution that worked better for me – instead of patching what I’d outgrown.

I decided to give the jewellery box to my daughter, who was VERY happy that she inherited it – and now it sits pride of place in her bedroom – used daily.

Girls Bedroom

No waste = happy!

I still planned to use the travel jewellery storage for my longer necklaces as that works well – but I needed a better solution for everything else.

Issues With the Old Jewellery Storage Solution

So – my old Jewellery Box had a new home, and now it was time to look for an alternative….

As always though – I didn’t just head to the shops and grab something I thought may work – I wanted to ASSESS it first and make a plan.

Finding out what worked well and what didn’t work well in my old solution was key – along with working out what I ACTUALLY needed (rather than wanted!).

The issues I had were: –

#1 – Can’t see what I have

I like to be able to see at a glance everything I’ve got, because the collection is bigger now I can easily forget to wear some items that are lost at the back of the drawer.

#2 – Starts to look bulky when you have more than a few pieces

There was no room to grow in my smaller cabinet – and as said previously – there was a lot of more bulky statement items that just didn’t fit. This meant that I had…

#3 – Things Stored In Different Places

Not ideal at all. I wanted to be able to group everything together so I could make decisions more quickly as to what to wear in the morning, rather than hunt around.

#4 – The Colour

When I got this, I had cream walls and the chest of drawers was still pine (I painted it grey a year or so ago) – so the dark brown worked really well. Now though, not so much…

So – I knew what DIDN’T work – now I turned my attention to what my ideal solution was (this is because if I just went out shopping for the item, I may not get the ideal. It’s always better to wait and make sure you get something that truly works).

I was looking for storage with certain ticks to my boxes: –

What Did I Need From My New Jewellery Storage?

#1 – Clearly see what I have

So I can choose things quickly, and so I can actually use MORE of what I own because it’s all top of mind when I look (similar to being able to already see my long necklaces).

#2 – Not bulky

I didn’t want to have some unwieldy box on my chest of drawers anymore – I wanted something that’s more streamlined.

#3 – Not in the way

I also wanted it to be out of the way – as I’m really not into open storage that much, especially as the jewellery would be in my bedroom and I like this to feel calm and relaxing.

Ideally I thought about storing it in my en-suite if possible. This may have been a push because that space is very small (see below) – but that’s what I wanted to try and get.

Ensuite with Door open

#4 – Can grow with my collection

I know myself – and I know that I will get more jewellery over the years. What I DON’T want is for that jewellery to make any new solution unusable, and to have to start the process again.

A long, but not crazy list!

So, I started searching for jewellery storage ideas – and there’s a LOT out there of all different shapes and sizes. Here’s a quick look at the sorts of things that caught my eye: –

Best Large Jewellery Storage Cabinet - It Hangs On The Door! - 350

All of which are great ideas for specific people, specific rooms, and specific needs (hence why I wanted to include them here as well, so you can see what I found as the best on my travels around the web as they may well be the perfect solution for you…).

But none of which exactly ticked all the boxes for the solution that I ideally needed.

… search was complete when I found THIS: –

Jewellery Storage Cabinet on Door

OMG people. OMG.

A jewellery storage unit that hangs from a door, with a lock on the side, and a mirror on the front – AND LIGHTS INSIDE!!!.

With compartments (all visible) for all sorts of items.


Jewellery Storage Cabinet Full of Costume Jewellery

and a closeup of the great storage!

Door Hanging Jewellery Storage Cabinet - Closeup

This has solved SO many issues for me, some of which were not even on my radar as being possible to solve with a jewellery box!


The Benefits Of This Large Jewellery Storage Cabinet

#1 – Mirror

Glaringly obvious is the fact that this has a mirror on the front. Our previous solution (which was another solution for another day, or so I thought!), was a floor standing mirror in our spare room. This wasn’t ideal as it was at the wrong height to see us completely, and when we had guests it got in the way a bit.

Now though, we can open the en-suite door and voila! a full length mirror that we can stand in front of easily.

#2 – Lock

Now – I probably won’t use this a lot, but I DO like the fact that it has a lock on the side. If you have little children then you can stop them opening it all the time, or if you go away, it’s less obvious to burglars that it’s got stuff inside because it looks like a mirror and only a mirror when closed. (whereas a jewellery box on the dressing table is pretty obviously what it looks like!).

#3 – LOTS of space

Seriously – my big collection hasn’t even really touched the sides of this beauty. There’s lots of space for my statement necklaces, stud earrings and hook earrings, bracelets etc… – but another big bonus is that there’s easily enough space for things like sunglasses and watches etc….

There are even a couple of drawers which I find useful for spare links for my watch, and other little bits I need to keep.

#4 – Looks GREAT

I like things to look nice, and to go with my style – and I’ll wait for the right thing to come along because it means that much to me. The white wood finish works perfectly, and the black interior looks smart and let’s the jewellery pop.

#5 – A light!

OK – not really a huge deal – but it makes the jewellery sparkle – and who doesn’t like that! #magpie!

#6 – It isn’t intrusive – but fits in my En-Suite!

We don’t have a big en-suite. At. All.

But – the frame of the door is deep enough for the storage cabinet to not stick out at all when the bathroom door is closed. This makes it really neat and tidy – and less likely to get knocked ever.

I LOVE that I can use a completely wasted space for something that really adds to the space. The mirror can be used when the door is open, and it looks neat and tidy (rather than having hooks on the back of the door with clothes hanging off, which could start to look very cluttered very quickly…).

#7 – Safe and secure

It comes with sticky pads to attach the bottom to the door – which I used and frankly now it will take a small rhino to push it anywhere! It makes it feel really secure and in place (but check it’s in the right place before you attach it like this, because it seriously won’t move!!!).

I also had reservations about how sturdy it would feel on the back of the door – because the unit itself is heavy, and then adding in the jewellery as well – I didn’t want to be woken one night to it crashing down. This will NOT happen though, as it really does work well, and doesn’t feel flimsy AT ALL.

The Best Jewellery Storage Cabinet

Safe to say that I’m in love with this Jewellery storage cabinet idea!

It has made me able to see exactly what I have.

I’ve found some ‘long-lost’ items that I’ve been wearing ever since (it’s the same with clothes – you wear the same every day if you have things stuffed into your wardrobe so that you can’t see it all easily) – and I really enjoy picking out what to wear because it feels like a treat each and every time.

Because of the layout of the storage it feels like I’m shopping in my own house – something I totally advocate because I’m spending less than before (not that I spent loads, but still!).

It’s a HUGE win, and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a solution with needs similar to my own.

I hope it’s inspired you to go out and find exactly what you need for your own collection. Then my work is done!

P.S. Don’t forget to also check out the storage that I use for my longer necklaces – AND for travel – it just rolls up and fits neatly into my suitcase! – you can read all about it HERE

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