The A.D.O.R.E Method

When you’re tackling any organising project - whether a simple drawer or your entire life, then The A.D.O.R.E Method™ is THE unique process that, if followed, will ensure that you end up with exactly what you want AND need.

Every. Single. Time.

It's been created by me and refined over the years from my experience within my own home AND from working 1-1 with clients in their homes over the 12+ years I owned my own Home Organising and Styling business.

It's simple to remember, thanks to the acronym - and just as simple to use - and I can't wait to show you exactly how it works...

What Does A.D.O.R.E Stand For?

A.D.O.R.E stands for the following - Assess, Declutter, Organise, Real Life, and Evaluate.

Each one is tackled in order, and each one has a critical part to play in the process.

Using The A.D.O.R.E Method™ will make it SO much easier for you to create solutions for your home life that are exactly right for YOU and YOUR home.

Not only that, but it also ensures it works for the long term and isn’t just a quick fix.

The A.D.O.R.E Method™ - in Detail...

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A is for ASSESS

Before you get your hands dirty with the actual work, you need to make a plan. 

Planning will save you a LOT of headaches in the long run, because you will save yourself time, energy and money from not getting started on the wrong solution.

This involves working out what you are going to tackle (usually this will be either a space, schedule, or system), then seeing what's good and bad about how you currently have it set up, and lastly, what you'd like for it in the future.

I like to think about it as drawing a line in the sand as to where you are now - and planning what needs to change to get to where you want to be.

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The next step in The A.D.O.R.E. Method is to declutter what doesn't belong in your space/schedule or system for the future.

It's all about curating & taking away the unnecessary so you're only left with what you need - based on your ASSESSment previously.

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Now you're in great shape!

You've made a plan, AND you've decluttered in line with that plan - so now it's time to organise what's left.

This is when you start to create the space/system/schedule that will work for you.

It's about creating organising systems that are specific to YOUR needs.

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R is for REAL LIFE

This is such an easy step - but it's Oh! SO crucial.

Now it's time to let your newly organised space/schedule/system settle in.

Up until now you've been in a bubble. It's been pretty easy to look at this one thing on it's own and make decisions.

But now the changes have to be proven to work well for you - around all the other parts of home life.

So - give it at good few weeks (ideally), and test things out.

(It's also a great time to look at your habits and the maintenance around the new area, to ensure that the changes have a great chance of sticking) for the long term

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The last step is to reflect on whatever you've tackled.

You'll stay in this section for the long haul - ideally doing regular check-ins to ensure things are working OK.

If you need to tweak things - then now's the time and you should be able to tweak pretty easily...

-  BUT if a larger change is needed (a life change like moving house, having a baby, starting a business, a new hobby etc... usually means a complete overhaul) - then it's time to go back to the ASSESS stage and go through things again.

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The A.D.O.R.E Method

To Sum Up...

There you have it - The A.D.O.R.E Method™ in detail. I really hope it helps you to tackle any organising project you do from now on....

I of course don't want to stop there though, if you are wanting to deep dive into ANY of the sections, learning all the tricks and getting inspiration - then just click on one of the buttons below...