Reader Interactions


  1. Chrissy Halton says

    Hi June – So pleased it has helped you – and hope it went well today! x

  2. June says

    Thanks for this! I’ve just had a nightmare time trying to sort out our paint ‘collection’ and I’m going to use your ideas today!! Simple – just wish I’d thought of it (or seen your article before starting a wall with the wrong colour!)

    Regards – and thanks for so many useful tips and ideas! X

  3. Chrissy Halton says

    Hi Alice – yes, it’s a worry, but I’ve heard of the plastic holder on normal paint cans snapping so i think anythings a risk! x

  4. Chrissy Halton says

    Hi Belinda – thanks for the lovely comment about the site – great top re. the tester pot as well – thanks for sharing x

  5. Belinda Logan says

    This is a great idea if you already have paint stored. As a regular painter – I always buy a tester pot to match the room colour I use and then label this for future touch up jobs – this way you get the paint brush thrown in too.

    Love all of your site by the way!!!

  6. Alice says

    I do this too, although I worry about dropping a glass jar full of paint! It hasn’t happened yet though… I always make sure I keep a note of the original paint make and code too.