Keep A Pen & Paper By Your Bed Every Night [Easy Life Hack]


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Today I wanted to look at a way to give you an easier nights sleep – and that’s simply by adding a pen & paper by your bed – on the bedside table.

Life Hack - Pen By The Bed

I often wake up in the night thinking about something, it’s the way my mind works, and usually it’s something I want or have to do or remember the next morning.

Even though I am generally on top of my diary, waking up like this always leaves a niggle as I can’t really do much about the issue until the morning.

I worry therefore that I won’t remember it in the morning, and if I have actually got it written down in my usually organised diary, so it generally makes me a little nervous to just leave it and try to go back to sleep.

As such I find I have two choices – firstly to stay awake and worry, or secondly to get up and check my diary.

Neither suits me! – so I have now started to put a pad of paper and a pen on or in my bedside table for just such a time.

life hack bed pen

Now I can easily grab them and write down a quick note or reminder for myself, turn the light back off and go back to sleep without anything having to stay in my mind.

Life Hack - Pen By The Bed

So that’s it – Keeping a pen & paper by your bed is An easy butΒ very effective (and much better) solution I’m sure you’ll agree.

TIP – you could also make it a habit to take 5 minutes before you turn your light off each night and think about anything that may be on your mind. Jot them down now to deal with in the morning and that will hopefully stop your subconscious waking you up later – cutting the problem short before it is a problem at all!

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